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Can I have a full list of the members of felt? Their names, what pool ball they represent and their abilities? Thank you!

Itchy-One Ball: Ability to slow time down in reference to others (aka super fast)

Doze-Two Ball: Ability to slow time down in reference to himself (aka super slow)

Trace- Three Ball: Ability to see where people have been and can interact with them in the past

Clover-Four Ball: Super Lucky

Fin-Five Ball: Ability to see where people will go and can interact with them in the future 

Die-Six Ball: Has pins for each member of the felt and midnight crew, when he inserts one into his doll he is taken to a timeline where the corresponding character is dead 

Crowbar-Seven Ball: Is incredibly smart, the de facto leader after Scratch, has the Juju Breaker 

Snowman-Eight Ball: Her life is tied to that of the A universe 

Stitch-Nine Ball: Is a damn good tailor 

Sawbuck-Ten Ball: Whenever he is hit he and his assailant are jumped to a random point in time

Matchsticks- Eleven Ball: Can travel through time using fire as a gateway 

Eggs-Twelve Ball: Has an egg timer that allows him to travel up to sixty minutes into the past 

Biscuits-Thirteen Ball: Has an oven that allows him to travel to the future at a rate of one second per second

Quarters-Fourteen Ball: Possesses a collection of quarters bearing the images of pool balls. If a coin is tossed, the Felt member corresponding with the side that faces up will be summoned from some place in space and time. If the member on the other side is present, the two will switch places and times. If a member tosses their own coin and gets his own number, they will die  

Cans-Fifteen Ball: Can punch people through time

Doc Scratch-Cue Ball: Omniscient, semi-Omnipotent, and a Great Host

Lord English-Pool Cue: Omnipotent, Invulnerable, and Already Here

Bowling date

Characters: Jeongguk & You 

Genre: fluff fluff fluff (i was supposed to write something else but watching his vlive distracted me and apparently i haven’t written fluff with him before)

Words: 2422

Summary: Jungkook is trying to be cool but fails (because he’s too cute for his own good) featuring you trying to impress him with you non-existing bowling skills.

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Hey how are you going? I wad wondering how the chocobros and Cor would react to an androgynous female S/O? I ask mostly because I'm very fluid with how I look and often dress masculinely as well as femininely depending on how I feel. It often got to the point that a lot of people thought I was a different person and a lot of guys didn't like it since it made them feel 'gay'. Whixh makes me feel a little sad cause I feel comfortable like this and a lot of them didnt want to date me afterwards...

Hey there! <3 Girl, I feel you… there are days where I love my loose baggy t-shirts and shapeless jeans, and then there are days I like wearing my cute skirts and stockings so this request is right up my alley! Hope short drabbles/headcanon paragraphs are okay! :D

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Noctis: Noctis Lucis Caelum… *sigh* this boy, really doesn’t care at all about how you dress. What he really likes about you is the way you seem comfortable in your own skin. He likes that you look equally as friendly and charming in his stolen clothes as well as your own cute little outfit ensembles. He likes that you own a countless amount of basketball jerseys and large sweaters. He adores the fact that you can wear a leather jacket and pull off the ‘stay the hell away from me’ look, as well as the ‘I am a sexy biker chick’ look depending on how you accessorise. But of course, this guy will not overtly tell you ANY of this. The clues lie in the way he smiles at you, that stupid little lop-sided smile he gives you whenever he sees you. You’re so used to it, you think that he doesn’t stay with you because he’s physically attracted to you, but because he’s got an attraction for the person inside. Now, while you think that’s all sweet and cute and amazingly deep, you can’t help but feel a little insecure about Noctis and his lack of reaction about the way you look and dress. Seriously though, DON’T WORRY! Noctis is really attracted to you- his midnight blue eyes always linger on you a second too long whenever you’re in close proximity to him, and his heart beat… gosh- it goes absolutely INSANE when he sees you walk into a room- because no matter what you wear or how you look, Noctis thinks you’re smoking hot!

