nine my love. i miss you

signs you love her

1. you think she is beautiful even when she has acne all over her face and hair tied in a messy bun. you think she looks hot when she tries to be mad at you for being too hard on your self. you think she looks better than most of the human population and you think she looks best when she’s in your arms professing her love for you between sips of that bitter vodka you bought her.

2. you can’t stop thinking about her brown eyes, short black straight hair and freckled pointed nose. you can’t stop thinking of how her lips would feel against yours right this instance. you can’t stop thinking about how perfect her breasts feel in your hands. you can’t stop thinking about the late night conversation you had with her. you just can’t stop thinking about her even when you’re sipping coffee at starbucks, even when you’re watching a horror movie, even when you’re in class studying discrete math.

3. you know when she is angry, or when she is pissed at you for talking about other girls. you know what she likes to eat when she is on her period. you know when she is upset about that paper that she turned in late to her professor. you know she likes to be the centre of your attention always. you know she smiles when you hold her hand firmly in public. you know she bites her nails when she’s stressed out. you know her inside out.

4. you smile like a crazy man when you see her. you smile when someone says her name. you smile when you see a text message from her. you smile when you’re around her. you smile when people say you look good together. you smile when someone tells you she looks beautiful, like its a compliment for you and not her. you smile when she tells you she loves you. you smile when she tells you she loves to be your girl. you smile all day like an idiot and you smile until someone tells you to stop smiling because she’s not even around.

5. you talk about her to everyone, to your mom, to your bestfriend, to your room mate. you tell them everything about her. you tell them about how you read this tumblr post and it made you think of her. you tell them she’s perfect, not because of how she looks, or how smart she is, or how well she writes but because she’s yours. and only yours. you tell them how you don’t date a nine, but always a fucking ten, so yeah you tell everyone how and why she is a perfect ten.

Holmes stories in six words

Bad stepdad nailed bed, trained snake

Treasure lost. Wife gained. Holmes sad.

They hired her for her hair.

Holmes dying. Watson crying. Holmes lying.

Binder full of women. Acidic response.

Six Napoleons? Oh, there it is.

Framed the nanny with a rock.

There’s always a catch, Dr Trevelyan.

The king’s a dick. She’s smarter.

Marry a Lord. Already married? Whoops.

Copy out this encyclopedia, ginger nut.

Egad! Her fiancé’s her disguised stepdad!

Secret daughter welcomed into woke family.

Seriously, who spins a whole carpet?

That burglary was fishy. Oranges everywhere!

Australians are all escaped murderers, probably.

Murder plus lion equals karma, sadly.

Watson, go tromp around the moors.

Idiot stalker fails at addressing mail.

“David” was a reference, you heathen.

Dog didn’t bark; horse needed washing.

Don’t accuse your son on circumstance.

Waterfalls make the best body dumps.

Surprise! Not dead. Are you ok?

My eyes’re dim, I cannot flee.

Golden Boy was the cheat, obviously.

He’s not homeless, he begs recreationally!

Harpooning pigs brings sailors to justice.

She’s foreign, not a bloody vampire.

Apparently dying wives trump rugby matches.

Poison is not a toy, Holmes!

It’s English, just drawn in hieroglyphics.

Blackmailer meets nothing left to lose.

Tracking is all about the tracks.

It was never about the sundial.

Telling geese apart is really hard.

She was under the old lady.

He’s fine, it’s ichthyosis. Stand down.

Act your age, professor. You’re creepy.

A lovely swim interrupted. Jellyfish dunnit!

Fuller’s earth my arse, Nine Fingers.

Everyone wants to marry Miss Smith.

Maybe don’t take the iffy job.


Fentrix Playlist: 

I Can’t Decide - Scissor Sisters

Witchy Woman - Eagles

Crazy Train - Ozzy Ozbourne 

Kill Of The Night - Gin Wigmore

The New Black - Moon Taxi

River - Bishop Briggs

Flesh - Simon Curtis

Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco

Crazy In Love (REMIX) - Beyonce 

Outta My Mind - B.o.B feat. Nicki Minaj

Forsaken - David Draiman

I Know I’m A Wolf - Young Heretics

You Are My Sunshine- Jamey Johnson

Kiss With A Fist - Florence + The Machine

Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine

The Wolf - Fever Ray

Closer - Nine Inch Nails

Topless - Breaking Benjamin 

Down With The Sickness - Disturbed 

Ultra Numb - Blue Stahli 

Soul Hacker - Fear Factory

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor - Drowning Pool

Scream - Avenged Sevenfold

Bad Moon Rising - Mourning Ritual 

I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

I Miss The Misery - Halestorm

Mayhem - Halestorm

Blood - In This Moment

Big Bad Wolf - In This Moment

Sick Like Me - In This Moment

(( OOC: Here’s what I’ve liked so far, feel free to add… Thanks for the suggestions guys! :D 

also, just as a side note… The only reason I enjoy this (terrible) ship is because they’re both absolutely rotten people… but in no way do I think this is a relationship to look up to. Don’t aim for this children. ;) )) 

