nine o five


I stepped into my sister’s room and my eyes immediately widened. Troy had her pinned against the wall. Where the hell did he come from and why the fuck was he here. Since all the shit he caused three months ago his ass went ghost. Although Jay hasn’t said anything to me, I know he has been trying to find him.

Get the fuck off my sister Troy!

Oh here comes miss tough ass Brooklyyn. Shouldn’t you know by now to shut the fuck up and mind your own business. Bitches like you never learn, just like your sister here.

I chuckled to myself because I knew this air headed motherfucker couldn’t be talking to me. He definitely had the wrong bitch, especially with the rage I had for him. I grabbed one of Nina’s vases of flowers someone had sent her off the table and hit Troy’s ass over the head with it.

He stumbled backwards holding his head before he turned around.

Ahhhh! Bitch I’m going to kill you!

Motherfucker you already tried that but your ass so bitch made you couldn’t even do that right.

I kept the vase in my hand just in case he tried to come at me. He stared at me angrily before he started to head for the door.

This isn’t fucking over! Nina you’re fucking nothing without me remember that. Brooklyyn watch your fucking back.

He walked out slamming the door. Nina didn’t say a word as she sat on the bed and she didn’t have too. 

I knew she was shook up. I sat beside her and she put her head on my shoulder. 

How did I end up here. I’m so tired of this shit. I just want him to fucking die and disappear. He has cost me so much. He took away the one thing on this earth that I wanted to be, a mother.

Hearing Nina say this had me confused. I mean I knew she wanted kids but I never heard her mention anything like just now.

What did you mean by that?

She let out a long sigh.

Troy has caused me to have four miscarriages. My last one was the furthest I got. I was seven months pregnant with a baby boy. I thought everything would actually go through this time, I never made it pass three months with my past pregnancies. I was excited and couldn’t wait until he arrived. One day when I came home from work and shopping for his nursery Troy jumped on me. As he repeatedly beat me he kept saying he told me to be home by nine o'clock. Bee it was Nine-O-Five when I walked through the door. Fucking Nine-O-Five. He beat me to a pulp and repeatedly crushed my stomach with one of my marble statues all because I walked in five minutes after nine. I was in my driveway at nine and he refused to answer my call. I needed help with the bags and since he wouldn’t answer I had to struggle with them myself. By the time I reached the hospital it was nothing they could do, my baby was stillborn. The little piece of me I had left died with my son that night. I remember just holding him, crying and screaming. He was so perfect Lyyn. He looked nothing like Troy at all. He was the splitting image of me in a boy version with a head full of hair. After that I started taking the pill without Troy knowing. When I brought it up to him after my first miscarriage he went off and blacked my eyes. I knew after everything it wasn’t an option anymore because I refused to lose anymore kids at the hand of him. Honestly after that it made me sick to my fucking stomach and my skin crawl to even think about anything sexual with him. Let alone being pregnant by him. 

Hearing everything Nina just told me made my heart break. Memories of me losing my own son started to flood my mind. Our situations were the same except the person who caused mines wasn’t my husband. My sister definitely was a strong soul because I have only been through this tragedy once and was still mentally healing from it. I can’t even begin to imagine how she must feel having to go through that four different times and all at the hands of one person. The hatred and anger I felt for Troy was deadly. When I smashed him over the head it took everything in me to not continue to smash his head into a deflated football. The next time he will not be so lucky. Me and Nina both had tears running down our faces as she pulled me into a hug. 

No words needed to be spoken for us to understand each other. We stayed that way for a few more seconds.

You ready to get the hell up outta here?

She laughed a little.

Yes please let’s go. I’m gonna go crazy if I have to sit here in this same ass room for one more second.

I buzzed for the nurse to tell him Nina was ready to leave. Once he came I grabbed her bags and we headed out to my car. I said a silent prayer that neither one of us would have to see this place again.


I put the finishing touches on Nina’s favorite burger sliders before I gave everything one final look over. 

As I headed to her room I thought about how she’s been cooped up in there since we got here hours ago. As I approached the door I could tell there wasn’t a light on. Maybe she’s asleep I thought to myself as I knocked softly.


I opened the door to find her sitting at the window staring out of it.

I made your favorite.

I sat the tray on the bench next to her.

Thanks sis but I’m not hungry.

I sighed a little.

Nina you gotta eat something, you haven’t ate all day.

She didn’t say anything as she continued to stare out the window. I looked at her for a couple more seconds before I headed for the door.

I miss dad. Did you know he’s coming home soon?

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned back around.

How do you know that NiNi?

Rell told me when he came to visit me the last time. Him and dad have been writing each other since he moved to Cali.

This kind of shocked me because my brother didn’t mention anything to me.

Rell didn’t say anything to me about dad coming home or them writing each other.