Prompto: Prompto thinks it’s really cool that you have a really versatile fashion sense. There will be times that he tries to coordinate outfits with you, but he’s always complaining about how you’re always the ‘cooler looking’ one. Prompto adores going shopping with you because he knows that you’re not going to be caught up in all the ‘girly’ stores. He also loves to take pictures of you and all your super cool outfits. But gosh, when you dress up all fancy, pulling out the heels and the cute skirts and blouses, this boy’s freckles stand out as a stark contrast to his extremely red blush. Admittedly, you often like to dress femininely just to see your adorable boyfriend have mini heart attacks during your dates because he’s absolutely smitten with you. However, gosh, when you pull him close and wrap your arms tenderly around his shoulders while you’re dressed a little more on the masculine side, Prompto’s practically melting from the inside out. You’re seriously one of the coolest people he’s ever met and he can’t believe that you’re willing to be seen with HIM in public- being all lovely-dovey and couple-like out in the open for everyone to see. And that, in itself, is the thing that Prompto loves the most about you- you’re willing to be with him no matter what.

Gladio: Admittedly, Gladio was a little confused when he’d first seen you dress down in your ‘comfortable’ clothes. He’d asked you if you’d forgotten to do your laundry, and that had resulting in a terrible fight, which ended in both tears and guilt. Since that time, Gladio learned not to comment overtly on your rather versatile fashion sense. As a matter of fact, he began to appreciate the different sides of yourself that you tended to showcase with the different ways that you dressed. He’d drag you down to the gym when you were dressed down in casual, baggy sportswear, overtly excited that he had a gym buddy while you would pull and tug on his arm in protest, knowing full well that you would be sore for days after a ‘Gladiolus Amicitia Special’ workout. Honestly, the first time he mentioned that particular workout, you had thought you were in for some sweet lovin’. Damn it, were you wrong about that! On the contrary, whenever you dressed cutely in blouses, denim shorts and flats, Gladio preferred to take you out for walks. When you’d ask him why the two of you weren’t going to the gym like usual, Gladio would just smile down at you and shrug. “You’re not dressed for it babe.” Seriously, Gladio really doesn’t care about what you look like- as long as you can take his odd sense of humour and keep up even a little with his active lifestyle, then you are perfect to him!

Ignis: Ignis finds your versatility interesting. The first time you had met Ignis, you were dressed to the nines in a ball gown and fingerless black lace gloves. He could not take his eyes off you, and that was probably the reason why you and Ignis were together today. Ignis had always liked the way you were able to look both elegant and strong at the same time. He liked the way that you were able to command the attention of everyone in any particular room with a simple movement. Honestly, the man was smitten with you. Ignis absolutely fell in love with the way you were able to command his attention with you every movement, without even having to wear anything provocative. Seriously, you could be wearing a loosely fit male shirt and some baggy jeans, and Ignis would think you were the sexiest woman in the world. Ignis loves you for you and not for what you wear. He likes to see you comfortable and he wants nothing more than to see you happy- and if that versatile, comfortable fashion sense of yours made you look a little more masculine that usual, then that was absolutely fine with Ignis. Again, as long as you were happy, Ignis was happy.

Cor: Let’s be honest here- Cor doesn’t care about how you dress. Cor admires your dedication to yourself and others and is also incredibly impressed with your intelligence. Your laid back approach towards every problem you face makes Cor envious of you- and a little part of him practically screams out at him, asking him why on Eos you chose to be with HIM of all people on the planet. He’s envious of the fact that you seem incredibly comfortably in your own skin, as demonstrated by the versatile manner in which you express yourself creatively with your fashion. Cor can only wish to be as comfortable in his own skin as you are in yours. You usually catch Cor smiling slightly when you answer the door wearing edgy male clothing. Cor smiles because he actually likes the fact that your dress sense can make his job as your boyfriend easier sometimes… Cor usually dreads heading out with you when you dress up for him in skirts, stockings and Mary Jane heels. He doesn’t like the fact that other men start to ogle you when you’re with him. Cor Leonis, surprisingly, gets bitten by the jealousy bug quite often. As such, Cor is usually very smug as he walks around down with his arm casually slung over yours, freely moving through crowds and not paying people much mind when they point and whisper at the two of you for being ‘improper’. Cor usually smirks and presses gently kisses against your cheeks, letting people think what they want to think about himself and your androgynous appearance. As long as other men weren’t ogling you, Cor was fine with anything else society threw both your ways. And similarly, you held the same belief. As long as you were with Cor- you were absolutely fine.

The Ultimate FromSoft Lifeform is Patches wielding the Moonlight Greatsword as he rides Seath the Scaleless. At half HP, he hops into Nine-ball Seraph, which is equipped with the LS-MOONLIGHT and the KARASAWA.

