nine hours on a plane is no fun at all

Never Enough | Niall Horan

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Wanna pull an all-nighter and get into something we’ll never forget?

Wanna stay up and party the weekend away and not know when to quit?

Wanna drive in the night to the end of the earth and go over the edge?

Wanna wake with you and say ‘Baby, let’s do it all over again.’

I sway my hips to the beat as I put paper inserts into each individual slot of the pan. The bowl of confetti cake batter sits next to it, already mixed. It smells so good, I’m half tempted to just eat it out of the bowl, but I’m refraining. Finally finished putting the paper in, I grab the bowl and start pouring it into each section.

It’s Sunday, about four in the afternoon. I just woke up an hour ago, body aching and hair an absolute mess. I was too lazy to put on pants, so I’m baking cupcakes in one of Niall’s t-shirts and a pair of lacy underwear. I smile; my bottom lip comes between my teeth as I think of my boyfriend still snoozing away and all the exhausting fun we had last night. Starting at midnight until three in the morning, the two of us were between the sheets.

He just came home from his long nine month worldwide tour. As soon as he stepped off the plane and saw me at the airport waiting for him, he charged toward me, abandoning his belongings. Gathering me in his arms, squeezing so tight, he peppered my face in kisses and kept telling me how much he loved me. I giggle and smiled. I missed him so much. From that time in the airport and the walk to the car, his hand was intertwined tightly with mine, squeezing it occasionally like he was making sure I was real. He couldn’t stop grinning. We didn’t start dating until a few months ago, so our relationship is still pretty new. However, I didn’t have to get used to him being away for so long since we’ve been close friends for a few years. It just hurt a little more, but made moments like these that much better.

As soon as we were out of the public’s eyes and on our way back home, his touch turned from sweet to intoxicating. His large hand constantly kneading my thigh, slowly working his way up. I kept shooting him glares to make him stop because I didn’t want to wreck the car. His response was laughter. “But baby, I missed you so much. Nine months without sex is absolute torture.” He purred. “I’m just getting a head start.” His calloused fingers start playing with the holes in my jeans. They dip inside them. The skin to skin contact is like electricity shooting through me. I clench my jaw then flick my eyes over to him again. He licks his bottom lip. “Mmm, I can’t wait to bury my cock inside of you.” A blush spreads across my cheeks. I grab his wandering hand that’s creeping a little to close to my burning center and lace our fingers together.

“Stop it Niall, I’m serious. We have to make it home first and at this rate I’ll wreck the fucking car.” He smirks devilishly and turns away, keeping quiet the rest of the way home.

As soon as we pulled into the driveway, he hopped out of the car and tore my door open before I could even unbuckle my seat belt. He dragged me inside and slammed the door behind us. For awhile, we stayed downstairs in the living room.

I set the empty bowl on the counter top and look up out into the living room. Pillows and blankets were everywhere. It still looked disastrous. Smirking to myself, I pick up the pan and walk over to the oven. When I open the door, a blast of warm heat hits my bare legs. Sliding the pan inside, I set the timer for fifteen minutes. I let out a sigh and turn around to observe the messy counter top, then my eyes fall onto the empty bowl. There’s some excess batter still in it. I run my finger across the edge of it, collecting as much as I can and hold it up. My mother isn’t here to tell me no, so what the hell. I lick off the creamy confetti goodness off my pointer finger.


I turn on the sink next to me, filling it with hot water to wash the bake ware. I squirt a little dollop of soap into the water and watch the bubbles erupt. My finger swipes the bowl again, gathering another stripe of batter and lick it off. Between watching the water level and eating, two large hands come into my peripheral and sit on the edge of the sink on either side of me. A pair of lips press below my ear. “Mornin’ princess. What are you making?”

“I made cupcakes, but now I’m just eating the rest of the batter.” I say and lick off another helping. “Want some?” I swipe my finger and hold it up behind me, knowing that he won’t say no. I feel his lips wrap around my finger then pull away slowly, gathering all the batter with his tongue. My heart skips a beat and I gulp.

