Hey o/, i reached 500+ followers this week so i wanted to do an art raffle to thank you guys for the support (*´▽`*)

There will be 4 winners: first place will get a drawing in style A, the second place one in style B, the third one in style C and the last one a small pixel like the one in the image o/. All of them full body unless you want it not to.

Rules: ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

-Must be following

-Likes and reblogs count

-No sideblogs

-The raffle will finish at August 31th 7:00pm (Chile time)

-If you win and don’t answer within 2 days then i will have to change the winner, so be sure to be active within August 31 and September 2

Good luck everyone~~✨✨✨✨


Annie’s parents in their hero suits!: Aron White and Yui Hanazawa (Ms. White www), Seraphim and Chronos

Aron is 41, Yui 42. They are both founders of the Lume Support Company a support Company that apart from designing support objects and hero suits have a base for training to help heroes improve their skills o/. They both were part of the hero course in their days in U.A but decided to focus in another way to help people and heroes, they still do patrols and help people.


I was trying another painting style and decided to doodle my bbys and some of my fave designs by now ( i have a lot more www):

Here’s the oc’s names in order:

Souta and Annie- Mine

Katashi- @kkumri

Nanami- @minoux

Haze- @minibuddy

Nuno- @soranker

Namachi- @pormhub

hope it was ok to borrow your children for practice orz //flies away

BTW there’s captions with Souta’s and Annie’s opinions, click to have a Little of fun


ayyy i already posted him in twitter but here’s my BNHA oc Souta o/, may post about him later and fix some info. He’s a cool boy from 2-A who can control ink, he dye his hair almost every week so basically you can draw the tip of his hair with any color www.

some fast doodles of Souta because i wanted to show the tattoos on his arms orz. lol These appeared a time later after his quirk first showed (like 1 year after so like when he was like 5), he can control them and take the ink out of his arms to attack (it hurt af www) but he can’t completely get rid of them so they always come back ( he doesn’lol t try anymore to get rid of them so after using them he just return them to his arms lol)

redesigned Souta’s Hero costume to fit a bit more his quirk (because the last one wasn’t that practical for his quirk after i thought about it lol)

Also hey o/; I’m Accepting Asks for my BNHA Ocs, they will answer any of your questions so if you want to know something of them or what they think about your oc send an ask o/