nine miles as the crow flies


For today’s run I went farther along the Minnesota River Bottoms trail than I have any other time this year. 14 miles (seven out and back). I’m tired and glad it’s over but I feel good.

My favorite part was crossing Nine Mile Creek. There’s a raft! You pull on a long, inch-thick rope to scoot the raft across the creek. It made me think of the river crossing scene (a Missouri boat ride) in the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales. Of course today there weren’t any cowboys, gunfire, or horses. The crossing is kind of rough on a runner’s splits because the raft is slow. However legs get a brief rest while the arms do some work for once.

In places the trail had more curves than Kim Kardashian, more twisties than a bread wrapper factory. As the crow flies I bet I covered fewer than a dozen miles. Watching my footing became important too with roots, branches, and fallen limbs on the trail.

I jumped over a snake that wouldn’t get out of my way. Brave little fellow but wait until a few fat bikes race by, dude. The last picture shows a tugboat pushing barges down the river.