Modern Dregs AU #6

The Dregs on a roadtrip

  • Matty drives because otherwise he’s a nervous wreck
  • even though it’s Wylan’s mom’s minivan (sensing a theme here?)
  • Nina takes the passenger seat (ofc) and keeps tons of food in the glove compartment
  • and the variety is endless
  • Doritos? Check. Cheese sticks? You bet. Marshmallows? They’re hers, don’t fucking touch them
  • Inej sits in the middle of the three seats behind the driver’s, helping Matthias navigate his course
  • Kaz and Kuwei are on either side of her
  • Jesper and Wylan take the far back seats
  • sometimes they try to make out
  • and Nina sees them in the rearview mirror
  • “hey, BEHAVE, you two” “like you and Matthias haven’t done anything scandalous” “it’s your MOM’S CAR”
  • Kuwei makes a gagging sound just to fuck with them even more
  • Nina’s in charge of the music
  • once they let Jesper in the passenger seat with Wylan driving and he ended up playing shit like “Cotton-Eyed Joe”
  • Kaz threatened to strangle him with his own seat belt
  • “turn that shit off or i’m turning off your windpipe”
  • that song is secretly Matty’s jam though shhhhh
  • on swerving roads, Kuwei gets motion sickness like nobody’s business so he’s practically hooked up to an IV of Canada Dry ginger ale
  • he also REALLY HATES going downhill
  • Inej holds his hand to calm him down and Kaz kinda gets jealous
  • luckily he’s never actually thrown up
  • when they stop for gas, Nina and Jesper raid the candy aisles
  • they get Jolly Ranchers specifically for Wylan (his favorite are the blue raspberry)
  • Kaz is the only one who’ll eat the grape ones
  • with his tongue all purple, Matthias is pretty sure he’s a fucking demon (because WHAT ELSE EATS THE GRAPE ONES???)
  • meanwhile, Kuwei clears the shelves of ginger ale
  • “you won’t need that much, we have only an hour left” “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE RIDE BACK HOME?”
  • Jesper gets sunflower seeds for him, Inej, and Matty to share
  • the cracking of the shells drives Nina up the wall
  • Inej is very subtle about it (she softens it up by sucking all the salt off first)
  • she also sings along to the music with Nina
  • and fucking GOES OFF with Bohemian Rhapsody
  • it’s the only song that’ll get Kaz going too
  • “i’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me” “HE’S JUST A POOR BOY, FROM A POOR FAMILY” “I AM THE MONSTROSITY”
  • Jesper is the one who shrieks “GALILEO” and Matty does the baritone “galileo
  • Inej sings the rest horribly off-key but they all love her for it anyway
  • towards the end of the trip, Nina likes to roll down the window and don her sunglasses with the rose-colored lenses
  • the wind rippling through her hair catches Matthias’ attention
  • it’s the only thing that distracts him while on the freeway and once he didn’t notice a big rig trying to change into his lane
  • “MATTHIAS, WE TRUSTED YOU” “if it was anyone else driving, we’d be dead, so chill the fuck out”
  • by the time the trip is over, Wylan’s tongue is blue
  • Inej has lost her voice from singing
  • Kaz’s hair is a fucking mess (he got Nina’s second-hand wind from her open window) 
  • Matthias’ hands look like claws (grips the wheel too tightly) and Nina helps massage out the tension
  • “i knew you were crabby, but this is a whole new level” “love you too, red bird”
  • and Kuwei has like a dozen bottles of Canada Dry still in the backseat
  • for the record, he finishes them on the ride back home

Cerys is giving me suggestions for what to name my puppy and she’s like “Nina” (after Nina Zenik) but then she goes


wait no

not nina


soy luna youtube au
  • because let’s face it this had to be done
  • so jazmín would still have fab & chic
  • delfi starts out always appearing on the channel as well but she kinda does her own thing later
  • pedro the smol cinnamon roll has a life advice channel and boi he’s good at it
  • everyone just loves him
  • he’s so nice and easy to watch
  • he never leaves you feeling discouraged
  • you just wanna get off your ass and change the world after you watch him
  • (at one point he tries a cooking channel but it takes exactly one video attempt and a burnt kitchen for him to give up)
  • nina has this book and study channel
  • and she absolutely loves it
  • it’s more on the nerdy side
  • ámbar has a vlog channel where she just posts about her life
  • it’s like watching a more glamorous version of yourself honestly
  • yam has a fashion channel and everyone just absolutely adores her
  • (and also jim and yam collab v often and the fandom goes crazy every time it happens)
  • jim has a mix of pretty much everything but mostly it’s about dancing and singing
  • (and also domestic videos of her and yam but shhh)
  • gastón’s channel would mainly be about dressing well and books
  • it’s hard to believe but it’s a combo that works
  • luna is just a smol bean trying to find her way through life (aka she’s a mess)
  • honestly most of her videos don’t even have a structure
  • she just babbles about everything that comes to her mind
  • it’s so nice and relaxing tho
  • and you always feel like seeing and old friend again
  • because she’s so open and nice
  • sometimes she uploads random vlogs
  • or skating videos when she’s feeling like it
  • matteo would have a looooot of travel vlogs and skating videos and just generally have the cool boy vibe
  • you either love him or you hate him
  • there’s no in between
  • it just doesn’t exist
  • you either get his sense of humor and love him
  • or you don’t and despise him
  • but still most people love him
  • because come on this is the internet
  • most of us are sarcastic little shits