NINE ETHER is the mental power and chemical forces that GREW the Universes. Nine Ether is THE COMBINATION OF ALL EXISTING GASES and CHEMICALS. Nine Ether is the ORIGINAL FORCES OF ORDER…Nine Ether began as a SPONTANEOUS FIRE in Primeval Chaos and grew bodies for itself called TRUE STARS or SUNS, one which is THE SUN of our Solar System…Nine Ether produced the bodies of the Suns and in turn the Suns produced Nine Ether…Nine Ether is BLACK, therefore, the bodies of the Suns are Black (JET BLACK). Nine Ether is our powers in Nature and by Nature.
—  ~The Nine Ball Count I Liberation Information page 23
Han Solo and Sickness

Anonymous said: Could we please get a fic of Han taking care of Leia and baby Grace? Like they both have the flue or a cold? And the only thing both of them want is Han.

Hello anon! Thanks for your ask. This isn’t a fic, exactly, and it’s not all Leia and Grace, but I can’t help what my stupid brain does. So here are some headcanons about Han and sickness. Hope this works for you! It’s forty years long so no hard feelings if you got better things to do today anon

1. He doesn’t get sick, in Corell Home. Other kids do, and bad; they don’t eat enough plants. Han dreams of oranges. Always he knows his own body– what it does, can do, what it needs. When the boys are marched downtown to beg donations that never enrich their diets Han steals from the sidewalk outside the greengrocer’s– black-streaked bananas, stray celery stalks; in winter, woody carrots, tangerines so soft his thumb plunges into pulp. Wilted handfuls of beet greens. His body craves, so his body obeys: Han’s got a way of lowering, seizing bruised apples, rising smooth and quick. Never falling out of rhythm, out of line, never drawing the eye of the supervisor. Cramming his prize in his mouth, swallowing fast as he walks. 

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Loving All of You

For: Rina, @todoyamas

Pairings: KageHina

Rating: G

Summary: 1K words. Fluffy, warm, and tender AF. Kageyama has OCD; Hinata confesses and assures him he’ll always be by his side. Rina, I know how important this HC is to you and I was inspired by the post in which you talked about it. I hope I did your HC justice.

Read on Ao3

It was a windy, cloud-speckled day in early March, only a few weeks until the end of Kageyama and Hinata’s first year in Karasuno High School. To think they had met just a year earlier, grown as close as they had, cried together, struggled valiantly, and triumphed with a team that became like a family. It was quite frankly, unbelievable. With the 3rd years graduating soon and their moving up to 2nd year, everything felt like a blur—aside from one thing. One thing was perfectly clear to both of them.

“I like you romantically,” Hinata blurted, eyes meeting Kageyama’s and fingers grabbing desperately at tufts of grass. They were alone, sitting side by side under a sliver of sun on a grassy area behind the gym.

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hi, I'm sorry for being a bother, but could I have some headcanons for AoKise?

hi again! I’m the one who requested for AoKi headcanons, I think you want specific request, so can I ask for love and relationship headcanons - who fell in love first, how the confession went, first kiss… etc, hope it’s okay and thanks again ;)

Hi dear! Thank you a lot for specifying, you’re really a treasure! I hope you enjoy them and if you think of something else or need to know other headcanons about them, let me know!

Aokise Relationship Headcanons:

-Kise is in love with Aomine from the start. For Kise he’s the person who changed his life. Aomine too, but he didn’t understand it at first; he just categorizes Kise as one of his best friends and the player he desires to play against the most.

-Aomine confesses first in the end, in a very blunt and Aomine-like way. Why? Because Kise is our typical boisterous and cheerful on the outside, but insecure and scared on the inside guy. He’s good at saying things superficially or joking around, being clingy and all…but not with his crush. With his crush, he is helpless. He blushes, he stutters, he is surprised by every little tiny gestures and thinks he’s never enough, he doesn’t see the obvious… So, in the end, when Aomine understands that the boy is head over heels for him, he is just like

“Uhm, Oi Kise. Cut it off and go out with me.” With red cheeks, scratching his nape and averting his eyes. Simple and fast, in the middle of nowhere in a typical, normal day. Maybe immediately after playing with the rest of The GoM, causing a ruckus.

