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Yet another reason for a Supergirl/Brooklyn Nine Nine crossover fic...


Kara and Jake get along SO WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kara starts saying noice and ‘cool cool cool’ and shit and like holy crap im crying just thinking about it. Jake shows Kara all his comic books and Kara flies him around the city and when they land he vomits into a trashcan. They spend their whole afternoon making up team-up nicknames.

Alex gets along with all the girls, Rosa bc of the badass thing, Amy bc they’re both hardworking and respect each other’s work ethics, Gina bc she is genuinely so intrigued by her and like wants to study her. 

Boyle is in love bc he makes a feast and Kara like inhales his food and fucking loves it and he brings his son in to meet her and they take photos together and Kara talks to him about being adopted and like floats him around the precinct and they become best buds

Ray Holt and J’onn J’onzz staring at all of their Children working together, speaking in monosyllables, bonding over unusual weather patterns. Ray asks about the different types of tulips that can be found on Mars.


Kaoru: Woah, what’s with the cast?
Kyoua: I sprained my wrist. …Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist?
Hikaru: Yes.
Kyouya: I was hula hooping.
Kyouya: My sister has me attend a class with her for fun.
Hitachiins: Oh my God.
Kyouya: I’ve mastered all the moves. *pulls out his phone and starts showing them pictures* The pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle.
Kaoru: *amazed and delighted* Why are you telling us this?
Kyouya: *deleting the pictures* Because no one will ever believe you.
Hikaru: You sick bastard.

  • suga: will you watch kageyama today? he's gonna end up challenging the wrong person to an intense match of volleyball and get himself punched
  • tsukishima: sure, I'd love to see kageyama get punched
  • suga: try again.
  • tsukishima: I will stop kageyama from getting punched?
  • suga: better.

ive always wondered why brooklyn nine-nine started where it did. with terry married, charles in love with rosa, holt just coming to the precinct. and i just now saw a gifset of “the moment amy fell in love with jake”, and it was their first conversation on the show. not really a super prominent moment, honestly. amy calls him a weird, jake is Being Jake. but then i realized.

brooklyn nine-nine isnt some random stories about brooklyn cops. it’s the story of jake and amy falling in love.

  • Atsushi: En-chan,please keep an eye on Yumoto today.He´s gonna say something to the wrong person and get himself punched.
  • En: Sure,I´d love to see Yumoto get punched.
  • Atsushi: Try again.
  • En: I will stop Yumoto from getting punched.
  • Atsushi: Correct.

Laven Week 2017 ♠ 7th - 13th August

Hello, admin Rowan here!! We’re nearing August which means it’s time to put up information for this event. Are you a writer? Or perhaps you draw or make edits and want to share your love for this ship? Then this event is just for you!!

There will be 7 themes running for the 7 days of the event, you can pre-prepare things in advance but please post your work on the respective day for each prompt (as detailed below). You can make fics, graphics, amvs, fanmixes, artwork - anything you want to do!! Make sure to use the tags #laven week and/or #laven week 2017 so others can find your work, please remember to be respectful of others during the event, and most importantly have fun!!

This year there is an overall theme of cartomancy (tarot reading through playing cards). There are specific prompts below, but feel free to be as creative with it as you like!!

  • 7th - Ace of Spades | realisations, beginnings, missed opportunities
  • 8th - Three of Diamonds | connection, shared loss, teamwork
  • 9th - Joker | unlimited potential, risks, foolishness
  • 10th - Seven of Hearts | wishful thinking, change, stagnation
  • 11th - Five of Spades | discord, hollow victory, dishonour
  • 12th - Nine of Clubs | endurance, disappointment, idealism
  • 13th - Ten of Hearts | joy, completion, resolution

If you have any questions feel free to send any asks to this blog or to my main blog, however please read the about + rules pages on this blog before asking anything. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have fun taking part!!

enabran tain was probably objectively the worse dad in star trek but there’s not a lot of canon content to prove it i just feel it in my heart