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I promise you this, when you find your person you’ll know. Because you find them in every little thing you do and you picture doing everything with that one person. Every song becomes about them, every movie or tv show ends up being relatable to them. You start to feel more than just butterflies in your stomach but you get a feeling in your heart that makes everything feel as if it’ll all be okay. They’re voice is your new favorite sound and they’re eyes are your new favorite color. You can’t get enough of them in a day and you can’t picture anyone else by your side. Whether it’s miles or minutes apart you just know deep down that they are your person. And if you ever find that person, you’d be damned if you ever let them go.
—  Some personal shit
A Tired Rant

Something that just really bugs me in the Hamilton and In The Heights fandoms is that everyone acknowledges the female characters. They know how strong they are and especially with the Hamilton fandom. There are only 4 female characters in the Hamilton and at least 2 of them play huge parts in the show. Yet, despite this and how the female characters really move the story…there is practically no fanfiction that centers around them. I mean, come on! Then there’s the In The Heights fandom. Nina is a main character, dare I say THE main character, and yet the majority of the fandom simply ignores her!

My take on SnB:Vs Episode 14, another long trash post from yours truly. Damn I should make ‘My take’ a thing now! LONG. SUPER LONG since I’m ChariNina trash

WARNING: This post is very long and includes rants as well. Read at your own risk.

First I would like to finally say the words I’ve been meaning to shout to all yall, anti or not.


That was good, that was reeeeaaaaaal good. WHAT? STILL DON’T BELIVE ME YOU PIECE OF- beautiful human flesh THEN LEMME POINT OUT HOW AND BRUH THIS IS GONNA BE LONG.

First up, my harto. I was stabbed multiple times because of that new opening and no it’s not because I have a raging cold that I feel like something is stabbing my heart I legit felt that. Like bro look at this.

LOOK AT IT. (Apologies for the low-quality screenshots, I couldn’t help myself since I hadn’t downloaded it online and was streaming it so yeah)

You know it’s legit when they’re the first ones in the OP but wait there’s more! (You clearly know this is gonna be pure ChariNina with a little bit of something something but still mainly ChariNina)

Okay time out, let’s appreciate the Chari fan service since people were complaining that they were making Nina fan service now.

I certainly am not complaining though,

Okay back on track, things I like to point out during this episode (basically all the ChariNina in this episode) and starting with the OP.

Okay fine since I like this I’ll- OH WAIT OH MY GOB THAT’S LUCIFER. BABY!!! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU FOR 1 SEASON AND A HALF NOW OMG YOU STILL LOOKING FINE. Oh hey Azazel you’re looking okay too. You both look fine as hell though… quite literally huehuehuehue

Okay back to the OP, it was siiiiick. Some people said they didn’t like it compared to the 1st OP but this one was sick and intense like the first one, sure a little different, more on green less on red but it’s amazing for me. What I do want to point out are these.

Me while watching: GO NINA, RUN TO YO MAN!

Still me: *quiet*

Still me: *gasp*


Okay now to the episode, I’m sure most of you have seen it so I’m not gonna make story tell cause yall are here to see this trash of a post so you know how it goes, but still here; cute Nina coming home scene which is cute.

Yep, cute. Also, Nina is flexible af

Okay now were moving to the moment where all of us were either too focused and in it to fangirl or were fangirling because of everything that has been said.

Second up, OMG.

Me while watching this: Nina you better say yes.

SHE SAID YES OMG!!! I made it sound like she said yes to Chari proposing to her… that could be arranged though…

Me: *starts to fangirl*

Me: *Fangirls even more*





Me: *insert lenny face here* (This galaxy is beautiful btw, props to the art in BahaSoul this is legit beautiful)

Me: Hihihihihihihihi. Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue. I am pointing out again to the people who thought Nina’s heart was broken after she found out Chari was the King in the previous eps please go and suck on this.


Me: *pauses*

Me: Naw Nina you don’t mean that girl… I mean you hated what he did as King, not as Chari!

Me: I know Nina… well I don’t know but what I would want is for you to get together.

Me: SEE NINA?! THANK YOU FOR GETTING MY POINT. YOU DON’T HATE HIM, YOU JUST DIDN’T LIKE WHAT HE DID! (Let’s appreciate the triple A writing here like this is some emotional sht right here)

Me answering for Nina and the fandom: YES.

