Round and round |

There had been little hints, of course. The way she’d slowly started to become a little different from the girl she used to be, the way she started to feel less like herself. The mounting paranoia… but everything had been chalked up to being tormented by -A and losing her best friends. Losing. Right. Well, Sophie was alive and well and she’d seen her! Imogen didn’t know what kind of game people were playing here but this was just sick. Pretending Sophie was dead when Imogen had been seeing her around the past couple weeks… there’d been a body for God sake! She’d grieved! And all this time… what? They were all playing a joke on her? She didn’t understand because Sophie had to have pretended to be dead but she knew her parents had been devastated.. they wouldn’t be in on it, right? This was gross and she had no idea how anyone could do such a thing. She was furious and had no way to tell who had been in on it or not… but something had her believing that everyone she was close to knew. Was against her. Playing this trick on her. It wasn’t logical but that didn’t register with her at all. She knew what she’d seen.

Imogen hadn’t been out of her bedroom for over three days. Hadn’t turned on her phone. Hadn’t spoken to anyone. She hadn’t been to work or college. Imogen wasn’t even thinking about these things anymore. Today, however, she needed cigarettes since she’d smoked all the ones she’d stolen from her dad. Her room probably smelled awfully of smoke but she didn’t notice. She knocked an empty vodka bottle off the bedside table as she moved towards her cupboard, pulling out clothes and throwing on whatever she found first. She peeked round her door so she could avoid Andie and Eric, tugging on a hat as she hurried out and made her way down the street towards town.