“WHAT?” Kise screams widening his eyes.

Momoi breaks in a cry of joy after years of observing and cheering on the oblivious duo, Murasakibara stops eating, Midorima blushes and freezes, stuttering, and Akashi calls immediately his staff to organize an Engagement Party. Kuroko starts snapping photos at the idiotic duo and Kagami feels the need to cry in exasperation because they were so obvious and complains to get over this quickly because he wants to play again.

-At first Kise can’t believe it and need Aomine to be loud and clear but then, then he’s on cloud nine. He’s a ball of sunshine and hyperactivity for entire days, so much that Aomine would be annoyed by it if he wasn’t so in love with the blonde.

-Kise is always the insecure one about their relationship, but every time Aomine forces him to look into his eyes and pronounce “I love you”, every doubt vanishes. Because Aomine’s eyes are clear and so honest, you cannot not believe in him.

-The first kiss is a result of their mutual efforts. During the first date, Kise tries everything to win a kiss: leaning towards Aomine, licking his lip, eating cherries, hugging…no result. Aomine simply thinks he is hot as usual. In the end Kise has to tug his sleeve and beg under his breath for a kiss, pouting. Aomine, who was already planning to kiss him on the doorstep, blushes and bends to kiss him as he deserves.

-Well, it’s a clumsy kiss. A bit awkward, a bit too passionate and rough like Aomine is. But Kise will never forget it.

-Aomine is a cat. He does things when he wants and when he feels like, don’t caring about the rest. Kise is in the middle of the kitchen, with only an apron, trying to seduce him? If he’s doing something else (ex. watching a match on TV) or he’s not in the mood, he’s not going to even react. Is Kise trying to study quietly at the table but damn, the way he tilts his head…? After five minutes, Aomine has picked him up and closed him in the bedroom. Are he and Kise in front of his mother? He doesn’t care, if Kise is being cute he’s going to kiss the hell out of him on spot.

-First date? Absolutely a basketball date. One on one, just the two of them until their bodies can’t move anymore.

-Aomine always walks Kise home every time.

“Aominecchi, I’m not a girl.”

“I know, I noticed you don’t have boobs. But you’re weak and don’t know how to throw a good punch.”

Truth is, Aomine is always scared guys like Haizaki could appear.

-Even more true, the scary one is actually Kise. He doesn’t fight and he’s not intimidating, but one sly smile of his can freeze the blood in your veins. Girls better keep their hands off.

-Aomine is not worried at all about Kise’s fangirls, he knows the boy loves him, so he takes advantage of it and stares at their boobs.

“Only because I’m in love with you, it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate beauty when I see it.”

But if fanboys or random guys try to make a move on him, Aomine becomes coldly possessive. A casual arm around Kise’ shoulders and a feral glare are the usual tactic.

-Kise is the more active one and always plans funny and different dates for the two of them. Part of his planning is also thinking how to slyly lure Aomine out of their room and his comfort zone.

-Aomine gets mad if Kise calls him “Aominecchi” when they’re in private or during intimate moments. He wants to be called by his own name and he does the same with Kise.

-When they argue, Kise always takes refuge at Kuroko and Kagami’s apartment. He whines and cries until a) Aomine comes to pick him up by force b) Kuroko and Kagami are exasperated and call Aomine to threaten him to apologize and pick up his boyfriend

-Aomine’s nightmare are Momoi and Kise’ shopping afternoons. Every time he swears it’s the last time. Every time he ends up again hitting the shops and holding the bag for more than four hours straight.

-Kise is the perfect house-wife: cleaning, cooking and washing. Aomine is spoiled, no need to say, but at least always helps Kise washing the dishes (because he likes doing it together) and fixes things or opens jars (even if Kise is perfectly able to do it alone)

-Kuroko calls them The Baka Duo, since they have both horrible grades and are incapable to study together; they always end up doing something else. Each other, to be precise.

-Aomine is the big spoon, but unfortunately, Kise moves so much during his sleep that they wake up in absurd positions at morning.

-Aomine is weak to Kise’s sudden bright smile or the way his eyes shine when Aomine surprises him with small gestures. Kise is weak in general to Aomine, especially when he does sexy things without realizing. Like the way he takes off his shirt or flexes his arms while stretching before a match.

-They never, never go easy on each other when playing basketball.