L’Officiel Hommes April 2017; Chanyeol’s interview (Part 2)

L’Officiel Hommes: You’re 25 years of age now. If you were to choose something that you would like to pursue and accomplish while you are still in your twenties, what would it be?
Chanyeol: I have many things that I wish to do within this period of time. It’s almost too much. I don’t simply wish to just accomplish merely one, but all. But if i really had to choose just one out of the list, it would be to release a solo album of my own. By that i mean an album that lives up to not only my personal expectations, but those of the people around me as well.
L’Officiel Hommes: As the saying goes, “With youth, comes pain”. You’re currently at the primer of your youth, what significance does being a youth in your twenties hold to you?
Chanyeol: I personally feel that it’s everyone’s time to shine the brightest when they’re in their twenties. It’s as though we’ve transformed into adults overnight, fueling our desires to take on new challenges that we’ve previously been shying away from. That, i feel, is where the true essence of being in your twenties lies in. When i was in my high school days, i yearned to be 20 years old quickly. It was almost as though it held they key to the doors that opened up to a whole new fascinating world. I still have the same sentiments now that i’m actually in my twenties. Being in this age group is truly a period of time where one’s mental and physical abilities are at its prime. It allows you to undergo the various challenges, while sustaining the tenacity to overcome the underlying failures and obstacles that come your way. It’s a time where instead of feeling isolated, you feel a sense of euphoria in whatever you do. However, being in your twenties isn’t always a bed full of roses either. It’s one where it lets you have a chance to really explore and harness your talents. Hence, to truly enjoy this experience, you would have to physically act on them. In order to achieve what you desire, you have to constantly be pursuing and striving towards them, at the same time keeping yourself in good shape!
L’Officiel Hommes: You’ve recently collaborated with a fellow artist Junggigo on a song entitled “Let Me Love You”. How has this experience made you discover distinctive aspects about working with other artists in the music industry?
Chanyeol: Besides working with people that i’m familiar with, i enjoy the refreshing feeling of being able to meet with new people as part of the learning process. When i’m collaborating with other artists, i enjoy the process of discovering our similarities in music. When we are in the process of discussing about the lyrics, we discover and learn about our mutual passions and concerns outside of music as well, i really enjoy that. Both Junggigo and i harbor a soft spot for a particular line in our recent song “Let Me Love You” that goes “And now, you would just have to nod slightly in agreement”. It’s about a guy professing his love for his partner. I’ve always wanted to bring up this suggestion during my process of lyrical composition, and finding someone who shares the same sentiments. Collaborating on a song is as special as the process of falling in love.
L’Officiel Hommes: You’ve recently portrayed the role of Lee Yeol in the drama series “Missing Nine”. You’re similar to the character in terms of the fact that you’re a composer as well. Where do you particularly harvest your inspirations from and how do you go about doing so (composing)?
Chanyeol: Going as far to label it as “inspiration” sounds a little too far fetched for the time being. If you were to ask me during which point of the day i feel is the easiest to draft out an idea for a self composed song, it’ll be at times when i’m feeling the most empty and lonely. This often happens when i’m overseas during concerts. By the time i return to the hotel at the end of the day, i find myself inevitably absorbed into the realms of composing a song. After performing in front of thousands for a period of 3 hours, i’m alone again once i’m back in the hotel. I’ll just be there sitting quietly, but due to the loud noises during the concert, my ears would still be buzzing. On a whole, how should i put this, i feel a sense of tranquility. And at this moment, i would have various thoughts floating through my mind, and this is exactly when i’m the most fluent in composing. The songs that i’ve revealed on NAVER Vapp are often those that i’ve penned down when i’m in the hotel during my overseas trips for concert tours.
L’Officiel Hommes: During the 4th E-daily Culture awards ceremony held on the 16th February, EXO won the “Most outstanding” award in the concert category. What aspect of the EXO concert are you particularly most detailed and concerned about?
Chanyeol: The preparation of the stages as well as the choreography. I would always make sure to make a constant effort to remember the notes made, as well as the layout and positions that i’m supposed to be in. Also, the certain degree of fan interaction that i would require. Whether they are able to thoroughly feel the energy and message that i’m trying to bring across. I would always say a quick prayer before the start of every concert. “Please give me the peace and the strength for everyone to thoroughly enjoy the performance fervently”. I would feel an immense sense of accomplishment if i felt like i was able to accomplish what i had set out to do. Alternatively, should i fail to do so, i would seek to find ways to improve the situation in the future.
L’Officiel Hommes: Recently what are the 3 things you personally feel you find strength and vitality in?
Chanyeol: Lyrical composition, my beloved animal companion (Toben) and my current interests. I’ve been extremely busy recently, but whenever i feel like it, i would always take the time off to go snowboarding. It is through this that i feel that i’ve fruitfully made use of my free time.
L’Officiel Hommes: My final question for you, what’s your life motto?
Chanyeol: It’s “Just Enjoy”. I’d like to make everything that i do enjoyable for everyone. When i’m enjoying myself, i make sure that not only do i find joy in the process, but to also strive for a positive outcome at the very end. With my recent desire to pick up the Japanese language, i’d love to see it as a light hearted past time, as opposed to pure learning, hence i see myself gradually making improvements along the way. When i make sure to make my lyrical compositions for EXO songs an enjoyable process, i would pour in more effort into it, and in turn embark on a more professional-based betterment of myself.

