nine o one

y’know there’s an awful lot of talk about the shared experience that was the animorphs series and how it sticks with you, but nobody else ever talks about the greatest plague on my mind for years afterwards

instinctively saying “nice is neat” instead of “nine inch nails”

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He keeps them in his leather jacket because he always has that with him, keeps them there so he can brush his fingers over them occasionally, reassure himself. They're nothing special, cheap nickel the silver paint has worn off of, with charms clipped on some would consider childish, a dolphin, a medal, ballet slippers, a rose, but they're hers. They're hers and now they're his, too, in a way; he's the only one who wears them any more, in those glorious moments when he's entirely hers, too.

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Oh, my goodness, Nonny! I read this a few times to really get what was happening here and now….now….I’m right there floating with the happy feeling…