-Kise plans to ask Aomine to marry him after having defeat him for the first time one on one. I spoiler to you that Aomine is going to propose first and when Kise would explain his idea, he’s going to laugh and say that than it’s a good thing he took actions before they were too old.

First Look at ‘Ocean’s 8′

The tide will turn as Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) attempts to pull off the heist of the century at New York City’s star-studded annual Met Gala. Her first stop is to assemble the perfect crew: Lou (Cate Blanchett); Nine Ball (Rihanna); Amita (Mindy Kaling); Constance (Awkwafina); Rose (Helena Bonham Carter); Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway); and Tammy (Sarah Paulson).

Hits theaters on June 8, 2018

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Can you do a scenario where Ushiwaka is dealing with his wife who is at the verge of giving birth with their child? Thanks~

Okay, I got a bit carried away with this one because I love pregnancy fics.I hope it’s similar to what you wanted! I went with a fluffier route than I intended, so I hope you enjoy it! I’m putting it under a read more because it’s a bit longer than I intended!

Your ankles felt like they were the size of beach balls.

Being nine months pregnant was hell, and you were ready to slap every mother who had told you it got better after the morning sickness and cravings. News flash: it definitely did not get any better.

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I’m just going to choose one of my fav books:

Lovely Vicious by Sara Wolf

1. Don’t talk about love.
2. Don’t think about love.
3. Thinking and talking about love leads to Love, which is the enemy…

For 17-year-old Isis Blake, the list has one goal: to ensure she never falls in love again. Ever. As Isis and her mom settle into their new home in Buttcrack-of-Nowhere, Ohio, Isis is rockin’ the purple hair and a beat up old car…and hoping like hell that no one learns that a) she used to be fat; and b) she used to have a heart.

Naturally, Isis opts for social suicide instead…by punching the cold and untouchably handsome “Ice Prince”-a.k.a. Jack Hunter-right in his smug face.

Now the school hallways are an epic battleground as Isis and the Ice Prince engage in a vicious game of social warfare.

But sometimes to know your enemy is to love him…

I am a SUCKER for these types of books (that love-hate relationship burns my dark soul), and I devour them in a day. This will literally be you the whole time IT’S HILARIOUS

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

My favourite things: the banter between Isis and Jack and Isis overcoming her self esteem issues. Isis is sooo funny, and you will just adore her (and maybe sometimes want to clobber her in the head) but whatever. It’s super fun, BUT there is a deeper, more darker tones in the book. I WONT SPOIL IT, but it’s HOT.

Here are my fav quotes:

Isis: “I would love to slap you right now, but I’m currently wielding a nine pound ball and I’m afraid that would be called murder.” 

Isis: “Come! Come sit by me. It’s a nice bench. Nice and lovely on the butt.”
Jack: “You’re drunk.”
Isis: “Yeah, and you’re ugly, but do I complain about it? No! Because I don’t complain about things that I can’t change. That’s called intelligence.” 

Jack: “How did you find me? If you hacked into the Club’s computer to look up my appointments - “
Isis: “Whoa, I think you overestimate me, shitlord. Last time I checked all I did was be in the wrong place at the right time. I saw you and had to - ”
Jack: “Stalk me.”
Isis: “ - delicately approach you. In a sideways manner. From behind. Without being seen at all. For ten minutes.” 

Isis: “I cannot, for the life of me, remember what we were just conversing about! Alas. I will forever remember this time we spent together affectionately and oh god I remember now you pervert!”
Jack: “You were the one who shouted ‘sex’!” He hisses.
Isis: “You were the one who was born, so really I think that’s the root of the problem.” 

Isis’ Mum: “Did you have fun? How many boys did you make out with?” She asks.
Isis: “Seventy. At least.”
Mum: “How many shots did you take?”
Isis: “Fourteen. I let go of the wheel halfway home and Jesus drove me the rest of the way.”

I can seriously go on, Isis is SOOO funny. I really hope you/whoever is reading this reads this book because it’s great and Wolf is a self published author. She only recently got signed because of these amazing books and I just love that.