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)

With You By My Side - One

A/N: Mini series, or series… I haven’t decided yet. This is going to be an angsty ride, so be prepared. Thank you to @melonberri @hanny-writes-spn and @thorne93 for checking this out for me. I’m still recovering from a writer’s block, so don’t be too harsh.

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Jared (mentioned)

Warnings: None in this part I think. Itallics are memories.

Wordcount: 1257

*No hate towards Jensen and his lovely family. This is fiction.*

“(YN)? Is everything okay?” Jensen’s sleepy voice sounded through the phone. You were probably crossing a line calling him like this, two months after your breakup, at one in the morning, but you needed to hear his voice.

You and Jensen had gone from friends to best friends to falling madly in love, but it was short lived. You didn’t know if it was the distance or the fact that you just did better as friends, but after a year of trying to make things work you had both decided to end it. The heartbreak was inevitable, but you didn’t know if it was your friend or you boyfriend that you missed.

“Yeah, everything is fine. I just…” you trailed off, not knowing how to finish that thought. “You remember when we first met? Way back when Jared dragged you to my 23rd birthday party?”

“Of course I remember. You were the only person there who was less interested in your party than I was.” He chuckled at the memory.

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do you wanna go to the seaside?

you don’t have to obviously, but i listened to ‘Busy - Olly Murs’ whilst writing this, and i think it’s perfect for the feel of this one :) 

“And we don’t wanna hear the real world passing by,” I glanced over at Shawn as one hand was gripped to the wheel; whilst he used the other one to point out the front of the window, pulling a stupid face as he sung along.

I placed my arm along the edge of the door, with the window down, and leaned my head on it; looking at my reflection in the side mirror. The sky was seamless, blue going for miles and miles. My hair was waltzing in the wind as Shawn sped down the roads, wanting to start our day at the beach.

“Oh god,” I sighed, as Shawn shut the boot. “What?” he asked, taking one of the bags from my hands and throwing it over his shoulder. “You actually bought that hat?” I said, pointing at the huge bucket hat covering his fluffy hair. A proud smile spread across his face as he adjusted it slightly, “Yep.”
I rolled my eyes before stepping onto the path, feeling Shawn nudge his shoulder against mine once he joined me. “At least you’ll never lose me,” he said, taking my hand in his. “You can spot me from miles away in this thing.”

The sun was shining, which was something I hadn’t felt for a long time. I felt completely relaxed, so much so that a towel on sand felt more comfortable than some of the hotel beds I had slept in. Shawn was like a little kid when it came to beach days; he threw everything on the ground before running down to the shore and leaping straight into the cold sea. He gave me the thumbs up as soon as he was in waist deep; but I chuckled to myself when his face showed how cold he really felt. I laid back under the umbrella, and read my book; not wanting to do anything else. Being on tour was incredibly exhausting for Shawn of course, but it was actually quite tiring for me as well.

“Shit,” I sighed as I felt cold drops of water land across my body. I slammed my book down and looked up, frowning with my hand over my eyes as I glared up at Shawn who had a childish grin plastered across his face. “Come on baby, come in the sea with me” he smiled, sitting down on his knees. “No Shawn,” I said, grabbing my book to quickly fold the top of the page. “Please,” he pouted. I tried my best to scowl at him, but I couldn’t help but smile at the dork in front of me. He had worked incredibly hard on tour, and he deserved this little break. “Fine,” I sighed, pushing myself up from the ground. “You’re the best,” he hummed before pecking my nose. “But the hat goes,” I said, placing my hands on my hips. He threw it to the ground so it landed on the towel, and grabbed my hand before running towards the sea.