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people saying cheerios was mocking nina and i’m like ???

like it’s an interesting interpretation but i think that whole scene just showcased “i care about people but i really don’t know how to socially interact”

like he goes to Jeanne and instead of killing her or using her as a bargain chip (like he did with the demons) he’s like “well Jeanne lots of people are gonna die are u sure i can’t threaten u into pledging your loyalty so we’d avoid this?? look how pointy my sword is~”

then he sees nina and he’s like //invading your personal bubble plz notice me nina

and then he asks her how she is (in a really backhanded way?)

and then he’s like //cough by the way iT’S MEEEE /o/ and i do wanna dance but like at this very moment i’m throwing our potential relationship off of this bridge and into the abyss but it was nice fantasizing about it

also i thought nina’s awesome fighting scene balanced out nicely with the time she avoided fighting the guys harrassing her, after which cheerios asks her why she didn’t fight back 

ahhhhh i want more of themmmm ;;_;;

sherlockshuck  asked:

A) OMG Percival and Gwaine B) Please do a Helnik/Zelvar domestic AU with kids

a) not in that fandom, sorry b) here you go ♥ it’s long ofc. i shamelessly love prompts about the future that i can get sappy and cheesy with??? so thanks for this!

  • this is some time way into the future
  • like i said with kanej, a minimum of ten years after ck
  • and nina makes sure they’re definitely on the same page about how they would raise their kids first, particularly if they have a girl because…matthias was raised ignorant let’s be real
  • they’d have the nicest house
  • a towering three story made of scalloped shingle sidings and patterned stone. it’s embellished with those classic finishings like gabled roof, conical tower, broad porch, ornamental spindles, white trim.
  • no one else in the area has a house like this, they had it custom built, inspired by something they saw in passing once
  • matthias has his concerns when he sees the finished product, “it…looks like a cake?? please tell me the whole point wasn’t so it looks like a cake!”
  • inside there’s a lot of white and sleek lines and small pops of color in the accents
  • but basically they regret all the white because not only do they have a dog, they end up having twins
  • and once they’re toddlers, little grubby hand and paw prints are all over the white marble day in and day out
  • matthias runs around the house after them with cleaning products, wiping down everything they touch
  • they laugh at him
  • he thinks they roll around the dirt on purpose just to track it in the house and watch him in a cleaning frenzy
  • nina flops on the couch mid morning, “how are they this energetic? the day just started! i blame you for this.”
  • “me? what did i do?”
  • “no children of mine would ever be morning people. it must be in your genes.”
  • “i don’t think that’s how genes work.”

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Good mooooooorning

Or good evening, or good afternoon, or dusk, or whatever:

We promised we’d be back!! Sorry for the wait. You can blame yours truly, who has been busy with graduating college (WOOOOH), moving to another city, and starting a new job. Multiple updates per day for 6ish months was hard work, so we’re gonna be working at a slightly slower pace now because, uh, life, but we’ll still be posting a few times daily! Still got a lot of great ideas we want to make and share.

Barring the possibility of any sudden complications that might possibly arise over the next 12 hours, we’re planning to start posting again tomorrow, Monday Sept 7, just in time for the last fall terms to begin. Speaking of: if you’re a student, I hope you had a lovely summer break, and if you’re not, then I hope you had a tolerable summer in your weekly office grind. Hopefully more Dragon Age nonsense on your dash will make September a little better than July or August.

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It’s been a wild summer, so Megan can’t take all the blame for taking this much-needed hiatus. I’m glad to be back though! We have a bit of a backlog on submissions, but we’ll work through them over the next few weeks. Hit up our inbox if you want to submit your own too!

— Jay

I can’t believe Cassandra is straight. I am genuinely dumbstruck at how Gaider managed to write two straight lesbians. Two of them. Furthermore, Alistair shouldn’t have been able to reproduce. If we assume elves and humans are separate species, then Alistair is a hybrid, and would, in all likelihood, be sterile. Like a mule. Along the same lines, how the fuck did Fiona manage to give birth to him? How is any elf able to give birth to human babies? This isn’t a “big head” joke at Alistair’s expense, although I’m sure Alistair had a whopping skull. Human infants have enormous heads and their parents have tiny pelvises to deliver them through. Evolution did its best to compensate, but because it had to accommodate our bipedalism, there wasn’t a lot it could do. That’s why human birth is so ridiculously dangerous. So tell me, tell me, how is an elf shaped like a toothpick supposed to carry a human child? It doesn’t make sense. The only viable way any human/elf offspring could exist would be with a human as the carrier. I need answers. Please give me answers.

— Nina

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