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“Enough!!!” performed by Natalie Toro (Camila Rosario), Danny Bolero (Kevin Rosario) and Arielle Jacobs (Nina Rosario), In the Heights National Tour.

Why is nobody calling Nina out and putting all the blame on Shay Carl tho. He’s a scumbag and is 100% to blame, of course, but she knew he was married and had kids lmao. She’s just as much of a piece of shit. 

She could have went “hey, you have a wife that loves you, fuck off” but she entertained his thoughts. she kept the secret from his wife for 3 months. she fully played into hurting his wife. fuck Nina.

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I don't know if you follow the cast on Instagram but Nina, Ian and his wife Nikki all posted a selfie the other day about finally having dinner together, white Ian and Nikki's caption were slightly more serious than Nina's about false stories and rumors and etc. Do you think they'd been friends all along or maybe just decided to post something for "show" now that that the series is ending?

I’m not invested in actors’ personal lives.

But it would be good for them if they found a way to be friends or be in good terms.

Sometimes it’s probably media exaggerating or better dramatizing stuff in order to make people talk about it because “drama” draws people in.


Made a little McElliot video to cheer us all up! #keepthefaith


Just Fantasies (M!Corrin x Nina)

It almost scared Corrin how easily he could find his wife, Nina, these days. She was a stealth-extraordinaire. Had she been from Hoshido she could have been a professional ninja. He could always find her though because he knew was used her stealth for only one reason alone.


“ACK!” Nina jumped in surprise as Corrin greeted her from behind. She had been perched on the castle walls this time. Corrin had suspected this much as Odin and Laslow had been talking not far off, and the wall was a good vantage point for Nina to listen in.

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