I found that.. hot.

“Tastes yummy baby,” He plants small kisses on the side on my neck, trailing up to my ear then whispering. “I bet they don’t taste as you good as you do though.” I almost gasp at his words. He certainly knows how to flip the right switches.

My cheeks grow red as I shut the water off. “Aren’t you a cheeky boy this morning?”

He chuckles. “I’m still a little hot and bothered from last night.”

I turn around to face him. His bright blue eyes are dark as he smiles. “Really? After all that? Haven’t you had enough yet?” I giggle, my fingers slowly walking up his chest, then finally lacing behind his neck.

“I could never get enough of you, princess.” He kisses me lightly on the lips then lingers. His hot breath washes over my lips still tender from the night before. Even with a simple touch, he knows just what to do to get me going when I feel heat pull to my core. He goes in for another, deeper this time. His hands start off on my face, but trail down to my waist. His fingers slightly drifting under the fabric of my shirt. It’s not long before out tongues meet and my hands are tangled in his messy blonde hair.

His calloused fingers wandered down to my ass, squeezing it. A tiny moan escapes me against his mouth causing him run his hand on the bottom side of my thigh, lifting it up. “Jump,” He commands. So I do, my legs wrapping around his waist and my hands still tangled in his hair. He walks us over to the counter, and sets me down roughly, causing the bowls and utensils tumble in every direction. He grunts in satisfaction. His eager hands exploring each inch underneath my shirt before he grabs the hem and starts to pull it off.

I hear the timer for the cupcakes go off. Breaking away from his infatuating kiss, I look over at the blinking green light on the stove that reads zero. He pecks my neck hungrily. “Ni, the timer went off.” Ignoring me, he slides off my shirt and throws it behind him. His mouth works wonders down the base of my neck and across my collarbone. “Did you hear me? Let me get them before they burn.”

He kisses the tops of both of my breasts before answering. “Baby, come on. You’re kidding me.” He sounds a little angry. He runs his tongue over my left nipple before taking it in his mouth. The tip of his tongue swirling circles around it. I let out a gasp. Trust me, I do not want him to stop, but I also don’t want our house burning down either.

“It’ll take like five seconds.” He pulls away and glares at me, eyebrows pulled together in frustration. He walks over to the drawer and pulls out an oven mitt. Sliding it on his hand, he throws the door open and grabs the pan before roughly setting it on top of the stove. It clangs as he tosses the mitt on the counter next to it and shuts the oven off. Still angry, he rushes over to me kisses me hard then grabs my hand. I like this dominant side of Niall. I’m smiling cheekily as he leads us to the bedroom.

“Lie down,” He growls. I do as I’m told; my back meets the cream colored sheets. He stands at the foot of the bed in nothing but just his boxers, admiring the sight of his shirtless girlfriend. I gulp when he starts crawling towards me. The bed dips from his weight. “You made me wait princess, now I’m going to make you.” He hovers over me, hot breath against my neck makes me shiver underneath him. He trails back up to my mouth, kissing the corner of it, but stopping centimeters from my lips. I lean forward to reconnect our lips, but he pulls backward. “No, you’re not allowed to kiss me.” I whimper at his words. The ways he could tease me drove my urge to the wall.

His hand drifts down to my breast; he massages it a little before rolling my nipple between his index finger and thumb. He gently kisses my neck down to my collarbone, then stops. Niall grabs both of my wrists and pins them above my head with his single hand. He pushes my legs apart with his knee and grinds his erection against my heat slowly. To torture me futher, he roams down to my breast again and blows lightly on both nipples, hardening them more. I gasp as he takes on of them in between his teeth, biting very gently. I squirm underneath him. “Stop moving baby.” He warns, squeezing my wrists a little. His tongue nutures one while his free hand kneads the other. My lower lip comes in between my teeth as I crave for his touch more and more. I want him to feel my desire. The growing pressure I feel is unbearable. I buck my hips against his erection that still grinds against me. “Please touch me Ni.” I whisper.