“See, it’s not too bad” he said as he slowly walked ahead of me, getting deeper into the sea. I nodded quickly faking a smile, until he turned his back to me, and that’s when I swore under my breath whilst rubbing my arms. “Come here,” he said softly, reaching out his hand for me to take. I took it and made my way closer to him. As soon as I was standing directly in front of him, he grabbed me by the waist with both hands; and lifted me so I was being held by his arms. He swung me round in bridal style, laughing at the squeals that left my mouth. “Stop Shawn,” I giggled, terrified that he’d drop me in the sea. Seconds later he stopped, but kept me in his arms. I pushed back the loose wet curls, letting out the last chuckle. I was taken aback by his lips crashing into mine, feeling wet and smooth. He then gently placed me back on my feet, and admittedly the water no longer felt cold.

I found myself admiring Shawn’s back whilst he paid for our ice creams. I had seen it so many times, but there was something about it under the sun; revealing the muscles even more; carving his shoulders even more. I’d become so lost in a daze, I didn’t realise he had moved until I felt the cold shock of ice cream being placed on the tip of my nose. “You can stare as much as you want,” he said, with a cocky smirk on his face. I stuck my tongue out at him before attempting to lick the ice cream from my nose. He giggled from behind his ice cream cone, before grabbing my chin with his spare hand and gently wrapping his lips around my nose, sucking the ice cream off. “Sweet,” he smiled before going back to his own ice cream.
Hand in hand, we slowly walked along the stretched path; with the sea to our right. We would’ve walked at a normal speed, but Shawn said it was because he wanted to soak the moment up. Although this may be have been true, I knew it was also because he wasn’t very good at multitasking; meaning it was difficult for him to walk whilst eating away at an ice cream.

I felt like I was on cloud nine as we stood at the very end of the Pier, arms resting on the rails as we looked out at the blue ocean, that had no end in sight. “I wish we could stay here forever,” Shawn said as he had one arm wrapped round my waist, tugging me closer towards him. “You’d miss touring after five days or so, you’d be begging to go back” I smiled. He lowered his head with a smile, “I know.”
I moved slightly so I could rub the back of his head with my hand, tugging on the ends. “I love it when you play with my hair,” he grinned into the palm of his hand as he leaned into it; staring forward. I continued to do so for a few minutes more, until I knocked my body into his; my head resting into the crook of his neck, and both arms snaking round his broad figure.

“Are you getting cold?” he asked. I nodded before he pushed me back slightly, and began digging into his bag. He gave me his precious hat to hold whilst he looked for his jacket. “Don’t even think about throwing it over,” Shawn said, shooting me a daring look. I raised an eyebrow as he handed me his jacket, snatching the hat back. “Thank you,” I said softly as I pulled his jacket over me; loving the sudden rush of warmth.

“I could see you being a fireman actually,” I said before placing a chip in my mouth. Shawn and I were talking about what we wanted to be when we were little as we delved into our fish and chips. We were sat on a wall overlooking the sea, knowing it would be too cold to sit right on the shore now. “Oh yeah?” he grinned, dipping a chip into some tomato sauce. I nodded, “I can see so many desperate women purposely setting fire to something, just so that you could come and sweep them off their feet” I laughed. Shawn threw his head back in laughter too, “You’re probably right.”
“I can see you being a nurse,” he said, looking out at the sea. I froze and looked at him with a confused expression. “Are you kidding?” He looked at me and shook his head, “You’d look really, and I mean really hot in that uniform.” “Ha,” I said, shoving a chip into his mouth. “Maybe one day, but for your eyes only.”

Once we had piled the bags back into the boot and slammed it shut, I turned on my heels for a split second; before Shawn placed his hands on my waist and spun me back round; pulling me closer to him. “I’ve really, really enjoyed today” he smiled, his hands lingering at my waist. “I’ve enjoyed it too.” He slowly pressed his lips against mine as his hands gently glided down my back.
Shawn threw his hand behind my seat as he looked back, reversing out of our parking space. “Are you sure we’ve got everything?” I asked one last time. “Yes,” Shawn sighed. “Even your hat?” I asked. “You packed it into your bag,” he said confidently as he sat forward and spun the wheel. “No I didn’t,” I said bluntly. Shawn glanced in my direction, “Well, it’s not in my bag for sure.” I threw my head back in laughter, covering my gaping mouth with my hands and Shawn erupted in panic. “Oh well then, I take what I said back” I said between laughter. “Not have I only enjoyed today, but it is now officially the best day ever.”

Forbidden [Kim Jongin] - Part 1

Summary: Prince Jongin’s birthday party is about to start. You, as a servant, are not invited, but there’s still an oportunity… Who says someone will recognize you on a masquarade ball?

Genere: Angst, fluff

Warnings: None

AU: Royals

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader

Originally posted by kaibility

“Mum?” I whined “Dad?”

