nine monks

(The final part of this four part story. I hope you have enjoyed reading it, I’ll get back to comics soon I swear!)

-Aesma and the Three Masters-

(And the Lessons She Never Learned from Them)
PART 3 and 4: Aesma and the Master of Ethics

Flush with victory and battle, Aesma took to the road again with extremely little regard for the beautiful community of light and sound she had so violently shattered, and with ignorant glee, she whistled as she rode the void in search of the Master of ethics.
The estate of the Master was easy to find, as it lay atop a shining mountain whose peak was so tall it could be seen from near all creation. Aesma scoffed at such an obstacle and with a mighty stroke of Pedam’s thirty league stave, flung herself to the top. But as she spun up its sides, she saw up its slopes were crawling with grand streams of men, beasts, and demigods. And when she reached the top she beheld a great cacophony, a heaving sea of pilgrims, and rising majestically out of the center was a great shining temple of unbelievable breadth and width, with a peculiar shape that Aesma couldn’t quite make out.
Almost immediately Aesma was smashed to and fro by a mass of bodies of every color, shape, and gender imaginable, and the discordant litany of a thousand tongues nearly deafened her. Irate, she swept the legs out from a broad swathe of pilgrims a kilometer wide with a single swipe of Pedam’s stave, and questioned them  viciously as they crawled about in pain.
“Where is the Master of ethics!” she spat, lashing the prostrate pilgrims as they clutched their bleeding shins. Among them Aesma couldn’t see a single unified creed or dogma. There were bell-ringing pilgrims, and cat-burning pilgrims, and hands-and-feet beating pilgrims (who were crying in joy at the exquisite beating Aesma had dealt them), and many more besides.
“Ask the holy men!” cried the pilgrims, and Aesma saw that sprouting from the mighty temple’s base were an uncounted number of smaller temples, growing like ugly ornamented mushrooms as though to squash the life out of each other. So with the hook of Pedam’s stave, she lifted thirty of them clean off their foundations and shook them vigorously until a number of ruddy, sweating priests fell out.
“Begone demon!” the priests wailed in unison, grasping for various holy symbols, so Aesma gave them a drubbing with her stave.
“Where is the Master of ethics?” she said, picking her nose as she sat upon a holy man’s chest.
“He is the holiest of holies and has hidden himself from the sight of the wicked!” gasped the priest in great pain, for Aesma’s evil body was heavier than iron and hotter than a forge, “and ye shall never learn the secret way to pass unto his ultimate truth!”
So Aesma rapped him in the stones, and resolved to ask a dog, as they were far more reliable than both pilgrims and holy men.
“He is in the temple of 109 chambers,” said the dog, “each holier than the one before, and only the successively more pure of heart may pass through.”
Aesma kicked the dog, and turned to go, but the dog said, “By the law of dogs, you must carry my burden for a single day. And so I grant you my fleas, so I may rest a single night,” and all the fleas of the dog jumped to Aesma and she howled and scratched and struck at the dog, but the law of dogs was exceptionally strong, and so she could do naught but mutter angrily at being tricked as she pressed on.

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Hannibal Roy Bean’s Armor Appreciation Post

Not only does the armor automatically collapse into a briefcase when not in use, it also has a handy escalator for the wearer to enter the headpiece and control booth.

The armor itself is hollow, which allows for compression and collapsing to avoid attacks that would otherwise damage or move it.

It is unknown if the armor is powered by magic or some other force, as its design bears similarities to Jack Spicer’s robots in Time After Time.  The armor also shares design traits with Chase’s armor and dragon form.  It is likely that this armor predates Chase’s armor, and thus Jack Spicer’s robots, and is subsequently powered by some sort of dark magic unknown to us that could have been explored further if Showdown had received a fourth season.

Approximate height is two teenagers or one and a half Master Monks.  Roughly nine feet (2.75 meters) high from toes to horn tips and just as wide.

Replaying the Ezio trilogy, I’m noticing something that bugged me before.

A) Ezio’s beard magically appearing after he wakes up after losing the Apple to the nine-fingered monk. There’s a time skip to the 1490s right after this sequence, so logistically speaking, the beard should have shown up after the time skip, I think.

B) By the end of Brotherhood, I think they should’ve done a little better job of aging Ezio so he’s a little closer in appearance to Revelations. It’s only 5 years later, but still. He changes quite a bit from Brotherhood to Revelations, and it’s only 5 years since the third game picks up in 1511 and Brotherhood ends in 1506. (Unless changing that much is normal in 5 years? I’m not sure.)

C) Yes, Ezio physically changes through the course of the three games. As well as mentally and emotionally. The first game he’s immature and brash until he gets older and we’re at the cusp of the sixteenth century. The second game we still see a little of that but not a lot. And then by the third game he’s really wisened up and he’s just…calm.

Anyway, my point is that we don’t see that same change with the female characters? Claudia seems to look the same all through ACII and Brotherhood, even though the first game spans decades alone. They should have aged up her model by Brotherhood, but instead she looks the same. That’s just lazy. :/


5-ji Kara 9-ji Made (From Five to Nine - The Handsome Monk Who Fell in Love With Me)

I LOVE IT! I LOVE HIM! I LOVE THEM!!! First, I want to thank the jdrama gods for finally delivering to me both a well-made bona-fide rom-com after four years of abstinence and disappointments and also the first Yamapi show in 6 years that I genuinely like. I know it’s still early days but the giddiness, the tingling in my toes, the butterflies in my stomach, the need to fetch my smelling salts… its all there! A major addiction has arrived! It’s probably no coincidence that the last two jdramas that managed to inspire the same feelings in me were 2012′s RMPW and 2009′s Buzzer Beat. 

5→9 starring Yamashita Tomohisa and Ishihara Satomi has aired on Monday and scored a strong 12,7 % rating for its first episode. (The title is a reference to the female lead’s working hours.) But, of course,no english subtitles have been released yet, so I guess I will need to rely on my extremely limited understanding of Japanese. It’s a live-action adaptation of a manga by Aihara Miki. I haven’t read it nor do I feel the need to start now considering live actions tend to deviate greatly from the original works.

Yamashita Tomohisa and Ishihara Satomi are simply perfect together and they share this insane chemistry and I can’t wait for the time the romance will start for real! I’ve seen only the first episode but I already adore the OTP to bits. Hoshikawa Takane and Sakuraba Junko are the polar opposites of each other and they clash - he is a buddhist monk, old-fashioned, taciturn, reserved and coldly polite, while she is frank, bubbly and modern and dreams of moving to NYC one day.

This is what I call that a story starts with a bang! They meet for the first time at a funeral service when Junko accidently knocks over a bowl of ashes which land directly on Takane’s head - well, I say better the ashes and not the bowl or else there would be no story to tell and I would hate to be deprived of some steamy kisses. BRING THE KISSES IT ON!