I just want to point out how I said before that Nina wasn’t broken. Sure she felt hurt and this proves it now but she’s mostly confused and is in a state of wonder as to why he did all these things and how she should feel towards a person she loves but is doing all of these things to the other races. This is like Romeo and Juliet yknow. *end of serious*


Okay I just wanna point these out. The last images of Nina’s flashback to Chari was when Chari was smiling at her, and the last one was with his disguise as Chris. I feel as though this symbolizes that she didn’t fall in love with a king but in fact a person; a kind and great guy as she describes herself.

I mean look at this.





Ehem, anyway. I like what Jeanne is pointing out here.

(Jeanne really is literally the fandom in this right now)

Me: IT AINT A MAYBE JEANNE IT IS REAL! But seriously this is some good sht right here like dang, wow. This speaks to a whole other level, this can be applied in the real world.

Some of you maybe pointing out ‘but Jeanne doesn’t know who she likes and if she does she will definitely say no to this!’ My gob you antis never really shut up huh?

Do you really think Jeanne doesn’t have an idea of who this person may be when 1.) she saw how the king interacted with Nina back at the prison and 2.) she was literally there when Nina fought as a dragon to save her! She saw how Nina didn’t bite off Chari’s head when he came near her and it would be impossible for her not to see how she de-transformed into a human and he carefully caught her because she was fkng there and watching!

And if she really doesn’t know who this person Nina likes do you think she’ll hinder Nina from finding her happiness when the girl who was a complete stranger to her decided to be kind and help her? Nina could’ve left her but she didn’t and that’s because that’s who Nina is. Do you really think Jeanne would be selfish enough to try hinder Nina’s feeling for Charioce? Do you really think Jeanne would be the type of person who would tell Nina she can’t love him because he’s a bad guy?

Gob if you think so then you really don’t know who Jeanne D’Arc is and is just trying to make a way to break of Charioce and Nina.

Jeanne isn’t selfish enough to try and separate Nina from Charioce because of what he’s done. She might ask Nina if she’s sure with this and if Nina answers yes then she’ll support her, if Nina answers she doesn’t know then Jeanne will help her. Jeanne won’t stop Nina from loving who she wants and I want to make that perfectly clear not unless the creators suddenly decided to make Jeanne a dck which is highly not possible.

Okay moving on.

Here we have Nina contemplating on life rn. Don’t worry Nina baby we feel you.

You know something else I really liked this episode? Mama Dragon, I mean she’s not a dragon but Imma call her Mama Dragon. Mama Dragon is so nice and lovely and I feel bad because she lost her hubby, now I see where Nina gets her charms!

Also, thank you Mappa for giving us a legit mom and not some hot super model mother who looks the same age as her daughter. Very nice.

Mama Jeanne and Mama Dragon mom time. This is legit probs the only time Jeanne has ever cried her feelings out, leave it to a mom to comfort another mom.

Overall, I am very happy with how this episode turned out. We go an insight of Nina’s feelings and saw how she’s coping with the info she got. This gives a new depth to Nina since people just see her as an overly optimistic person but just because she’s optimistic doesn’t mean she doesn’t have trouble too. Now I’m happy most especially about badass granny dragon! Like look at her! She’s so cool!

Ah 2017 has been a good year for romance. Not for me though but ChariNina’s romance is enough to make me feel happy for love.

I was gonna add my ED thoughts in here too but that would be a liiiiitttttlle to much for one post (as 2k words isn’t already ‘too much’) so if you’re interested you can go ahead and see that too!

Well this ends another long a** post and yes, this is canon now, you just saw the proof.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts, I aint here to cause arguments and those anti anti things are just forms of expressions so don’t take this too seriously and attack me, although I would like to hear your thoughts my intention is not to cause fights but to fangirl and give my honest opinions.

Feel free to reblog and comment and have a ChariNina filled life!

If after all of these years, these fuckers try to get away with not only dragging Stefan Salvatore’s character through the fucking mud this season, but also killing him, this shit will go down as the worst piece of trash ever. Stefan Salvatore is the foundation, heart and soul of this show. He is the fucking Vampire Diaries. This is HIS story. To pretend as if that’s not the case and try to rewrite his importance and who Stefan is at his core is a disservice to the show, the fandom, Paul Wesley, and Stefan Salvatore. If Julie Plec decided to service herself by writing DE as endgame, then she better at least acknowledge that Elena and Stefan together as soulmates, friends, if not true epic lovers, are what started everything and held everything together for the entirety of this show.  

alright this is gonna be long

So i trust that we’re all familiar with Bran’s god awful writing, yes? Okay. Let’s break this down. In season 7 thus far, the angle that D&D appear to be going for is “Bran’s experience in the time loop + Hodor’s death + download has rendered him an empty husk of a person, basically living in 24/7 dissociative fugue.” which, okay, that’s upsetting, but it’s still a valid plot arc.