All I could see was fire. The flames and smoke were everywhere. My vision started to blurry. I felt dizzy and the breath caught in my throat.

“Mum?” my voice was barely a whisper “Dad?”

I had to get out of here. I blinked a few times and I saw, that the stairs were also on fire. My parents were on the first floor and now they were trapped there. I had to save them, but I couldn’t do it alone. I quickly found the door and got out of the building. When I turned around more flames appeared. I screamed loudly. Tears started to form in my eyes.

I began to run. Our house wasn’t far from the town. I needed to hurry. If I won’t make it on time, then my family…

“Help!” I shouted, hoping someone will hear me

Nothing. What was I expecting? There was almost no possibility, that somebody will be in the middle of the forest. I started to run faster. I had to do it. I had to do it. I don’t want everything to disappear so quickly.

I tripped over a rock and yelled from sudden pain. The forest around me started to spin around. When I saw a white carriage, I was sure I had strong hallucinations. I tried getting up, but instead of it I fell on the ground once more. A beautiful woman got out of the carriage and came closer to me. Long brown hair, pale skin and gentle eyes. I was sure I saw her before, but now it was, too hard to remember when and where.

“Help” I breathed “My house… F-fire…”

She shouted something, but I couldn’t hear what it was. I lost consciousness and the next thing I remember was darkness.

I opened my eyes breathing heavily.

The same dream, the same memory. Someone set our house on fire. I remember it very clearly. That day when I woke up, lying in one of the rooms for servants, I saw lady Lee. She told me that they managed to save me, but nothing about my parents came from her mouth. That was the moment, I realised they didn’t make it. They were dead. That information broke my heart into thousand little pieces. 

My father used to be a king, my mum was the queen and I was the princess. I don’t remember anything from our palace life. A few months after I was born, our kingdom fell. The 4th War began and we had no choice. My parents and I had to hide somewhere. We started to live in a house near small town. I was aware of my father’s enemies and I was sure some of them knew where we were. That’s why we lived in the forest, but now I know it wasn’t enough.

After a few days, I started to work in king Doyun’s palace. No one, even lady Lee, who saved me, didn’t know I was a princess. I was too afraid to share my secret. To afraid nobody will believe me. Too afraid that the danger will come back again. At least now, I was safe.

“Y/N” I heard Yeuns voice “Are you coming? We don’t have much time.”

“Yeah… I’m on my way” I said yawning a little

Yeun was my roommate. Places where servants lived weren’t big. In our room, there were only two beds and a cupboard. Even the window was tiny. 

I got out of my bed and changed quickly. All female servants had to wear black dresses, which were ending right above the knee. They were much more uncomfortable than they looked.

“So, what’s our job for today?” I asked as we went out of the room

“We need to prepare the ballroom for the party” said Yeun “I’m going to stay there whole day, but you need to meet Miyoung” She’ll definitely need some help”

Miyoung was really young, kind and innocent girl. She wasn’t even sixteen, but she was the main seamstress in this castle. Dresses she was making were at least gorgeous. Every time there was a party, her job was to make gowns for the queen and all the ladies. Of course, Miyoung wasn’t alone. There were other seamstresses, but they weren’t as good as she was and occasionally, I was helping her too.

“I can’t believe the prince is turning twenty three tonight” Yeun smiled “You know, I feel like I’ve known him for my whole life. I was two when he was born, but he spoke to me once or twice.”

“You exactly know why” I exclaimed “You’re a servant and he’s the prince”

“Stop quoting me” she laughed “Usually I’m the one who is reminding you.”

I sighed. I wondered how would it be, to know prince Jongin for such a long time. Maybe he would talk to me more often?

“We need to hurry” said Yeun “The party starts at nine.”

“You have to go there!” Miyoung clapped her hands “You just can’t miss such opportunity!”

“Miyoung, are you crazy?” I shook my head “It’s impossible. Only people from royal family and their friends are invited.”

“Oh, just stop it!” she waved her hand and for a while, the needle was too close to my face “We both know that if you would really want to go to the party, you would do it straight away!”

“I’m a servant!” I shouted

“But just imagine, how romantic would it be, when he would fall in love with you at the ball!”

I blushed suddenly. I never actually thought about him falling in love with me. In my opinion, I wasn’t good enough for him. Even if my family was alive and I was a princess, I still would think that he deserved more. Prince Jongin was kind, gentle, loyal, brave and incredibly handsome. Every young girl in the kingdom wanted to become his wife in the future. I was sure that in few months, king and queen will find him a fiancé. This vision made me feel strange. Sudden sting of jealousy.

“Let’s not talk about this…” I whispered


“Miyoung, please!” I raised my voice

She jumped at my sudden anger. When I saw her face, I realised that I shouldn’t shout at her. Maybe she was just three years younger than me, but she didn’t experience enough in her life. I didn’t want to ruin her perfect vision of the world.

