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Crowley: Rules are made to be broken.
Aziraphale: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
Crowley: Uh, piñatas.
Adam: Glow sticks.
Crowley: Karate boards.
Adam: Spaghetti when you have a small pot.
Crowley: Rules.

Kaoru: Woah, what’s with the cast?
Kyoua: I sprained my wrist. …Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist?
Hikaru: Yes.
Kyouya: I was hula hooping.
Kyouya: My sister has me attend a class with her for fun.
Hitachiins: Oh my God.
Kyouya: I’ve mastered all the moves. *pulls out his phone and starts showing them pictures* The pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle.
Kaoru: *amazed and delighted* Why are you telling us this?
Kyouya: *deleting the pictures* Because no one will ever believe you.
Hikaru: You sick bastard.

Bravery will find you when your head is hung low. Your fear is like a fever, it too will go. - Everlasting Ending.


Let’s try to make everyone friends, Zelda. 

It’ll be easier, Zelda.

 It’s not like you’re dealing with two children, Zelda.

Why do you do this to yourself, Zelda;

Let’s Be friends Au.

Some Disney employee who runs the social media accounts, probably: “ah yes, less than 24 hours after the series finale of a show whose cancellation is causing a backlash unlike any we’ve seen before…….perfect time to post a pic from the show even though we could’ve picked a hug from literally any other not cancelled show! this will really turn our image around!! they’ll realize we love gmw too and forget we’re the ones who cancelled it after baiting fans before cancellation!!”

Okay but seriously, they could’ve clearly used a hug from any other show. Disney clearly thinks posts like this (and the nine image Rilaya montage on IG or the Rilaya YouTube banner or the WMG posts, etc etc) are pandering to us and going to douse the fire. How many more social media posts will it take for them to realize that they’re only fueling it? That every time fans see a post like that, they’re even more likely to stay mad at Disney and to flood Disney’s social medias to campaign for Disney to give up the rights to show etc. I’m just so perplexed by whoever is running Disney’s PR team right now….