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So SCrs have a post comparing 3x07 with 8x10 and saying that Elena made everything about her, about Stefan feeling anything or he'd lose her, but Caroline makes it about him regardless of their relationship... I know you didn't watch the episode, but what do you think?

I watched that scene and here is where context comes into play.

In 3x01 we learn that Elena has been searching for Stefan all summer, like literally for two or three months basically all she’s been doing is chasing leads.

and she’s been fighting everyone about searching for him:

and in 3x02 she faces werewolves for him:

In 3x03 she hid in a murder closet while Klaus the Original Vampire who thinks she’s dead, is right outside so she can see Stefan and bring him home:

and then Stefan breaks up with her after all of that:

and then in 3x05 she is hit by Klaus:

she watches Stefan tear apart her classmates:

and she’s still there like:

telling him to fight and he just needs to want it bad enough and he’s compelled to bite her which puts her in the hospital:

but in 3x06 she’s right there like:

and then 3x07 comes around and before that moment that the SCers are comparing to 8x10, Elena spends the day learning from Lexi on how to get through to Stefan, it’s about her methods and the things you have to do to get him to feel again:

She watches him suffer, listens to him talk about how he wished her never met her and she just has to take it , like it’s exhausting being there and going through that while at the same time her brother is cheating on her best friend with a ghost, Klaus is trying to make hybrids, like the world is coming apart at the seams and she’s needed elsewhere so she goes where she’s needed and Stefan asks her if she’s giving up, the one person who has been his cheerleader, who has been relentless in getting him back, who has been there no matter how hard he’s tried to push her away:

and she says:

Like no, I’m still here, I’m still your cheerleader, I’m still stubborn and she also says:

which is fair because she’s done everything, she’s risked her life for him, she brought his dead best friend to help her get through to him, tortured him, pleaded with him, but he needs to want it too, which is a line very much about him as is this:

and this line:

is an appeal to his humanity which makes absolute sense because it has been established and re-established that his humanity is directly linked to Elena.

In 3x01, she’s the one he calls, not Damon, not Caroline, it’s Elena:

In 3x05 he freaks out when Klaus hits her:

he told her she was what kept him from giving up:

Klaus marvels at the love he has for her:

and he fights compulsion for her:

So why wouldn’t Elena appeal to his humanity by threatening to give up on him? After everything she’s done for him why wouldn’t she realize that she’s spent so much of her time and been consumed with getting him back?

When 8x10 rolls around, what has Caroline done for Stefan by that point? Nothing. She’s talked at him.

In 8x08 they haven’t even interacted, she hasn’t been searching for any plans or any methods to help him out of his deal.

In 8x09 she talks at Damon about Elena and dances with him then talks at Stefan then stakes Stefan and throws a ring at him.

In 8x10 she manages to get him chained up and talks at him some more:

She didn’t risk her life for him, she hasn’t spent months searching for him, she’s a vampire so she has eternity on her side while Elena was a human who was being hunted by original vampires, Caroline is just getting started when Elena was invested by the time 3x07 rolled around. They are in two very different places and frankly Elena and Caroline mean two very different things to Stefan. Give me 3x07 over 8x10 any day.

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what do u think about this convo? "God bless Damon for actually letting Elena be the top she is instead of throwing her off like Stefano each of those scenes end with him making her a bottom" (about elena being on the top 4x04, 2x06, 1x03 and 4x03)

I find this amazingly hilarious, I wonder if this person is a top, because tops assert dominance, it’s not about Damon letting Elena be a top. When Elena wants to be a top, she’s a top, what makes SE scenes so hot is that Stefan wants to be a top too and that’s when there’s power play in sex.

In 2x06 and 1x03, Elena asserts her dominance, she wins those rounds because it starts off like this:

and ends with this

In 4x03 Elena very viscerally asserts her dominance, she’s the one who throws Stefan down on the bed, first of all, second of all the first time he attempts to be a top, she stops him and bears her fangs:

She doesn’t stop him when he’s visibly turned on and switches to be on top because clearly she’s also turned on by him asserting his dominance:

Elena is always confident in her sexuality with Stefan, she takes charge all the time and actually just has her way with him:

During their first love scene, she’s the one who leads him upstairs to his bedroom! It’s just that Stefan takes charge too, like their sex is versatile and it’s versatile within a scene:

and that person just … I want to know what they think sex is.


Stelena + Stares req. by anon

“can you make a gifset of stelena intense stares, because people seem to think u have to constantly make out to have chemistry and stelena is powerful even without that.” – anon

Bob Levi: For the pilot and the TV series to work, the relationship between Elena and Stefan had to be magic. I said to myself “This is phenomenal”. There is real chemistry between Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev. (source)

Julie Plec: It’s the scene where Elena was running in the cemetery. And he’s there, out of nowhere. And the sun is just hitting him so perfectly and his eyes are so beautifully green and he’s just staring at her and she’s staring up in him… Kevin and I both went “He is our guy, oh my god he is our guy!” (source)

Kevin Williamson: The look on her face, the way they connected in this moment, that’s what worked for me. (source)

*none of the gifs are mine*