He stops his action and looks up at me. His bright blue eyes are so dark with lust, they’re almost black. He chuckles darkly. “I don’t know, I like watching you beg.”

His exploring hand roam down my waist, to my thigh, the cups me intimately. I take a sharp intake of breath as he rubs me through my black lace underwear. He stops after a minute. “No, keep going. Please Niall.” I buck my hips, eagerly. He kisses my lips gently as he resumes then sweeps them over to the side and grazes a finger in slow circles over my slit. He hums in satisfaction.

He thrusts his finger inside of me, making me gasp with pleasure as he does it again and again. I struggle under his grip. Moaning more loudly when he adds another finger and massages my sex with his thumb, building me up slowly. He applies more pressure causing me to tighten my walls around his fingers. He groans, looking me in the eye, mouth agap as he starts pumping faster. I’m a moaning mess as my climax approaches. “Ni, I’m c-close.” He removes his hand licking off his two fingers.

“See? Way better than cupcakes.” He sits back up suddenly and removes his boxers, letting his erection spring free. I bite my lip at the sight then remove my own panties, chucking them from the bed. A wicked grin spreads across my lips as I sit up on my knees, scooting over to him. I give him a few slow pecks before whispering in his ear. “I’m going to suck your cock now, baby.” He grunts at my words. My teeth graze his earlobe. I push him back on the sheets so his back rests against the headboard.

I start at his neck, sucking and pecking just like he did to me. My tongue runs over his soft spot just under his ear; a moan escapes him, causing me to smirk against his hot skin. “Baby, come on.” I place a long kiss there before moving down slowly down his toned chest, past his stomach. I kiss up both thighs before softly blowing on his erection, making it twitch.

I look up at him and see that he’s watching with dark eyes. His lip between his teeth begging me to continue. My hand grasps him, thumb swiping over the tip, wiping away the beads of pre-cum that gather on his slit. He grunts as I start pumping my hand slowly a few times before tracing my lips down his length from tip to base, making a shiver run through him. Smirking at his pleading eyes, my tongue grazes across the swollen head, causing him to grunt in frustration. “Use your mouth, princess.” Winking, I take the head into my mouth, not removing any eye contact. His slender fingers slide into my hair, gripping it tightly.

I suck in my cheeks, feeling his length slide up and down my tongue. This is one of the many reason I enjoy going down on Niall. I feel so empowered watching him come apart with my mouth. Loving the sense of having full control on whether he could come or not. He quakes with pleasure as I swallow around him. Which each thrust, I take more and more of him. His breaths become heavy. My hands replace my mouth, sliding up and down his shaft quickly. “You like that, baby? Did you miss my pretty little mouth?” He just moans.

I tighten my hand slightly around him, making him wince. “Answer me. Do you like me sucking your big cock?” I purr. Niall moans out loud, his hand gripping my hair harder. The stinging sensation bring pain, but also pleasure.

“I love your dirty little mouth, baby.” He growls. “I love how eager you are for my cock.” I moan around his length at his words, feeling the wetness building back up again. My head bobs up and down a couple more time before his hand tightens in my locks causing me to moan again. This brings him to the edge. “I’m coming, love.” I swallow everything he has to offer, licking my lips in satisfaction as I sit up, savoring his sweet juices.

“You’re such a naughty girl.” He runs his hand up and down his now sensitive shaft, hardening back up again. “My naughty girl.” He winks. “Lie down.” I take his spot on the bed. My hair spilling all around me. He spreads open my legs, then positions his length rubbing the tip against my craving slit.

He gives me no warning before slamming into me, filling me up all the way. We both sigh in content once he’s fully in. He doesn’t start off slow probably because of all this built up pleasure we share. My hands slide onto his arms then up around his back as bends down to attack my neck with wet kisses. “Oh, God, Niall.” I moan, digging my nails into his back. He kisses my lips hard again then pulls away, but just enough so they only touch a little.

