nina's wife

a friendly reminder that no matter how many bad books we read there’ll always be soc a.k.a the true masterpiece of our time which is like a safe blanket for murder babies and you can throw it over your head and pretend you’re on your way to a big heist or smth equally dangerous (but exciting) :’) and while you’re dreaming of $$$kruge$$$ you might also wanna remember that soc has:

- a bi poc character who didn’t dance around the term hgtawm style and pull some lame explanation out of his ass ala ‘it’s complicated’ but he actually said ‘not just girls’ so yeah confirmed bi poc who’s a KNOWN flirt and everybody praises him for it instead of mocking/shunning him honestly what did we do to deserve jesper fahey
- a disabled gang leader who’s literally thE BADDEST BARREL BOSS TO EVER WALK THE STREETS OF KETTERDAM caw caw bitches (he also has severe ptsd, panic attacks, suffers from traumatic flashbacks and experiences nausea and all kinds of ptsd symptoms everytime he (even accidentally) touches someone but does that limit or stop him in any way?? HELL NO MOFOS here comes kaz brekker with his crow cane and he’s about to whoop some ass better beware)
- a beautiful, amazing, talented, showstopping, spectacular, never the same woc who is basically?? everyone’s treasure, heart, love, most cherished person ever, role model, etc. etc. and it’s only right tbh inej ghafa owns my entire heart and i’d gladly give it to her over and over again if that would make her smile. she’s been sold into slavery (mentions/hints of prostitution which only adds to her bravery and strength thank you very much) when she was 14 but she managed to leave the past behind her and remain INCREDIBLY kind and humble despite all the shit she’s been through?? there is no character i adore, respect and love more than inej (okay maybe there is and inej calls her sankta alina b y e)
- a CANONICALLY. FAT. FEMALE CHARACTER WHO’S JUST!!! AMAZING. BREATHTAKING. HEART-STOPPING (literally). a true inspiration to us all who was also held captive when she was younger, trained by the mighty (goddess on earth) zoya nazyalensky, held captive again - this time by a gross ass, fanatic ass fjerdan nazi soldier/leader and lemme tell you she didn’t even lose her appetite. BOI she wasn’t even fazed. she couldn’t find a single fuck to give & she was determined to move on but she was plagued by guilt so she came back to save/help the boy who helped HER so she’s not just a pretty face and she’s so?? badass and smart and funny and fierce and she’s so fucking PROUD of every roll and curve on her body i could actually cry?? nina zenik, an actual muse for young girls/readers. nina zenik, life & wife goals
- a smol (very smol but also kind of a sinnamon roll tbqh? he aspires to be one anyway) angelic boy who comes from a TERRIBLY abusive home bc his father is an actual piece of shit and humiliated him all his life bc wylan couldn’t read. well guess what joke’s on van eck senior bc my boy, my CANONICALLY GAY SON, is smarter than him and his entire sorry lot and he’s gonna take over the world one day, you just wait. also just wants to make things go boom boom POW (usually regarding explosives but also applies to jesper a.k.a THE MOST PERFECT, CARING, WONDERFUL BF EVER)
- a big yellow tulip also known as matthias helvar. so matthias is that boy who helped nina escape the clutches of his scary boss and he’s the actual literal embodiment of the grumpy cat. but!!! he undergoes the biggest character development of all imo bc he manages to change for the better (bit by bit, brick by brick) and let me tell you that’s COMMENDABLE. like listen this is a young man who’s been brainwashed into hating everything nina & the rest of kaz’s merry band of misfits stand for. he’s been taught nothing but hate hate and more hate and he manages to turn his back on those prejudices and he opened up so much and we got to see so much more of him in ck and we learned that he’s super kind and sweet and giving, and he’s so pure and wonderful and amazing. he also loves nina zenik A LOT which is smth i can get behind and relate to 100000%
- last but not least kuwei, who’s not ~an official~ member of kaz’s vip club (pity pity pity) but. he’s a gay poc (asian!!! the same as tamar&tolya from tgt so please don’t whitewash him, it’s unacceptable) who’s sassy but kind of laid back at the same time and his favourite pastime is to just chill in the back and pretend he’s not listening/doesn’t know the lingo but guess what?? boy is like an international spy bc he understands more than he lets on. he also lost his father (which kind of turned him into a living prize bc everybody wanted him for his knowledge & chemistry skills, like he could probably cook up a deadly virus in three minutes if he was feeling inspired that day - which never happened but still. it’s good to have options) and yet never complained about anything and he just let that drama unroll like 👀👂 I HATE DRAMA 🎧🔍📝 overall deserved better

