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Imagine Montparnasse’s face when he comes home and sees Jehan dressed in his clothes… He just stops in the bedroom doorway and stares, open-mouthed, in shock.

Everything matches, all black and leather, and it’s all slightly too big for Jehan but still tight enough to show off their body. And the boots. Mont can’t help the strangled cough that comes out because damn that’s hot.

What really kills him, though, is the makeup. Jehan in black eye-liner/eye shadow/lipstick. And mascara. Mont thinks he might pass out.

Finally, Jehan just lets out a giggle and explains “I just wanted to see what I’d look like dressed as you” and Mont can’t take it anymore; he marches across the room and pulls Jehan into his arms, purring “You look exquisite but I’d much prefer you out of those clothes right now.”

Jehan decides that if this is going to be his reaction, maybe it’s a good idea to try on Mont’s clothes more often.

i got to the coffee shop at 6:40ish am and it was more or less empty so i was able to snatch the only private niche in the place. there’s two tables so i had enough space to bring out my laptop, my reference books, and my notebook, as well as my coffee and muffin. At around 7:20 a dude walks in and looks genuinely surprised, and then annoyed, to see me sitting there. he then proceeds to take the table next to me, whip out his computer, and huff at it because his screen is way more visible than mine from where he’s sitting. i keep stealing glances and he’s def writing something and it’s just so funny because he’s dressed like the stereotypical pretentious writer you see in movies and i’m here in my tattered ravenclaw jacket, jeans, broken boots, and blueberry muffin crumbs all over my lap. also a writer. i’m willing to bet he’s probably writing true crime fiction or something.

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I’m sad that Lwaxana and​ Ishka were not in more episodes and that they didn’t meet. I bet Lwaxana would be down for helping Ishka pick out a wardrobe in Garak’s shop (All while Garak is either putting on his best retail face or actually enjoying customers who share his flashy style).

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Halloween ask! Since Halloween is close I wanna know who you think is dressing up to the nines? What're they dressed up as? Who's throwing a scary movie party? What movies did everyone bring? Who made themed food? Who's going Trick Or Treating? (my sister did it until she was 30 so there's no such thing as too old) Who's going to a haunted house? Who made a haunted house? Who's handing out candy? Who's at home just eating candy? Who's the big fuckin grump who hates the holiday??

I made this at last minute because life. I tried to fit as much characters as possible, but there are too many…

Anyway, Happy Halloween to all our readers!!!

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Naruto Characters in Halloween Headcanons

Ino makes a party every year. Although not a scary movie party, more of a common Halloween-themed party. It is usually at Shikamaru’s house, who got tired of complaining after the fifth year. She brings lots of sweets and alcohol; and decorates with lots of spider webs and jack-o-lanterns. Choiji usually is the official caterer and brings more food than necessary. Shikamaru doesn’t really help, he just lays around and tells them when something doesn’t look right. Most of Konoha twelve assist to the party. Ino’s costumes are usually sexy but with a dark touch, like a sexy witch. Chouji, this year, got dressed as a monk; while Shikamaru was a vampire, which means normal clothes and a pair of fangs.

Tenten gets super excited and makes complete costumes for all her team. This year, they went to Ino’s party as the three musketeers —Gai-sensei had the fourth costume—. Lee is always all for it, but insists on wearing something green. Neji is always harder to convince, but, after Lee appeared on his house with a speaker, he realized wearing tights was the lesser of two evils. Neji doesn’t appear with his two teammates, though, he spends the first part of the night helping Hinata to hand treats to the children.

Hinata bakes all Halloween morning. She makes lots of cupcakes and cookies decorated with beautiful jack-o-lanterns, black cats, and ghosts. She usually hands them at her friends at Ino’s party. She also loves going out at the evening with Neji and handing sweets to the children. Then, she and her cousin  get together with Kiba and Shino, and the four take all the baked goodies to Shikamaru’s house. She always looks super cute in all her costumes and loves dressing up as cute animals; this year, she went as a black cat, with a little bow and everything. Kiba doesn’t do anything especial before going to the party, and he wears the same dog costume every year. Shino wears the most obscure movie reference he can find: this year he was Cyrano de Bergerac.