“I fucking love when you do that to me, baby.” He whispers, breathlessly. My body begins to tighten as a sheen of sweat covers our bodies as he thrusts on and on, loving the feel of my pussy stretched by his length. He slows down just a little, pulling out almost all the way before slamming into me again, hard. He repeats this five times. It feels like his hitting the bottom of my stomach. I cannot hold on from much longer; my walls clench around him earning a loud groan from him. His hand slithers down to my clit, rubbing fast circles with his thumb. “Oh, Ni. I’m going to come.” My hand entangles into his hair as he whispers. “Come with me, baby girl,” I unravel at his words and climax with him. He thrusts deeply one last time before collapsing on top of me. Our bodies heaving from exhaustion.

He kisses me sweetly then rolls off of me before gathering me in his arms. “I love you, (Y/N).” He says after a few minutes.

I smile. “I love you, too, Niall.”

He buries his nose in my hair and closes his eyes. “It’s good to hold you in my arms again. That pillow wasn’t cutting it.”

“And neither was your hand, huh?” I snicker.

He grimaces like he’s embarrassed. “Not necessarily, it’s not the same.” He sits up on his elbow. “Please, I’m not the only one who had some fun with my hand.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I say innocently and I close my eyes exhausted.

“Uh-huh. Sure ya don’t.” He lied back down and wraps his arm back around my stomach.

“I’m glad your home Ni, I really missed you.”

He presses a soft kiss on the back of my neck. “Me too, baby. I won’t be leaving for a whole year, can you believe that?” My answer is a hum of satisfaction and my hand rests on his, his thumb tracing circles at the top of his hand. He buries his head into my shoulder and it turns quiet for a moment. The peacefulness almost putting me to sleep and my heart grows full of warmth when I hear him say,  “I can’t wait to marry you, princess.”

Stakes on a Plane ~A Joshifer One-Shot~

Well! After quite a bit of straight writing, and tons of inspiration from various people on here, including but certainly not limited it to, these lovely ladies right here, I finally got this little Joshifer plane one-shot done! I had so much fun writing this particular one, let me tell you. It makes me so happy to know that those two lovely dorks were up in the sky with each other for nine hours, doing nothing but bothering each other, bickering, and cuddling. So of course I had to write about it haha!

And I am so sorry; I honestly could not help myself with that pun for the title lmao!

I’d also like to say Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates it, and I hope you all have a lovely day! So as usual, without further ado…

Stakes on a Plane

My voice is groggy as my head bashes back against the hard backing of the chair behind me. As if that wasn’t already a bad enough wake-up call, I feel small hands prodding my sides at a hastened pace.

“Josh. Come on Josh, wake up.”

When I refuse, I feel a light stinging sensation as a hand comes in contact with my face, which is enough to drain the sleep from my system.

“Ow! What the hell?” I whine, blinking open my eyes only to come face to face with Jennifer. She’s smiling, and she rubs my cheek gently before tugging on my shoulder.

“You’re easily injured, I know,” she murmurs before standing up, backing away from the chair I’m propped in, “Come on asshole. We don’t want to miss our flight.”

Oh. Right. Our flight.

Jennifer, Woody, Francis, and I had been idling in the Atlanta airport for quite some time, waiting to board the next flight to Paris. Though I’ve been to Paris countless times on my own, I haven’t been with such an extraordinary group of people, and filming Mockingjay there will certainly prove to be interesting.

As excited as we were to get to the airport and wait for our flight, the large layover proved to be a killer one; six hours in a building with nothing to do but idle around.

And I guess I was more tired than I had originally intended to be, because here I was, falling asleep in one of the more uncomfortable chairs found within the airport.

Sighing and gathering my carry-on’s together, I blink the last bits of sleep from my eyes before tagging along side with Jennifer. She’s smiling and carrying on to Francis about how excited she is to go to Paris and film, and I cannot help but smile myself. And envy her energetic spirit of course.

Boarding the plane doesn’t take long, and before I know it, we’re preparing to embark across the ocean.

After slinging my things beneath the row of seats we have claimed, I begin to shuffle towards the window seat, but a firm hand on my shoulder stops me.

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