“I’m sorry” I whispered

“It’s okay…” she murmured “I know how hard it is for you. I shouldn’t have insist.”

I knew she was perfectly right. It was so hard for me to talk about the prince, the guy I fell for. I was aware we had no chance to be together. Servant and a prince? I almost laughed. Impossible.

Miyoung’s smile still didn’t appear after I shouted at her.

“Please” I whined “I can’t look at you when you’re sad”

She didn’t look at me.

“What can I do to cheer you up?” I asked putting down my needle “I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” she rose her eyebrow at me

I nodded.

“Go to prince’s birthday party” she announced

I should’ve expect that.

“Miyoung, you know I ca-”

“You said you’ll do everything”

I hated that she was right. I sighed loudly.

“Okay, so let’s say I agreed” I crossed my arms “But I still have nothing to wear.”

She jumped from excitement and quickly made her way to huge closet. After a few seconds she came back holding a beautiful grey dress. It was long with silver flourishes. Perfect for prince’s birthday party.

“I made it a while ago for lady Shin, but she didn’t like it” Miyoung explained “She didn’t wear it even once”

“It’s beautiful” I said taking the fabric between my fingers “But she would recognize it”

“She’s not going to the party because she’s currently visiting her brother”

I looked down. Maybe Minyoung was right? Maybe it was really great opportunity to meet prince Jongin face to face.

“What about the mask?” I asked “It’s a masquerade after all”

“Oh, I have plenty of them” she waved her hand “Don’t worry about that”

I bit my lip. The dress was beautiful and Minyoung had masks. This really was my chance.

“Give me the mask” I ordered taking the gown from her hands “I’m going to prince Jongin’s birthday party”

Author’s note: Gif above is not mine. There might be some mistakes in the next. I have to check it one more time.

anonymous asked:

I've never been in a relationship and I don't think that it will change anytime soon. But I keep worrying. What if when I'm older I find someone who likes me. But, when she was a teen, she already lived and did things that teenagers do. And I want do do all of that, but what if she doesn't want that anymore because that's what people do when you're 16 and not 26. What if I already missed all of it?

I’m of the thinking that you never really lose your younger selves. The nine year old in you is still there. The seventeen year old you is still there. They come out in different ways. Singing along to a song you loved when you were thirteen. Turning away in disgust at a food you found out you didn’t like when you were seven. Sometimes we forget how to be all of our younger selves. Sometimes we choose to forget. My point is, don’t lose the sixteen year old in you. When you find the right person, it won’t matter what age you meet at because there will times when you come together like teenagers, reckless and giddy and free. She’ll be the right person because she brings that out of you and vice versa.

You haven’t missed a thing. You’re just waiting for the right time to experience it.

i miss the nights spent with you half-drunk and slurring vulgarities, telling me secrets that shouldn’t have come anywhere near your lips. those times felt a little like flying and a little like falling, like skydiving without a parachute that you never really wanted anyways.

i can’t stop soaking my mind in the compliments, even if they were backhanded, or lies, or more about my body than they were me. attention for the right reasons packed its bag and left long ago; love without lust isn’t something to be expected here.

nine months ago i told you to stop getting high and i’m beginning to see that i am more hypocritical now than ever, that i’m smoking our memories and floating ten feet above the ground.

i can’t tell the difference between my heartbeat and a heartbreak and i’m pretty sure it’s because of you.

(it’s definitely because of you.)

—  withdrawal symptoms (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)

stephanniesissues  asked:

Heeey, just thought of something for your Friends!lolly, remember that scene where Ross tells Rachel that he keeps count? Of how many times they did it? Well it doesn't need to be exactly like that, but Sherlock would totally know with his super brain and all! Thanks 🤗

good idea (I tend to avoid converting the ross/rachel break-up episodes and focus on chandler/monica). I’ll try and make it work…

*a hotel*

Receptionist: *hands over the key; smiles* You two are going to love the room.
Sherlock: *snatches key* Thank you.
Molly: *frowns; takes key* No, we’ll, um, be needing two rooms. We’re not together.
Receptionist: Oh, okay *retrieves another key; chuckles* something didn’t quite add up there.
Sherlock: *stops at the lift; walks back to the desk* What is that supposed to mean?
Molly: *awkward* Sherlock-
Receptionist: *shrugs* Well, you…*nods at Molly* her. I mean, she’s very… *smirks* you know. And you’re like…you know.
Sherlock: *scowls* Not that it’s any of your business but we did go out.
Receptionist: *skeptical* Really? You two?
Sherlock: *adamant* Yes! *elbows Molly* tell him.
Molly: *bored* I’d really like to have a shower and get something to eat before the case.
Sherlock: Tell him quickly.
Molly: *snaps* Fine *to the Receptionist* we went out. Let’s go *tugs Sherlock’s arm*
Sherlock: *shouts as he’s being pulled away* Not only did we go out, we did it two hundred and ninety eight times!
Molly: *frantically pressing the lift button; embarrassed* Oh, my God, Sherlock. You kept count? *whispers* You are such a loser! *pulls him inside the lift*
Sherlock: *smug* A lost you did it with *calls through the closing doors* TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY EIGHT TIMES!
Receptionist: *shakes his head; notices the second key still on the desk, sighs* Two hundred and ninety nine…

