So, guys, I did the thing; I built up enough courage to cosplay the Pepsi Max guy for my op with RSJ. It’s seriously one of my prouder moments in life. XD

For those of you I saw around the con, who asked if Richard had seen me yet, this photo is my proof. He told me he absolutely loved it and gave me a hug. It is also notable to mention that he was rather enthusiastic to put on the mustache.

Mission accomplished!

There’s a story behind this op, more or less…

I was totally cool while waiting in line, and even when we got up there, and my girlfriend was speedily explaining what we wanted to do for the op, I wasn’t even nervous. Then, while I was positioning the mustache, Misha and I made eye contact, shortly after which I looked at the camera, and my not-expression became forever preserved. The amusing part? Right after the photo was taken, my girlfriend was out of there (apparently a handler had been giving her a dirty look), but I lingered just long enough to make eye contact with Misha a second time. He looked at me as if expecting a hug, but, instead, I just leaned in, patted his shoulder, and then left. I mean, who does that?!