The thing that makes it so awful is how D&D seem to be picking and choosing moments and scenes to really dial up the emotionless husk arc, and completely ignoring it in other scenes. Because their commitment to this particular plot arc isn’t strong enough, Bran just ends up looking like an asshole.

If they really want Bran as an emotionless husk, then I wanna fucking see it. Let’s actually see Bran’s visions. Let us see what he’s up to, let us get interested in it. Then let us emerge from the vision with him to find that weeks have passed. Clearly, he’s got more important things to concern himself with than spilling the dirt on Littlefinger. But is the audience ever allowed to see what those more important things might be? Nope. All we get are vague shots of blue eyed zombies, same shit we’ve been seeing since the pilot. So yet again, Bran just looks like an apathetic asshole.

Does he sleep like a regular human anymore? Is he still consuming human flesh on the sly? Fuck if I know, because D&D won’t commit any further than making Bran a moody, ungrateful little shit.

I’d like the audience to be concerned about Bran’s choice between identity and destiny. I wish I didn’t have to pull out an essay to convince people why he’s interesting. He’s one of the big five, for fucks sake. God.

Vampire diaries ending is kinda gettin to me now..

I’m getting all these memories back from when I was younger. Back then I was obsessed with TVD. Like literally obsessed. For years, TVD was my first obsession and it was the first time that I got really invested in “shipping”. Even tho I stopped watching for a while cuz I think it got bad after season 4, I’m getting pretty nostalgic and emotional over it ending.. :/ it’s over now 😔

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Can I just say how salty I still am that the queens didn’t lip sync to Lady Gaga when she was judging that episode????and before anyone says “it was a non-elimination episode” and to that I say “they could’ve still lip synced.” Not the bottom queens, but the top queens: Nina, Sasha, and Eureka. They could’ve decided the winner of that week through a lip sync between the 3 of them! Nina would’ve had to take her veil off sure, but other than that, it could’ve been the perfect episode, rather than the 90% perfection they gave us.


I am so confused, why do people think Charioce insulted Nina by asking her to dance with him? Uh, maybe I live in a universe that people asking you to dance with such a sweet smile on is actually offensive…. really…. can’t people fall in love with people and not what or who they are? I swear all I see is people saying ‘Charioce is a dik’ 'Charioce is an arse’ 'Charioce is using Nina’.

1. If Charioce really was planning on using Nina why didn’t he take her with him knowing that he has a full rage war with the gods just around the corner?

2. Why would he only smile sincerely at her and only her?

3. Why did Charioce leave Nina far away from the fight?


Jesus Christ people, just cause the man is driven by his goals and is willing to do anything to obtain it doesn’t mean he’s incapable of HUMAN emotion.

The time he spent with Nina was sincere and the way he looks at her is the same and if you’re going to say that Nina’s heart is broken then dude, at the end of the ed song the look Nina had isn’t resentment but one of question as in why is it him or why is he doing this?

Unless Baha Soul slaps me in the face and stabs me by showing that Charioce is a dbag like people claim him to be then the proof I see right now is LEGIT. REWATCH EP 6 AND THE END OF 11 AND TELL ME THAT THAT ALL THOSE SMILES ARE FAKE.

If in the future eps they show Charioce is really just pure evil then I’ll personally be the first to curse and burn him but until then I see that there is absolutely no way that he’s mistreating Nina other than sending her to jail WHICH WAS pART OF HIS JOB AS A KING.

My thoughts are my thoughts so don’t mind me and the rant.

What Is A Toxic Relationship?

OK so I’ve been getting anons recently arguing that Stefan and Elena were in a toxic relationship and a few of my followers expressed interest in me creating a post to counter the argument so here we are.

I am using different telltale signs of a toxic relationship as a road map for this argument and a few of them are ones I can’t even counter because they’re just not an issue for the SE relationship, those are ones I’ll put at the end, this means the numbering might be a little off.