Coffee and Calligraphy- Part 3- A Night Out

Part 1

Part 2-

Word Count: 1658

Dan rocks back and forth on his feet in the cafe bathroom as the end of his shift creeps up on him. Phil will arrive for coffee and their date in a matter of minutes, and Dan’s freaking out. He examines his outfit, hoping it’s adequate. He can only hope that his trademark black tee, black jeans, and black Vans won’t seem too depressing. He’ll practically blend in with the night. Taking out a comb, Dan attempts, to no avail, to tame the dark chestnut curls on his head. Sighing, he puts the comb away and smiles into the mirror. “You can do this.”

Hearing the bell attached to the door chime and someone enter the coffeehouse, Dan races to the bar to see Phil standing in the doorway. “Hey, Phil!”

“Dan!” Phil is wearing black jeans and sneakers like Dan, and an olive green shirt with butterflies on it. Dan both sees the butterflies and feels them fluttering around in his stomach. “Ready to go?” Phil extends a hand to Dan, which he takes. The butterflies multiply.

Dan giggles as he walks down the street hand in hand with Phil. “You don’t like cheese?” 


“Everyone likes cheese!”

“Not me.” 

“I guess that means we’re not going to a pizza place.”

“You’ll see!” 

Dan’s grateful that Phil’s taking him out to dinner, but it’s not really necessary. It’s kinda date etiquette to buy dinner for your date, but Dan can pay his own way. However, Phil insisted he would buy, along with the one condition that he gets to choose the restaurant. Dan likes to be surprised, but this is too much. They’re like little kids. But Dan’s not complaining.

They arrive in front of a Chuck E. Cheese’s and Dan starts laughing. “I thought you didn’t like cheese?”

“I don’t like plain cheese, but I like pizza and arcade games. Let’s go!” Phil pulls Dan inside, both of them chuckling, and they go sit down at a table, Phil setting down his journal. It wasn’t until then that Dan noticed that he was carrying the journal, but it seemed he didn’t go anywhere without it. Dan looks around, noticing that the arcade is full of little children, and the tables their parents. The parents keep shooting glances at Phil and him, as if to say they don’t belong there. But Dan doesn’t mind. As long as he’s with Phil, he’ll feel like he belongs anywhere. 

“You’re going down, Danny boi!” 

“Oh, Philly… You couldn’t be more wrong.” Dan chuckles, inserting a token into the skeeball machine as Phil does the same. The balls come whirring down into the deposits in front of them, and each boy picks one up. It quickly turns into an all out war, each of them frantically rolling the balls up their alleys and putting all they have into beating the other. They each throw nine balls, then look at their scores. 

“Haha! Suck it, Howell!” 

Dan’s face turns red with soft anger as he realizes Phil beat him. However, he’s not going to pass up an opportunity to mess with Phil. “Gladly.” 


Dan’s satisfied smirk turns to a challenging one. “Bet I’ll kick your ass at the basketball game.” 

“You’re on.”

After Dan obliterates Phil at basketball, their pizza arrives. “I’m starving!” Phil exclaims, picking up a slice and raising it to his mouth.

Dan notices the steam rising from the melted cheese. “Phil, the pizza is really-”

HOT!!!” Phil drowns his mouth in the Ribena he had in the cup beside his plate and glares at the giggling Dan. 

“I tried to warn you!” Rolling his eyes, Phil takes another sip of Ribena and blows on his pizza slice. 

“You can do it, Phil!” Phil has his hands placed on the huge red button that stops the even bigger wheel above them. 

“Pull the lever!” Dan pulls the lever, and the lights around the wheel begin to light up, spinning in circles. Phil focuses on the huge “250 tickets” at the top of the wheel, and presses the button when he sees it illuminated. The wheel stops at the “3 tickets” right beside the 250. 

“Aw!” The two cry out in unison. 

“Here, let me help.” Dan pulls the lever then puts his hands on the red button as well. Phil’s hand moves on top of Dan’s, and the younger boy blushes up at him. Phil’s blushing as well, but not as noticeably as Dan. 


Dan puts on a determined face and stares up at the “250 tickets” block they’re aiming for, attempting to ignore Phil’s delicate hand residing on top of his on the button and focus on the challenge at hand. “Ready.” 



Three!” The two cry out the number and press the button together, and they’re immediately surrounded by the whirs and whizzes of the machine spitting out tickets. 

