nine era

Concept: A Pretty Odd alternate universe
  • everyone is gay
  • flowers everywhere
  • ryden is flourishing
  • vintage hippie aesthetic
  • happy tunes, tragic poetry
  • picnics, tea and cakes
  • green fields full of bubbles
  • small magical animals
  • moon never falls down
  • not even at nine in the afternoon

(170203) blue night radio 

jonghyun talks about onew’s smile (extended vrs! ft. nine) (੭ˊ͈ ꒵ˋ͈)੭̸*✧⁺˚

trans cr. omggminho 

N: oh then shinee…jinki to jonghyun?

J: onew hyung! jinki hyung? for me jinki is a person with a pretty smile.

N: that’s right…when i saw him on tv too i thought “woah how is it possible to smile like that?” and when i went to the concert i was really surprised, i thought “so that’s what a halo is~”.

J: strapping right?

N: his smile?

J: yes.

N: it was really facinating. 

J: that’s right, that’s right. he’s a nice person.  

Things about Ryan that Z Berg has confirmed for us:

- Ryan is making amazing new music that’ll probably come out soon

- Ryan is anti internet

- Ryan is in love with Dottie and probably prefers her company to humans

- Ryan is shy and private irl

- Ryan and Z are bffs

- Ryan is a smol son who can’t help accidentally cutting himself while shaving

- There is a The Young Veins song which has Ryan and Z singing

Bonus: Z’s fav panic! song is Nine in the Afternoon and she has never met Brendon


Closure Stock Footage Appreciation Post
I just love these short interludes from the Nine Inch Nails Closure VHS/DVD
They just have a really disturbing but alluring quality to them
Directed by Peter Christopherson

Later he tells me that when he was making TDS, he never finished recording the most disturbing song of all. It had just two lines: “Just do it. Nobody cares at all.”
—  The Art of Darkness 1995 Interview with Trent Reznor