2. Jealousy and the blame game

We’re all only human, so jealousy will happen on some level. But, excessive jealousy is never okay. If you don’t have trust in a relationship, you literally have nothing worth holding on to.

This is not an issue with SE. Obviously there are moments where both of them express being disgruntled by Katherine and by Damon:

but when the idea of either of them cheating is brought up, the other is very much secure in their relationship that they automatically shut down the notion of infidelity:

and Stefan and Elena concoct an entire plan fooling everyone about Elena being jealous over Katherine when in private the notion is ridiculous because obviously they love each other:

and they know how much they love each other, there’s implicit trust:

Being this secure and trusting in a relationship is healthy and not a sign of entitlement or arrogance, this is how two people who love each other should be.

7. You’re not yourself

Change will happen regardless. When you’re in a relationship, even if you both change, you should be going in the same direction.

If your relationship changes you, it should only make you a better version of yourself. If you feel like you’re losing yourself or you don’t recognize who you are anymore, it’s not healthy.

Well first of all, it’s repeated how much Stefan and Elena know each other and therefore can be themselves with each other:

and next to seeing how they make each other better people:

they say it:

and they remind each other to do better and be better:

Refusing to allow the worst parts of themselves to take over doesn’t mean they don’t accept each other, it means that they care about each other enough to keep their core personalities intact.

5. Negative energy

Feeling uncomfortable or tense around someone is just your body reacting to the negative energy surrounding the two of you.

Negativity can drain you mentally, physically and emotionally. We’re forced to deal with this stuff, but your SO should be a reprieve from that type of stress.

6. Avoiding each other

At the bare minimum, you should be able to tolerate your SO’s presence. If you can’t even bring yourself to be around him or her, you should really just call it quits.

I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

11. Growth and change are seen as negatives

Relationships have to evolve in order to last. The whole “why can’t things just stay like this” mentality isn’t conducive to a long-term relationship.

At some point, someone will want more. That’s not a bad thing, but both parties must be on the same page. There’s nothing wrong with taking the next step; doing so is a sign of maturity.

This one is interesting because there’s this narrative that Stefan held Elena back in season 4 and the show even makes Stefan say that he does that but he doesn’t, he teaches Elena to how hunt, how to defend herself, how to navigate her emotions, shows her how to enjoy her power, he helped her grow as a vampire while secretly looking for the cure for her to have in case she wanted it:

He in fact celebrates her vampirism

and tells her not to despair:

Comparatively, in season 1, Elena doesn’t want to stay in the dark regarding Stefan’s demons, she willingly and with open eyes demands to learn more about his blood lust and even though it kills Stefan for her to see him like this he obliges:

and in season 2 Elena embraces that Stefan will need to feed from human blood to be stronger and faster, to be a better vampire, she accepts the risks and grows with Stefan’s new needs and that’s why she allows him to feed from her:

which is actually related to this:

12. Reminiscing on the beginning instead of looking toward the future

Memories of the honeymoon phase are not enough to sustain you. You can’t relive the past. Relationships develop, but not always for the better. Fantasizing about what used to be is not living in reality.

As the aforementioned point emphasizes, neither Stefan nor Elena hold the other back to how their relationship used to be, they grow with each other, what they do is remind one another that at their core they’re empathetic, compassionate people who always strive to do the right thing, they accept the realities of their situation while trying to better that reality:

9. You only think about making him or her happy

Once you hit your 20s, relationships are a trial run for marriage. You should be able to see potential in spending the rest of your life with your significant other because if not, what’s the point?

You should want to make your SO happy, but it should be a two-way street. Your happiness should mean his or her happiness and vice versa.

If you’re constantly trying to make them happy, but you’re not getting anything in return, then something in the cycle is disjointed. Happiness should be mutual.

I seriously don’t understand where this idea that they’re not happy with each other stems from, I feel like because they’re happy in circumstances that are shitty people apply the shitty circumstances onto their relationship without realizing the relationship is what got them through the shitty circumstances.

1. Passive aggression

The whole “I hate it when you do that, but I’m just gonna keep it to myself and throw you shady little side glances” thing is unnecessary.

Once you’re not comfortable being direct with your SO, you’ve lost that bond on which your relationship was initially built.

4. Arguing without communicating

We all know that yelling over each other won’t get you anywhere.

It’s natural to get upset and argue, but if there’s no exchange of communication and neither party conveys why he or she feels how he or she does, nothing will be solved.

