In life, I believe in being civilized and not committing acts of social violence to others – including discrimination, exclusion, and even gossip. I believe in nurturing others unfolding, whatever form that might take. But, for me, good art, like good sex is not “nice.” Art and theatre should be the forum where we, as women, as queers, and as people, are revealed to be mythic. Our lives and our emotional landscapes are expansive, contradictory and sadomasochistic. If you want things to be casual and polite, you can stay at home and watch a sit com.
—  Nina Arsenault, interview with (2012)
I’m not a politician that’s trying to win votes or approval. I’m an artist and I believe that if you start with politics and you try to create art to communicate your politics you bleed out the complexities of human life to create a clear message. You create an essay, an essay in paint, an essay in sculpture or in writing, and that essay, that simple truth lets people go home, they go home satisfied, they understand a truth of the human condition better, and because that truth is an oversimplification, they wake up tomorrow morning and the artistic experience has lost all of its resonance.
—  Nina Arsenault

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yo i’m really pissed because i was trying to find a really appropriate word to  describe extremely powerful, talented women (who are not necessarily involved in performance, and are not necessarily ‘popular’ in a certain sense of the word, and are therefore not 'divas’ as the definition goes…) and all i found was air.

edit; totally deleted part of this by mistake

this is a sample list of the women i am trying to describe;

lydia lunch, nina arsenault, genesis p-orridge, nina hagen, diamanda galas, kathy acker

these are some of the women who hold extremely important places in my heart.

caustic//sexually powerful//artists of immense skill
chaos witches?

also they are all of a similar age i think… kind of attached to an early kind of dangerous punk attitude


Nina Arsenault speaking of objectification, the male gaze and her work.
inspiring, brilliant, just brilliant..

why can’t you be like the other trannies who are going along with it? the one who don’t speak English, who didn’t have the privilege of an education because of transphobic schools, the ones who are deaf, the ones you told them that they were fighting for the right cause SO YOU COULD BE THE ONE WHO LEGALIZED PROSTITUTION AND SAVED ALL THE WOMEN while you made money and advanced your career and after you used us for your causes for one decade, two, without pay, you shut us out because we speak with anger and contempt
—  Excerpt from Nina Arsenault’s OPHELIA/MACHINE, 2012