Sakura is dressed up as a geisha, and every year goes to help Ino with her party. After everything is ready, she goes for Naruto and together, they drag Sasuke out of his house. Naruto is always scared on Halloween, it is the day of witches, ghosts, and demons, and he is sure they are coming for him. Anyway, he still wears a costume and goes trick and treating all evening; he probably gets punched by Neji after he tried to steal Hinata’s bag of sweets. This year, he is dressed up as a ninja.

One of the hardest things of all the night is getting Sasuke out of his house. He hates Halloween as he hates any celebration; the worst injury is the sweets. He hates them. What is he going to do with sweets? When Sasuke was a child, Itachi took him trick and treating and them, he changed all the sweet things for something Sasuke wanted. But now, it is just a silly, stupid holiday. He wastes most nights doing the same stuff he does all year. At the end, they manage to take him to Ino’s party; don’t wait for him to wear a costume, though.

After Sasuke got tired of treat and treating, Itachi returned to his  B-movie obsession. He reunites with the rest of Akatsuki and they make a marathon of low-budget films. He might wear a pair of cat ears, but never a full costume. Deidara and Sasori, though, fight all the night about who has the best costume, Hidan tries to convince them to make a satanic ritual, and Kakuzu doesn’t appear, too busy stealing sweets from children. At the end, just Itachi, Kisame, Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko pay attention the movies. Konan always makes super cute paper hats that she, Nagato and Yahiko wear. Kisame just paints some gills on his neck.

Kankuro loves Halloween. He thinks about his costume all the year; it always ends up being super elaborated and scary. He also decorates his house with lots of scary puppets; some of them even have mechanical artifices that help them to move. However, he always goes out to scare people, leaving lots of curious trick and treaters with no treats. Gaara and Temari usually stay in his house, handing the enormous bags of sweets and toys to many kids. While waiting for someone to knock at their door, they watch the best horror film they can get: Gaara loves the ones with demons and is eerily stoic in screamer scenes. They might go at Ino’s party after Kankuro comes back from his long expedition in the city.


There’s a reason why every dress Amy wears out on dates/parties is a really bright colour. Amy has a rack of all her colourful dresses at home that she’s organised in a way that it covers the entire colour spectrum. It’s the perfect balance between Organisation and Self-Expression for her.

Thoughts that occur whilst I try to sleep

Where is Miles and Julian’s holosuite program where they play Gimli and Legolas and try to defend Helm’s Deep against the Orcs?

one. she’s a genius // jet two. different // the academic three. heart out // the 1975 four. undercover martyn // two door cinema club five. hopeless opus // imagine dragons six. cough syrup // young the giant seven. new americana // halsey eight. polaroid // imagine dragons nine. sun shy // dresses ten. someone new // hozier eleven. a little opus // little comets twelve. miracle mile // the cold war kids LISTEN

Hot child in the city

Coming to New York City might not have been one of her best ideas ever, the city was rife with no-mag’s and wizards alike and none of them were particularly open to meeting other - more unusual - creatures. But she’d wanted to come, determined to look through the shops in one of the busiest cities in the world to find things for her hoard.

It wasn’t just the fact that she had to stay shifted the entire time that made the trip uncomfortable. it was the way that humans stared, it didn’t seem to matter what religion, race, or magical ability they lay claim too, she turned eyes wherever she went. That could have something to do with the fact that even at her smallest she was still clocking in somewhere over eight feet closer to nine. And the shapeless dress she wore (only because humans were uncomfortable with nudity) did her no favors. 

With her black hair all loose around her face and shoulders she trotted into the shopping section of the city with a gleam in her eyes, on the hunt for something shiny.

At least she would have been, if she hadn’t caught the scent of something different. Not a creature normally found - well, anywhere really. Snuffling she wove her way through the crowds seeking it out.