This actually just doesn’t happen. In 4x02, Stefan glares at Elena because he’s angry about the blood sharing and she automatically says, “You’re mad” and he says “Yes” and they have that out and this is when they’re supposed to be disintegrating for no logical reason.

In fact, Stefan and Elena are pretty upfront with each other about what they do that bothers them or when they’re mad at each other:

And in 1x07, Elena is honest and says that a part of her wishes that she could forget him but she can’t forget him because she can’t lose how she feels about him, that is extremely honest.

3. Criticism and contempt

No one is perfect, and the closer you become with someone, the more conspicuous his or her imperfections will become. There is nothing wrong with criticism that comes from a positive place.

When criticism is used as a channel to express contempt or disdain for someone else, it can make the other person feel unvalued and worthless. It’s hard for a relationship to come back from that.

Literally the only time this happens is when Stefan and Elena have their humanities off and are meant to be completely devoid of emotion and both of them work to repair the damage they caused:

and in 4x23 she has the speech thanking him.

Stefan and Elena were a relationship with highs and lows and because of the supernatural element of the show, some of those lows were really low because of aspects like blood lust and humanity switches and the constant need to save Damon or Katherine compelling people to hurt themselves if they continued to see each other and that makes for some angsty and heartbreaking moments but the fact of the matter is, they were not a relationship that was toxic; they were happy and stable and committed and passionate and exciting and secure and the writers tearing them apart for a relationship that actually is toxic and boring and another relationship that looks good on paper but that sucks in practice is entirely ridiculous.

I just read the EW article on the RuPaul’s Drag Race Reunion…

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How are you not “savvy with social media”? You are a 25-year-old, living in Los Angeles. It ain’t like you are some 85-year-old who still uses a 1950 type-writer. 

Shea said that you kept checking your social media accounts.

You KNEW what your ugly ass fans were saying. And instead of doing what was right, you just sat there like a little spoiled princess, letting your gross keyboard warriors body-shame, be racist, and transphobic. You pretty much let them do all the work for you. 

You LIED, too. You said that you would’ve protected Nina, but to this VERY fucking day, Nina is STILL getting hit with anti-black insults, coming straight from your evil fucking stans. 

And no words from you.

Alexis Michelle got so much hate, it was unreal. And for what? Being talkative and opinionated? Meanwhile, you lied and betrayed your Season 9 sisters, cutting their throats. 

Until you address your gross stans, it is safe for me to assume that you are on their side. And that makes you less attractive as a person.

P.S. I do not care what you ugly Val stans say. You guys are rude and disrespectful and I will not stand for it. 

(If you are a fan of Val and you are not rude/racist/transphobic, this address isn’t directed towards you. I am not mad at you. <3)

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Advice on long distance relationships??

well communication Is a big part, communication and trust. If you don’t have trust in your partner don’t be with them number one. Especially in a LDR. Also mutual effort is key because you don’t wanna feel as if one is putting more effort then the other even though sometimes someone might but 40% while the other puts 60% it kinda evens out.. Stay positive, don’t overthink stupid bullshit. I know the what ifs consume your mind but you gotta relax. ALSO reinsurance isn’t a bad thing. Make sure you show your girl/guy how much they mean too you! Make sure they get home safe, compliment them, tell them how much you adore them. AND IMPORTANTLY STAY HAPPY! If you aren’t happy then it might not be a great idea to be in a LDR because if you’re not happy or strong than you need to work on it and build yourself up because being in one does get hard somedays. The long waits till u see your partner, shitty FaceTime connections, the miles between each other, the time differences, the crave and the longing of your loved one by your side. It gets tricky, but if you’re happy and strong you can get through it all :) believe in the relationship and it will surely work out ❤️❤️

An Old Flame- Day 7 Lutteo Fic Week

I’m so sad it’s the last day of fic week today. Even though there have been complications and procrastinations all week, I am so happy that I was able to participate and bring my work to you. Over a year ago, I would have never put my writing online to share thinking no one would read it. But now I have more confidence from putting myself out there and getting great feedback from everyone. Thank you so much for reading, and as I promised, here is the longest piece I have ever written. It took me several days to compose and is basically and book with 6.6k words. Anyways, please enjoy! Thanks for a great fic week!