Don’t Go

Lip and Carl are walking down the stairs before school, Fiona and Debbie were packing lunches for the day, Liam was in his highchair giggling at anything and everything, and Ian was finishing homework on the kitchen table. The house is relatively quiet for a Monday morning, until the front door slams open.

“Firecrotch!” Mikey yells.

Lip quickly moves his siblings to the back of the room so they aren’t in Mickey’s way of getting to Ian. No one wants to get in the way of an angry Milkovich.

Ian staggers up. “What do you want, Mick?” Ian speaks softly, but Mickey pushes him into the table. “What the fuck,” his voice gets louder, and he swings at the shorter boy.

“What is going on?” Fiona is yelling and covering the kids eyes. “Ian!” Lip puts a hand on her shoulder to get her attention and shakes his head, trying to tell her to let them work it out.

After a few swings and a little of blood, Mickey backs up. “Why the fuck would you enlist?”

“Fuck you, Mickey! What do you care?” Ian is yelling, and barely hearing the gasps from his family.

Mickey inches forward to close the gap. He is so angry, the steam is nearly visible. “What do I care? What do I care? Are you serious, asshole?”

“What? Wouldn’t it be helpful for me to leave? You can live a perfect family life with your hooker of a wife and new kid that’s on the way,” Ian says with conviction. “You chose to marry her, didn’t you? So you made is clear as day that you could give half a shit about me.” Mickey scoffs hearing the redheaded boys words.

Mickey shakes his head. “You are batshit crazy if you think I don’t give a shit.”

“I’m just a warm mouth to you, remember, Mick?” As Ian says this Mickey grabs the tall boys shirt and looks about ready to fight. “Sorry your boy toy wants out of being a mistress!”

“Fuck you, Gallagher! I married her for you!” The blue eyed boy blurts out. “I married her because Terry threatened to kill you and make me watch if I didn’t listen to him.” Ian’s eyes widen and he immediately tenses up. Mickey doesn’t loosen the grip around the boy shirt, instead he leans his head on Ian’s chest for a moment. “You think I could stand imagining that? I didn’t what I needed to do, fuckhead!”

Fiona’s mind is going all over the place. “What the hell is going on? Lip, seriously,” she whispers, but Lip shakes his head in return. He is surprised at how close he sees his brother and the Milkovich brother are standing.

Ian can’t believe the thought of that being a reason didn’t cross his mind. No matter the circumstances though, he can’t see Mickey be part of a family like this. “I can’t see you like that, Mickey. I can’t sit and watch while you fuck around with me and then go home to her,” his voice is soft and genuine.

“You fucking think it’s her I want to go home to?” Mickey scoffs.

Before Ian can speak, Mickey begins again. “I know I hurt you more times than I’d like to admit. I know I told you I fucked Angie, but I lied. I know I beat on the guys you were with. I know I tried to kill Frank. I know what I said to you after he caught us, as well, which was another dumbass lie. I know you got beat by my asshole of a father. I know I couldn’t speak to you after that. I know I fagbashed you. I know I got sent away one too many times. I know you had to watch me get fucking raped and then married to the bitch right after that,” Mickey paused and refused to look at the boy he was speaking to. “I don’t want to hurt you anymore, but being with a Milkovich what could you expect? I’ll try.”

Ian processes everything Mickey said for a moment. His anger is turned upside down. “You didn’t only hurt me, Mick. That day I came after you with the crowbar, I was fucking smitten - I’m gay as shit, okay, I know. Then Monica came back, and you were the first person I ran to, and you were there for me. Then I visited you in juvie and saw how you were forcing back a smile, which made me laugh. Then you didn’t kill Frank–”

“Please,” Mickey’s voice cracks.

Ian cuts him off again. “You didn’t kill Frank because I told you I didn’t want you to. You came back and told me you missed me right after beating the shit out of the guy I was hooking up with. Man,” he chuckles and cups Mickey’s cheek. “That put me on cloud nine. Then you got jealous of Lloyd, I secretly loved that because it made me feel like I was yours, like you were claiming me or someshit. And God, when you kissed me,” he closes his eyes thinking back to the moment. “I was so gone after that. Then you got me out of the group home, and Mick, that was the greatest day of my life until your dad caught us.”

