You wait a moment, Doctor. Let’s get it right. I’ve got a few things to say to you.

(death twdear cloud’s nine, very close friend to jonghyun and regular on blue night radio, competed on king of masked singer this last week. after being eliminated from the show during today’s broadcast she spoke of jonghyun during her talk after unveiling her identity.

nine: last year a friend that i really love left this world. after it, i could feel how life is meaningless and a bit, how to say …, i still can’t come back to my usual normal life. however, i get the feeling that i become alive as much as i sing and as much as i stand on stage. more than ever, i was desperate for this stage. i was really happy that, by coming on king of masked singer, i could let you listen to my music with only my voice. just like a habit, my friend asked me to sing his songs whenever. but, because i haven’t found the courage to do so, i couldn’t do it. but when the day comes where i’ll be able to sing my friend’s songs i believe that that’s the day that i’ll truly be able to send him off.

guest: you said that the last stage has a different meaning to you. thinking about the “i’m coming with you” lyrics, thinking of the friend who went to heaven first. your heart must hurt more thinking of how you want to be together with them. [caption: “i’m coming with you, i’m going with you, clinging tightly.”] probably that friend, too, when nine musters up the courage, he will see her singing image too. you’re a person who sings well, a singer who sings from her heart. you were great. (source: fantaemsie / z0eyyy)