“My best friend is getting married to your best friend and we have to walk down the aisle together, I remember never really liking you but you look so good in this, wow” 

As her best friend Nina’s maid of honor, Luna thought she would be walking down the aisle alone, right before Nina would be presented. As that was a tradition and what was part of the original plan. That is until Nina changes it moments before rehearsal dinner is about to start.

“What do you mean you’re giving me a partner, I was supposed to go by myself?” Luna asked her best friend with a dangerously raised voice. Nina hushed her. “Gaston wanted his best man to walk down the aisle instead of being with him at the beginning,” Nina explained. Luna crossed her arms pouty. “Well, are you going to at least tell me who he is?” Nina looks at Luna with a nervous face, looking down at the floor of the bathroom. “It’s Matteo Balsano.”

Luna widened her eyes in fear. Her ex-high school crush. The most popular boy of Blake South College. The forgotten main man of his wingman Gaston Perida. The one who never cared to look in her direction even once. Luna had put all her effort to get him to notice her, and nothing. And now she had to walk down the aisle with him tomorrow.

“Are you serious? I have to be walking down with HIM within the next five minutes AND tomorrow?” Luna shakily raised her voice even higher. “Do you have any idea how much pain he caused me all those years in high school?” Nina sympathized for her best friend. “Yes, I know. He never acknowledged you when he should have. But he’s Matteo’s best friend. I had no say in this. He won’t bite just try not to pull his hair out for a bit, okay?” Nina begged of Luna. She still had a pouty face. But it was her wedding, she had to make sure everything went off without a hitch.

“Fine.” Luna gritted her teeth. Nina gave her a thumbs up. “Okay great, now let’s get out there.” Nina pushed Luna out of the bathroom and into the lobby. All of the other bridesmaid and groomsmen couples were lined up and in place. Nina’s bridesmaid court included their high school friends Jim Medina and Yam Sanchez, along with two friends from her literature classes in college Petra and Jane, with Luna of course. Paired with Gaston’s groomsmen were Ramiro Ponce from Blake, two of his cousins, and another friend from college, and then there’s Matteo Balsano. At the very end of the line, right in front of Ricardo, Nina’s father, conversing.

Luna boiled inside. The mere thought of standing next to him made her nauseous. But Nina pulled her along to the line. As they got closer, Matteo noticed and smiled. Nina introduced them. “Luna, this is Gaston’s best man and your escort, Matteo Balsano. Matteo, this is my best friend and maid of honor Luna Valente.” Luna could only tightly grin at him as he extended his hand out to her. “Hello, Luna,” he greeted. She nodded as politely as possible. “Hello.”

Just as Nina was about to say something, the music started up and the first couple started walking. Matteo offered out his arm to her and she obligately took it. They watched the other three couples walk down. Just before Matteo and Luna walked down together, Luna turned around to look at Nina, who gave her a hopeful smile in return. Suddenly it was their turn to walk. They walked in sync while staying at a good distance from the couple right in front of them. Soon they were at the very front of the altar, a quick walk. They parted ways, Matteo joined the groom’s side, while Luna at the bride’s.

Then Nina came down. Both Nina and Gaston’s parents and grandparents stood up at this time as part of the rehearsal. She and Ricardo walked down slowly, as when tomorrow actually came her dress would need extra time to cross. It felt like a while before she went to join Gaston at the front of the altar.

The rehearsal goes by quickly. However, Luna kept peering over to the other side at Matteo who would be staring back at the exact same time smirking. She would just roll her eyes whenever he did this.

They have dinner afterward at Nina and Gaston’s favorite restaurant. A private room was reserved for the event just for them, as they were a big group. After dinner, everyone got up and just walked all over the room jumping from one conversation to another, refilling their wine glasses.

When Luna left her conversation with Jane to refill her glass, she was stopped by the devil. “It just occurred to me, have we ever met before?” Matteo asked. Luna narrowed her eyes at him, tightly smiling. “Actually, yes we have. We went to Blake together. But I didn’t think you’d remember.” Luna says. She tries to open the top off the bottle quickly to avoid any more of the conversation.

Matteo must’ve figured it out because he made a motion that read I cracked the code. “Now I remember. You were a freshman while I was in my junior year. I did see you occasionally around.” Luna made a stink eye at him, thinking how stupid this conversation was. “Well, we did share a few classes together as well. I bet you didn’t remember that.” Luna says. She finally pours herself a glass of the pinot noir and downs half of it, wanting to forget the occurrence. Matteo looked stumped once again. “Huh, that I don’t remember.” Luna nods her head in annoyance and dismisses herself without saying anything.

