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Signs As Band Members (I GIVE UP ON PARTS)
  • Aries: Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Taurus: Graham Coxon
  • Gemini: Slash
  • Cancer: Thom Yorke
  • Leo: Kurt Cobain
  • Virgo: Damon Albarn
  • Libra: Axl Rose
  • Scorpio: Noel Gallagher
  • Sagittarius: Trent Reznor
  • Capricorn: Rivers Cuomo
  • Aquarius: Liam Gallagher
  • Pisces: Chris Cornell
Flirting Headcanons

Send an ask if you want characters that are not currently listed here and I’ll add them on!

For now I’ll just add some popular characters and my personal favorites.

The Anarchs

Nines Rodriguez

- A lot of people seem to think he is smooth, but I actually do not agree. He is, by no means, terrible at flirting, but he is not about to sweep the populous off their feet. This is mostly due to a lack of experience. Nines is a very busy man, so he usually does not pursue anything.

- If he is familiar with the person he is flirting with, he is a lot more relaxed and will usually flirt in the form of jokes to try and make his crush laugh. If that doesn’t work and he really likes the person, he might just become very blunt and tell them about his feelings.

-If he is unfamiliar with them, he’ll talk to them more. If it turns out they weren’t quite what he was expecting, he’ll let them go. Otherwise, it follows a similar pattern as above.

Smiling Jack

- Jack will happily flirt back with anyone brave enough to try, but he won’t think much of it or think they are even remotely serious.

- If they are serious, he is honestly shocked and would ask them if they even know what they are getting into. If the continue, he just rolls with it. So long as they don’t mind him and how he works, he’s cool with them too.

Jeanette Voerman

- She’ll flirt all day, but honestly it is just for the purpose of screwing with someone or to screw someone. If that is what they are after, great! Otherwise, they’ll have to tell her directly.

-If someone tells her they are being serious, she shuts down and will probably avoid them for a little while since she doesn’t know what to do with that. What do you mean someone wants to talk to her and be with her for her? That sounds really fake.

-If given enough time and if they stick around, Jeanette might come around to give it a shot. Her flirting isn’t near as good, but it is at least honest. Be patient with her or else she will run off.

Isaac Abrams

-Well, at the very least it will put a smile on his face. He won’t think they are being that serious when they start flirting with him, and besides, he’s been around actors pretty much the entirety of his unlife, so it doesn’t mean much to him.

- If they are persistent, he will ask if they’re playing with him or if they really mean what they say. If they confirm it, he laughs a little before thanking them. Makes him feel good for a little while.

- Isaac is a bit more on the old fashioned side. His flirting is a lot more like courting, just a bit more tailored for Kindred. He would still like to get them nice gifts, blood packs, and so on.


Sebastian LaCroix

-By flirting you mean lots of gifts right? Because that is what you get with LaCroix. Anything that person wants is now theirs. He thinks that will get his message across.

-If that doesn’t work, he will begrudgingly try to tell them how he feels, but man is it awkward with him. Hopefully the person he is talking to will get the idea. 

-If he is interested in someone and they flirt with him, boy is he a mess. Otherwise, he is very unimpressed and will likely have the Sheriff see them out personally if they do not stop.

Therese Voerman

-She will definitely ask the person flirting with her if that is meant to impress her, because it is not working. She is very cold at first, so even if she does like the person, do not expect her to be very open to the idea of flirting.

-If she really likes the person, she might start flirting with them, but it is… not very good. They’re blunt compliments on their appearance or abilities most of the time. If the person she is flirting with catches on, she might clam up, but she won’t stop them if they start flirting back.

-Once she is very comfortable with them, her flirts are mostly playful jabs. She does not actually mean anything by them. It is just who she is. If her partner is hurt by it, she’ll stop.

Maximillian Strauss

 - Considering how he reacted to VV blowing him a kiss in the opening scene… I can’t imagine Strauss is particularly interested in romantic advances from another kindred…

 - However, surprisingly, he does get easily flustered, and often awkwardly straightens himself out and loosens his collar if someone gets particularly flirtatious with him.

Bertram Tung

 - Bertram’s totally game for a bit of harmless flirting every so often! Just so long as it doesn’t progress too far as to endanger his position within his clan or in the eyes of the Camarilla, since he’d rather lie low and avoid attracting too much attention to himself.

 - Especially since Imalia has a habit of prying into his business and asking about “that pretty little bitch” he was flirting with.

 - He’s not really one for giving compliments in person, but he will drop the odd message by text or email to someone he’s got his eye on. Expect some weird pet names too.



-BOY HE CAN BE OBLIVIOUS. For someone who is well known for his observations into the lives of others and the meaning behind Kindred existence, he is pretty slow when it comes to realizing that someone is flirting instead of being playful.

-He doesn’t mind flirting, in fact he appreciates it once he gets over the initial shock! Just don’t expect him to jump right in immediately if he is not that familiar with them.

-If he is, however, Beckett is good when it comes to talking. Flirting is no exception.

Velvet Velour

-Okay it is actually really tough to tell when VV is flirting with someone and she means it. She is a very flirty person in the first place, so it is easy to mistake it for VV being, well, herself. It wouldn’t surprise me if this leaves both parties very frustrated with the situation.

