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Roundup Nine DIY Jewelry, Accessories and Fashion Tutorials PART THREE. Roundup of this past week. October 7th - October 13th, 2012. *For past roundups go here:

  1. Halloween Spiderweb Fascinator from The Paper Fairy here.
  2. Mens Tee to Cut Out Back with Buttons Shirt Tutorial from Cotton & Curls here. 
  3. Five Minute Gold Chain Necklace Tutorial from Thanks, I Made it here. via thanksimadeit
  4. Crackle and Glitter Nail PolishTutorial from Sweeter Lemon here.
  5. Boot Chains with Studded Leather Straps Tutorial from Acid Dreams and Sugar Highs here. via aciddreamsandsugarhighs
  6. Wire Wrapped Recycled Perfume Bottle Pendants Tutorial from My Salvaged Treasures here.
  7. Wire Wrap Ring Tutorials from Jewelry Making Journal here. *Really good fund raising idea - see post for economics of making rings.
  8. Chinese Cord Knotted Bracelet Tutorial from remarkably domestic here. 
  9. DIY Five Zipper Bracelets Tutorials from Brit + Co here.

Roundup Nine DIY Jewelry, Accessories and Fashion Tutorials PART FOUR. Roundup of this past week. August 12th - August 18th, 2012. *For past roundups go here:

  1. DIY Marine Nail Art Tutorial from Small Good Things here.
  2. DIY Metallic Galaxy Tee Shirt Tutorial from By Hand London here.
  3. DIY Roundup of Fifty Tie Dye Projects from I Love to Create here.
  4. DIY Eclipse Necklace Tutorial from Teahab here.
  5. DIY Chains and Stars Earrings with Combs Tutorial from Teahab here.
  6. DIY Hardware Lock Necklaces Tutorial from Taylor & Demolish here. 
  7. DIY Anthropologie Almagest Knockoff Necklace Tutorial from Flamingo Toes here.
  8. DIY Roundup of roundups of The Hunger Games’ Tutorials here including fashion, food, beauty and jewelry.
  9. DIY Anthropologie Luya Bib Knockoff Necklace Tutorial from Flamingo Toes here. 

Roundup Nine DIY Jewelry, Beauty, Accessories and Fashion Tutorials PART ONE. Roundup of this past week. October 7th - October 13th, 2012. *For past roundups go here:

  1. Easy Rock Rings Tutorial from diyearte here.
  2. DIY Skull Bracelet Tutorial from Dream a Little Bigger here. via halloweencrafts
  3. Markus Lupfer Inspired Sequin Bunny Ears Sweater from Honestly…WTF here.
  4. DIY Halloween Black Bat Nail Art Tutorial from Sly & Sam for LuLu’s here. viahalloweencrafts
  5. Braided Chain Skull Necklace from Clones ‘N’ Clowns here.
  6. DIY Skeleton Hands Tutorial and Inspiration here. Top Photo: Skeletor Belt by Delfina Delettrez. Bottom Photos: DIY DSQUARED Rhinestone Skeleton Hand Brooch and DIY by Studs and Pearls.
  7. Anthropoligie Star Bloom Knockoff Hair Clips Tutorial from The Beauty Department here.
  8. Cord and Button Bracelet Tutorial from Crationary here.
  9. Halloween Waterslide Decals Nail Art Tutorial with Free Printable Designs from Small Good Things here. 

Roundup Nine DIY Jewelry, Accessories and Fashion Tutorials PART FIVE. Roundup of this past week in case you missed anything. April 29th - May 5, 2012. *For past roundups go here:

  1. DIY T-Shirt Restyle with Interchangeable Sleeve/Straps (Talk2TheTrees) here. via imbuildingacity 
  2. Roundup of Four Hanging Jewelry Display Tutorials That I Like here.
  3. DIY Six Strand Friendship Bracelet (Oh So Pretty) here.
  4. DIY Knockoff Kate Spade Jezebel Flamingo Tote (inspiration & realisation) here.
  5. Plasti Dip Waterproof and “Dip Dye” Your Sneakers at the Same Time (Pascal Anson) here. *For more another post on Plasti Dip go here.
  6. DIY Recycled Book into a Sketch Book (Cosmo Cricket) here.
  7. DIY Twelve Ways to Wear Your Belt (FaSHionRoLLa) here.
  8. DIY Leather Studded Bracelet (FaSHionRoLLa) here.
  9. DIY Four Strand Braided Leather Headband (Swenson Love) here. 

Roundup Nine DIY Jewelry, Fashion , Accessories and Nail Art Tutorials PART TWO. Roundup of this past week. November 11th - November 17th, 2012. *For past roundups go here:

  1. Hex Nut Bracelet Tutorial from LYSM Design here.
  2. Maje Inspired Leather Trimmed Sweater with a Bow Tutorial from Kittenhood here.
  3. Seven DIY Tutorials from inspiration & realisation here.
  4. Ribbon Studded Sleeve Detail Tutorial from Pop Champagne here.
  5. Studded Cross Nail Art Tutorial from Syl & Sam for LuLu’s here.
  6. Embellished Bead and Flower Foil Clutch Tutorial from Trinkets in Bloom here.
  7. Maison Martin Margiela Inspired Plated Copper Necklace Tutorial from Rock Mosaic here.
  8. Roundup of Men’s Knit Projects from The Purl Bee here.
  9. Studded Bow Leather Bracelet Tutorial from Wobisobi here.