She returns back to Jane, picking up where they left off. She steals a few glances at Matteo thinking, probably wondering when in hell he had a class with her. Gaston finds him there alone and takes him back to the group of groomsmen. The rest of the night she feels so embarrassed that she is the only one that remembers anything. He could barely remember that she had existed at the same time. It made her feel so useless inside. Spending all those years chasing after him. It really shouldn’t affect her now. High school was years ago. She had a gone to college and dated a few guys, went on amazing vacations to Paris and Athens, now she has an amazing student teaching position in environmental engineering while earning her master’s degree at the university. She has a great life for her going. But this one thing from the past. this one thing. She can’t seem to pull away.

“He didn’t even remember we went to school together! I had to say something and then suddenly he remembered. Can you believe him?” Luna yelled at Nina indirectly.

She had followed Nina to the hotel right after the dinner. They were staying together because Nina and Gaston can’t spend the night together before the wedding, as that is in wedding laws. So Luna and Nina shared a room at the hotel and Gastón back at his and Nina’s shared apartment, along with some of his family.

Currently, they were getting ready to go to sleep, Luna ranting to Nina about the events from the night while she went over her checklist to make sure everything was ready for tomorrow, while Nina only half listened.

“I mean the guy is such an ignorant. I mean yes high school was a long time ago, but still. Such an asshole.” “Uh-huh,” Nina murmured while going over her list.

Luna plopped down beside Nina on the bed turning towards her. “Not trying to ruin your day or anything, but I can’t wait until it’s over with so I never have to see him again.” This, however, makes Nina turn to her. “Luna, it’s my wedding!” She says offended with hurt in her eyes. Luna immediately wishes she hadn’t said that.

“Nina, I’m sorry. I’m making this all about me when it’s YOUR wedding day,” She takes both of her hands in her own. “I am willing to put away all of my differences with him for you, my best friend since high school, to have the best day of your entire life. As your maid of honor, I will do nothing but the best to make sure of it.” Nina beams at her best friend and pulls her in for a hug.

“Thank you, Luna. I really appreciate it. Oh and one thing.” She adds. Luna perks up and gives her undivided attention. “Don’t get completely wasted and start dancing on table tops and throw up on anyone. I won’t forgive you.” Luna pretends to be offended and playfully pushed her. “Hey! I don’t do that.” “Well, you could.” They both giggle and Luna swats her on the shoulder.

“We should get to bed, Miss. Soon-To-Be-Mrs.
Perida.” Luna jokes causing Nina to blush. They pull the covers and tuck themselves in, turning off the lights. However, they still face each other.

“Luna?” Nina whispers. “Is everything going to be okay? I’m worried.” Her best friend holds her hand and clutches it tightly. “Hey, everything is going to be okay I promise. Like I said, I’ll make sure of it.” She assures her. Nina takes a deep breath and feels a weight lifted off her chest. “If anything,” Luna continues. “Just think about Gastón. You on your honeymoon. A Really hot night. None of you are wearing clothes. And you guys are making love at midnight on a tropical beach.” Luna narrates dramatically.

Nina starts busting up laughing and pushing Luna almost rolling off the bed. “Luna! You pig! Stop it-” she wants to continue but is laughing too hard to finish. Luna is laughing uncontrollably as well, her stomach aching from that much laughter. “Well it’s gonna happen, so-” and then Luna can’t finish her sentence either.

The two keep laughing for several minutes. A lack of air in their lungs. Their stomachs hurt so much. And they smile uncontrollably at it. Eventually, they fall asleep, holding hands just like they were young again.

The day of her best friend’s wedding, Luna woke up extra early to bring her breakfast in bed. Room service had knocked a little too loudly. For one the rest of the hotel was still sleeping at this hour and two she did not need a grumpy bride today. However, she was silently able to retrieve the platter and walk soundlessly back to Nina. She laid the tray right on top of her lap and tapped her gently awake.

“Wake up, the bride-to-be. Today’s the day.” Luna whispered in a teasing voice. Nina stirs awake, rubbing her eyes to adjust to the first rays of the morning sun. She sleepily smiled at Luna and the breakfast down in her lap. “Thank you, Luna.” The maid of honor smiles at her and sits at the foot of the bed.