-If the person she is hitting on does not get the message, she reaches out and grabs their hand and pulls them closer so only they can hear what she says. “I mean it.” She’ll whisper, looking up at them with a soft look on her face. “I am serious about this.”

-Chances are the person she is flirting with won’t know what to do initially since VV is actually trying to win them over. If they want her to stop, she’ll be incredibly upset, but she will respect their wishes. She might become a bit cold to them though. If they start to hit back, she acts as if she is alive again. She is guilty of getting really giggly when people she likes flirt with her. 

Ash Rivers

- At first, he just stares at them. He’s an actor! He’s heard it all, and it all just sounds so… empty to him. Do not expect him to appreciate it or flirt back, especially post-Society of Leopold.

- Once he realizes that they are being serious, he gets very confused. He thought Kindred were not capable of affection or love. It was one of the main reasons why he became frustrated about his condition.

- He might warm up to the idea if given enough time to think about how he feels about them. If he can love again, he’ll take the chance.

The Signs as Charlie Puth Songs (Nine Track Mind)
  • **Check your Venus sign too!**
  • Aries: My Gospel // There's nothing that I won't do just to make you love me
  • Taurus: Then There's You // There's beautiful and then there's you
  • Gemini: Losing My Mind // I'm sorry that I'm not there to give you what you want, I'll think about us some other time
  • Cancer: As You Are // I could never judge you, I would take you as you are
  • Leo: Suffer // Don't keep me waiting, you should come over
  • Virgo: River // Nothing is as cold as running on your own
  • Libra: One Call Away // Call me baby if you need a friend, I just wanna give you love
  • Scorpio: Up All Night // Cause there ain't nobody else that could light me up so bright and break this crazy spell
  • Sagittarius: Dangerously // I loved you dangerously, more than the air that I breathe
  • Capricorn: Some Type Of Love // When the world's on fire we won't even move, there is no reason if I'm here with you
  • Aquarius: Does it Feel // Tell me lies, like how you're better off without me
  • Pisces: We Don't Talk Anymore // Should've known your love was a game, now I can't get you out of my brain

On an overcast late-spring afternoon, a group of bird lovers from the Earth Conservation Corps are in a boat on Washington, D.C.’s Anacostia River, and point out an osprey circling overhead. “This is like their summer vacation spot and where they have their young,” says Bob Nixon, in the boat. “Then they spend most of their lives in the Amazon.”

It wasn’t so long ago that the ospreys – and other large birds of prey known as raptors – avoided this place. The Anacostia, often called Washington’s forgotten river, was too polluted to support wildlife. Nearly nine miles long, the river flows from Maryland into the Potomac, but became infamous in the second half of the 20th century as one of the most neglected, trash-choked waterways in the United States – a blighted river amid blighted neighborhoods.

But in recent years, the Anacostia has seen a rebirth. Thanks to the efforts of the Earth Conservation Corps — which Nixon, a filmmaker and conservationist, started 25 years ago — there are now four osprey nests on the river’s Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge. “We’ve turned this into a raptor hotel,” says Nixon.

In 1994, two years into the Earth Conservation Corps’ work, Washington was in the midst of a crack epidemic, with a murder rate topping 400 a year. At that low point in the city’s recent history, Nixon had the idea to bring the bald eagle back to the nation’s capital. It had disappeared decades earlier.

Between 1994 and 1998, members of the corps raised and released 16 bald eagles. Anthony Satterthwaite and Burrell Duncan fed the very first eaglets – hatched in Wisconsin and delivered to Washington to start the reintroduction program – by hiding in the woods and sending fish via a clothesline pulley system into the boxes where the baby birds were kept high up in a poplar tree. They couldn’t let the young birds see them, for fear that they’d imprint on humans.

When the birds were old enough, the boxes were opened.

“To see these birds fly away from this box they were in for three months – just joy, man,” says Satterthwaite. “Just joy.”

They named the eagles in memory of their fallen friends — Monique Johnson and the other corps members they’d lost over the years.

“We wasn’t supposed to live to see the age of 21,” says Satterthwaite. “We was just as endangered as this majestic bird. So it became very powerful and we connected the two, and that’s why we started our raptor education program with Rodney Stotts.”

This year, there are three eagle’s nests in Washington. A naming contest was held for one of the eaglets, which hatched March 15 in southwest Washington. The winning name: Spirit. Its parents are Liberty and Justice.

“We no longer have to name them after dead colleagues,” says Nixon.

In Washington, D.C., A Program In Which Birds And People Lift Each Other Up

Photos: Claire Harbage/NPR

Thoughts On Regeneration

I had some time to think about Doctor Who today. As I was crying over just how much Ten lost during his time, I started thinking of how the age and personality variations in the regeneration process work.

Nine became Ten out of wanting to keep Rose safe. Ten was made to be easy to love, especially for Rose. (if you don’t believe this, I invite you to rewatch seasons 2-4 again). But to also be ruthless if he needed to be. Ten became Eleven, a much younger, far more youthful man. I think that this is because after all the heartbreak and loss he went through, he needed a mind who could start fresh. A face and personality that could easily make friends. It’s the opposite when Eleven becomes Twelve. At this time, he knows that Gallifrey is still out there, so he needs a personality that is going to get shit done and take shit from no one. One who could work alone productively if needed.

My theory is that appearance and personality after regeneration is based on what The Doctor subconsciously needs. Any thoughts?