I know. He told me he didn’t know how Bee. He knows how you feel when it comes to dad so he didn’t know if he should have said something or not. He just started coming back around really and he doesn’t know how you’ve been dealing with the situation over the years.

I took a seat on the empty bench in front of the bed. 

My mother blamed me for my father going away. The day he got arrested he was on his way to the other side of town to cheer me on at my dance competition. It was also the day I was supposed to meet with the team behind the brand Adidas. They wanted to offer me a deal to be the face of their brand. I remember my dad being super excited for me. He counted down the days on the calendar to my competition and meeting. After that day I never danced again. My dad never missed my competitions and he always use to yell my name through a bullhorn. I laughed a little as I remember how embarrassing I use to think it was but once he was gone I couldn’t bring myself to continue without him. I knew he wouldn’t be there to cheer me on and be that embarrassing dad that all my friends loved. It was like I had nothing to look forward to anymore with dance because my teammate was gone.

Bee are you ok?

I zoned back in at the sound of Nina’s voice.

Yah I’m fine. It’s just been years since he’s been gone and now he’s coming home. I mean don’t get me wrong because I’m happy that he is, I just wonder why he never wrote us but wrote Ty'Rell.

Bee he did.

I never got nothing from him NiNi and you said you never did either.

He wrote us letters Bee, a shit load of letters to be exact. I found them when I went over moms one night. I caught her in the middle of cleaning. When she stepped away to take a shower I started looking through these shoe boxes she had everywhere. I thought they were shoes of course but they weren’t. They were letters from dad to us. One was begging her to give us the letters or let him call to talk to us. This was before we went off to college. Another one he was pissed off at her because she still wouldn’t let him contact us or tell him where we went off to school. He told her she was going to pay for keeping his girls away from him. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Ever since he’s left she has completely changed. It seems like she has written him off.

Well it doesn’t surprise me. None of the shit she does or says surprises me. I don’t know what her issue is but she needs help.

Maybe once dad comes home she’ll get herself together, I hope.

Dad probably doesn’t even wanna be bothered with her.

I know. Shit none of us has anything to say to her. She hasn’t come to see me after the first day I woke out of a coma all because I told her I’m leaving Troy for good.

She’s sick for thinking she can live her life status off of you.

Before I could say anything else my doorbell ring. As I got up to answer it I wondered who could it be. The only person I was expecting was NaNa but she called and told me she’d come over tomorrow. When I opened the door to let her in she looked to have a lot on her mind. Usually she was lit up and always smiling.

Hey boo I thought you were coming over tomorrow.

I needed to get out the house. Soon as I step in from the shop Nice was on my ass about that shit that happened yesterday with Taysha. Talking about I shouldn’t be out fighting while I’m carrying his baby. I told his ass to get the fuck out my face. His ratchet ass baby mother the one who couldn’t stay the fuck in her lane. She could have easily walked pass me letting me continue my peaceful ass day but she couldn’t. When he started telling what I couldn’t do I walked out on his ass. One thing he needs to realize is I’m not other bitches he’s use to dealing with. I was fine before he came along and when his ass leave I will continue to be fine. He use to bitches being on him because of what he can give and buy. I don’t give a shit about any of it. He better wake completely the fuck up and realize shit is not the same over here. It’s one thing to respectfully ask me to do something but it’s another when you start to think you can tell me to do shit any type of way like you have some authority over me. He got entirely the wrong one. I will pack my shit and buy another place to live within 48 hours. He can fuck with me if he want to. He will be coming home to an empty house.

Damn, Nice better get it together I thought to myself. If it was thing I knew about my bestie was that when she says something she means it.

Your ass always gotta be on flame.

I said jokingly. She laughed a little.

I’m serious Bee.

Oh I know. Nice better get it straight before you be slashing his shit.

I did one of those fighting moves I saw in a movie Jay was watching. She burst out laughing at me.

Your ass is stupid.

But I made you laugh though so mission accomplished.

What will I do without your silly ass. Where’s Nina?

I sighed.

Upstairs. She’s been in the room since she got here earlier. I made her favorite and she hasn’t touched it.

Well I know one thing she better come out of whatever funk she’s in because it’s been years since all three of us have been together. I refuse for us to sit around on some sad shit.

I know, maybe she’ll perk up once she sees you.

We headed upstairs. When I got back to Nina’s room she was sitting in the bed with her food strolling through Netflix.

NaNa! Oh my gosh look at you! Who told you to come over with all your beautifulness. Girl your boobs are A1 and huge.

We laughed as we listen to Nina. She patted the bed for NaNa to sit down. I guess tonight was literally going to be Netflix and chill. I went downstairs to fix me and NaNa some sliders. Once I was done we finally decided on a movie. 

For the rest of the night we kept the movies flowing while we talked, laughed, and pigged out on all types of food.