“Enough!!!” performed by Natalie Toro (Camila Rosario), Danny Bolero (Kevin Rosario) and Arielle Jacobs (Nina Rosario), In the Heights National Tour.


Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP) is a minimum and maximum security penitentiary for men, located in Soledad, Monterey County California. SVSP is adjacent to the California Correctional Training Facility, otherwise referred to as Soledad State Prison. Opened in May of 1996 with a design capacity for about 2,400, SVSP currently houses closer to 3,500, or almost 145% of capacity, placing it in the middle range for California prisons that are overpopulated.

Notable inmates at SVSP include:

Efren Saldivar - While employed as a respiratory therapist at the Glendale Adventist Medical Center, Saldivar injected patients who were unconscious or close to death with Morphine, Suxamethonium chloride and Pavulon, causing them to go into paralysis and death. Saldivar regularly worked the night shift when there were fewer staff members around, and because his patients were often terminal, their deaths did not alter the hospital’s statistics or raise any red flags, which allowed him to carry on undetected. In 1998, Saldivar confessed to murdering 50 patients,  (a claim he later retracted) but his possible headcount could be as high as 200. The cadavers of six patients of Saldivar’s that were exhumed confirmed his guilt, and he was sentenced to six terms of life without parole.

Hans Reiser - Creator of the ReiserFS computer file system, a core part of the Linux processor, Reiser was convicted of the first degree murder of his wife Nina, a trained OB/GYN from Russia. Reiser met Nina Sharanova in Saint Petersburg while on a date with a woman he had selected from a mail order bride catalogue. Nina came along on the date as a translator. After a courtship, Hans and Nina were married and had two children, but their relationship was turbulent at best, and fell apart when Nina allegedly had an affair with their housekeeper. Heated divorce proceedings led to strained custody agreements and restraining orders, and in 2006, Nina disappeared. Convicted of first degree murder at trial, Reiser led police to the shallow grave where Nina’s body was found as part of a plea deal, and was sentenced to 15 years to life. Reiser’s story has been portrayed on 48 Hours Mystery, Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privilege and Justice, Behind Mansion Walls, and Final Witness.

An Amazon Adventurer Is Weighed Down By Family Ties In ‘Lost City of Z’

David Grann’s bestselling book The Lost City of Z told the story of Percy Fawcett, an English explorer determined to find the remains of a supposed metropolis in the middle of the Amazon rain forest. It’s now a movie written and directed by James Gray, and stars Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, and Sienna Miller. Film critic David Edelstein says: 

“The Lost City of Z or Zed is unusual for an obsessive-adventurer movie. The Fawcett depicted in David Grann’s book became, over the years, consumed by his search. But for director James Gray, family is a huge counterweight. Family ties are central to his other films, among them We Own the Night and The Immigrant, and he doesn’t seem to identify with his protagonist in the way of self-styled visionaries like Francis Ford Coppola in Apocalypse Now or Werner Herzog in Aguirre, The Wrath of God and Fitzcarraldo. Although Hunnam is likable, the most vivid performance is by Sienna Miller as Fawcett’s wife Nina, who tries to accompany him and, failing, reminds him to be careful. The stick-in-the-mud spouse role is generally tiresome, but Miller gives it real force.”