“Woohoo!” Dan pulls Phil in for a hug, the two embracing for a few seconds before realizing what they’re doing. Dan backs out of the hug he initiated, blushing intensely and staring at the ground awkwardly. His head is pulled back upwards when Phil leans in and presses his lips to Dan’s. The younger boy is, at first, surprised, but then he leans into the kiss and returns it. Sparks go off in his body as he wraps his hands around Phil’s neck. Dan’s long-lived fantasy was materializing in front of him into a beautiful reality.

The two don’t separate until an angry parent yells, “PDA!” and they look up to find many three-foot tall children staring up at them in awe. They chuckle, tearing their tickets from the machine and heading for the ticket cruncher. 

“What do you want?” 

The two contemplate what to get at the ticket counter. Their jackpot and all the loose tickets they picked up playing other games add up to 375 tickets. Phil notices Dan eyeing a little teddy bear. “What do you want, Dan?”

“You know, I used to be called bear as a kid…” Dan grins at Phil.

Phil returns a genuine smile and turns to the lady at the counter. “One teddy bear for my bear.” Phil laces his hand in Dan’s, and his face turns redder than the heart on the stomach of the bear the lady hands him.

“You’re such a dork.” Dan rolls his eyes at his boyfriend.

The lady hands Phil the bag of cotton candy he asked for while Dan was tuned out. “Maybe, but I’m a dork with cotton candy.” 

After Phil makes a pit stop to wash off his sticky, pink hands, the two head to the movie theater. “What do you want to see?” Phil turns to Dan, who is unsure of what to answer. 

Looking up at the list of movie choices, Dan found only one that seemed relatively interesting. “They’re showing The Fault in Our Stars today. Everyone really loved that movie when it came out, but I never saw it. We could see that?” Phil’s facial expression immediately changes as he goes red and stares at the ground. “Oh, have you already seen it?” 

“Oh, no, it’s just… Never mind, let’s just get the tickets.” Dan’s concerned, but he decides to put this concern aside and just attempt to enjoy the night with Phil. Maybe he’ll address it with him later. But tonight is about fun. It is their first date, after all. 

Dan smiles during the scene when Augustus and Hazel are out to dinner. When he confesses his love to her, Dan reaches for popcorn at the same time as Phil, and they link hands. “I love you, Dan,” Phil whispers.

“I love you too,” Dan whispers back as Phil plants a kiss on his cheek. Dan goes red and smiles at the two in love on the screen in front of him, suddenly relating. 

The boy has cancer. Dan doesn’t like that turn of events. He somehow managed to keep himself free of spoilers for two years, but now that he’s watching the movie, he wishes he had some warning, as this is getting really sad. He watches as Augustus’s health deteriorates, and notices that Phil’s emotional barrier is cracking as well. As Augustus dies, so does Phil’s spirit. Dan’s never seen someone get so upset over a simple fictional movie… 

Great. Now Dan’s crying too. Phil’s been crying for ten minutes, but when Augustus dies, Dan collapses as well. He regrets picking the movie, but he regrets not bringing tissues much more. By the end of the movie, the two are crying on each other’s shoulders. They’re both emotional wrecks. 

“Now I see why you didn’t want to see that,” Dan says as they walk out of the theater, squinting in the light and attempting to dry the tears from their eyes. 

Phil chuckles awkwardly. “…Yeah…” 

“Are you alright, Phil?” Dan’s concern overwhelms him and he decides to finally ask Phil why he’s been acting so strange. 

“I’m as good as I always am. Don’t worry about me.” Phil smiles at Dan, taking his hand. 

Dan knows this isn’t an adequate answer, but he also knows Phil doesn’t want to discuss it right now. “If there’s anything you want to talk about, I’m here. You know that?”

Phil smiles. “I know, Dan. I hope you always will be.” 

After a long walk, they finally reach Dan’s apartment. “So, um… Do you want to come over to my place tomorrow?” Dan opens his mouth to reply, but Phil interjects. “I’m sure you don’t… I know, I move way too fast. Time’s weird.” 

“Phil, calm down! I’d love to come over tomorrow.”

Dan watches as Phil’s face lights up. “Really! Great! I’ll pick you up at 5.”

The younger boy smiles at the gleeful, innocent Phil. “See you tomorrow.” 

“See you tomorrow.” Phil leans in and kisses Dan softly on the lips. It’s a short kiss, but Dan happily kisses back before turning on his heels to walk into his apartment. 

Flopping onto his bed, Dan lets out a deep sigh. What a night out.