Mickey closes his eyes as he hears the crack in Ian’s voice. “Don’t..”

“Now that fucking hurt. Watching you try to get Terry off me as he beat the shit out of me. The watching him pound on you and pistolwhip you, that hurt worse. And worst of all the Russian handwhore was forced to fucking rape you, and I had to watch.” Ian holds back tears as he feels Mickey’s grip tighten on his shirt.

He looks at the black haired boy. “How am I going to survive around here if I have to watch you be with her.” He lifts a hand Mickey’s cheek, and Mickey turns into it.

“Don’t go.”

“You know how much you mean to me, but you’re never going to change. You’re never going to admit how you feel. I mean, shit, you’re never even going to admit that you’re gay.” He feels the older boy tense at his words, which hurts, but he knows what needs to be done.He drops his hand from the other boy’s face. “I have to go.”

Mickey gulps loudly, trying to hold back tears. He loves Ian, he really does. “Gallagher, listen to me.”


“You’re right about what you said the other day at the abandoned building. You’re fucking right, okay? I’m fucking gay! And I fucking love you, Ian!” He screams, surprising himself. “And I fucking need you. Don’t you understand?” He looks into Ian’s eyes after hearing the gasps from the other Gallaghers in the room. “I really love you,” he whispers as if he was telling himself.

Fiona, Lip, Carl, and Debbie were beyond shocked by what was being said. Even though Lip already knew, he didn’t know it went this deep. It was also the first time they heard Mickey refer to their brother by his first name. They all noticed the familiarization and lack of awkwardness there was between the boys.

Ian’s completely taken aback by this. He never expected to hear those words come from him. Without much thought he crashes his own lips into the older boys lips. It’s a long, deep, and passionate kiss. When the finally pull apart, Ian pushed his chin up so they were looking into each other’s eyes. “I love you too, Mick.” His grin is growing wide.

“Are you going to leave me?” Mickey said quietly trying to avoid the sound of desperation.

“Never,” Ian kisses his forehead.

A wave of relief floods over Mickey’s mind as he pulls Ian’s face down and kisses him passionately. He knows that he doesn’t deserve Ian, but he’s promising to himself that he will become better for the love of his life. He’ll do anything for him.

While they’re still kissing, they hear a cough coming from the corner of the room. “Uh oh,” Ian whispers, but Mickey pecks him on the lips again and they laugh into each other’s mouths.

“Cool,” Carl says, then looks confused. “Where do the gay wieners go?”

“Carl!” Lip laughs. “Shut the fuck up, man.”

Fi rolls her eyes at her second youngest brother and turns her attention to the boy who are holding each other in their arms. “An explanation, maybe?” Fiona yells.

“Fuck off,” Mickey says with a giggle

Philip Hamilton word art, made of different variations of “my name is Philip” throughout his life.

“My name is Philip, I am a poet, I wrote this poem just to show it, I just turned nine, you can write rhymes but you can’t write mine.”

“My name is Philip, I am a scholar, going to boarding school so I can be just like my father. I’m kind of scared- the expectations just flare and flare.”

“My name is Philip, I am learning, in year like my ma I’ll have the future burning. I love my mom, one day I’ll be as trusting and strong.”

“My name is Philip, I love my sister. Thank God she’s here because I’d go mad and crazy missing her.”

“My name is Philip, I’m learning plays. I wanna be in a tragedy someday- I hope it comes true- meet a guy and Broadway and then I’m through.”

“My name is Philip, I’m on a break. There’s trouble here, the air seems strange.”

“My name is Philip, I am unknowing. I want to see where my father keeps going. Though I know it ain’t stellar and static, I hope he’s safe from the room where it happens.”

“My name is Philip, I am a poet. I can’t believe it but my father took our name and broke it. My God didn’t come this time- he can save heroes but he couldn’t save mine.”

“My name is Philip, I am a mess. I can only think of lies and a poor lady in a red dress- It’s burnt up my mother- I wish he’d left it untouched and uncovered.”

“My name is Philip, and I am growing. And when I’m older I’ll be my own kind of knowing. I haven’t got long- 19 years old and still going strong.”

“My name is Philip, I am goner. I just wanted to protect my father’s honour. ”

“My name is Philip. I am martyr. Though I’ve failed someone tell the world I love my father.”

Everything about Nine was great

Everything he said was pure gold

And not just the funny and sass…

Literally everything

Even when he don’t say anything, tho

I love how he was always smiling

Even tought he was the most damaged Doctor

The way he looked at Rose


 hells yeah


I want him back

Realize -- Chapter Twelve “The Little Things”

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I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain … OOOh, I love making people nervous. Here’s Chapter Eleven! :)


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