@blunderpuff and @icebluecyanide

oops! digda is a ground Pokemon that just looks like a bump of earth? its evolution are 1) two bumps of earth and 2) 3 bumps of earth. it’s p useless but I figured it’s name was the same in English because ‘dig’. apparently not.

more importantly: lots of people are protesting places of grief being pokestops already, thankfully, and ninatic seems to be responding slowly.
you can even play Pokemon Go in Auschwitz-Birkenau which. don’t????

so yeah it’s just one of many bugs in the game that they’re gonna work out soon, hopefully. It’d probably be the easiest if they just enabled some sort of ‘report this pokestop’ feature so if it’s inappropriate or dangerous or on private property or anything like that you can flag it and ninantic-moderators will approve/disapprove of it.

PS: what’s ingress?? another game like this?