“Are you nervous for today? Do you feel better?”  Luna asks her as she eats. Nina finishes the mouthful before speaking, “I don’t know. I guess I feel a few butterflies in my stomach. But the good kind. Not the panicky ones.” Nina assures her best friend. Luna nods her head positively while radiantly smiling. “Well, I’m glad. That’s the only way you should be feeling.” She looks at the time on her phone. “Not trying to rush you or anything, but hair and makeup will be here within like 20 minutes. And I think the other girls should be coming over soon.” Luna says. Nina salutes like a soldier to her while trying to finish her breakfast in an orderly manner. “Yes, ma'am.”

Soon enough the room went from 2 silent people to a chaotic mess of women flying around everywhere. All their bags flooded the floor, dresses in sealed hangers hanging on any up space possible, the bed scattered with hot hair tools and makeup. Luna with already prepped and done hair and makeup paced back and forth in the hallway away from the chaos rapidly drinking a glass of champagne. It may only be 7 A.M. but on a day like this, wine time has no set timeframe.

Just as she is nearly done with the wine, she sees someone emerging from the elevator several yards away. The closer they walk, the more details she can make of the mysterious person coming her way. Tall figure. Dark curly hair. Porcelain skin. Matteo Balsano. Luna wanted nothing more at that moment than to run back inside and ignore him forever. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do that. Not only was he the second half of her pair, but she had promised Nina to be civil. Before he could appear right in front of her. She let her frustration out in a quick huff of her breath and put on the best polite face she possibly could.

Suddenly he is standing right in front of her, wearing slacks, a white dress shirt and suspenders, looking way too hot and forgetting she was angry with him in that moment. Only briefly though. “Hello, Matteo.” She greeted. “What are you doing here?” He pulled an envelope out of his pants pocket. It was small and crisp with Nina’s name printed in thin cursive on the front and center. He handed it over to her. “Gaston wanted to give this to Nina for today. If you could please give it to her that would be great.” Luna eyed him suspiciously and took the letter from his hand. “Thanks.” She managed to say. “I’ll make sure she gets it.”

Just as she puts her hand on the doorknob, he stops her. “Wait,” he says, hesitating and internally debating whether to go on. He just asks anyway. “Luna, I just want to know. Why are you mad at me?” She tilts her head confusingly at him, pretending she doesn’t know what he is talking about. “What do you mean? I’m not mad at you.” Is all she simply says? He rubs his chin and furrows his eyebrows. “Are you sure? It just seems like you don’t want to be near me and you run away.” Luna picks her head back up and places her hand on the doorknob again. “It’s not that,” she begins to say. “It’s nothing, I swear. Anyways, I have to get back. Everyone is running around like headless chickens in there.” He looks like he wants to say more, but Luna cuts him off opening the door. “Anyway, we’ll see you at the church in a bit. Bye.” And she shuts the door on him, leaning against it as if she was preventing him from breaking in.

She runs over to Nina who is now in the hair/makeup chair and hands her the envelope. “It’s from Gaston,” she says. “He wants you to read it before you go.” Nina excitedly takes the envelope from her hands and carefully rips it open. She unfolds the paper and concentrates carefully on the words. As she reads, tears begin to form in her eyes, making the makeup artist groan. When she finishes reading it, she begins to fan her eyes before more tears begin. “Oh my gosh, he’s so sweet. And also a jerk for making me ruin my face.” Nina giggles, and so do the rest of the bridesmaids.

As Nina continues to gush over the letter to the girls, Luna gets lost in her thoughts about the conversation she had just had with Matteo Balsano a few minutes before. Why was she mad at him? She thought. Probably because he refused to acknowledge her existence as more than a person he went to school with. She hadn’t thought like about it for years until he came back into her life just 12 hours ago. She normally doesn’t hold a grudge like that, but the old feelings came rushing back. She was to fight them back. But it was just so hard for her. But she can’t focus on that right now. She has to give her best friend her attention for her day. There’s no time to think about the past, only the future.

At 9 A.M., the entire wedding party and both the bride and grooms immediate families arrived at the church. The ceremony wasn’t until 10, so they all decided to get dressed in the powder rooms there so they can keep the outfits as clean as possible.

Before they know it, guests begin to pour in and settle in the pews, chit chatting quietly amongst one another, gushing over how excited they are to see the bride and groom. At a quarter to 10, the wedding party walks out of the powder rooms to line up. Groomsmen coming out in black suit jackets and red ties. Soon the bridesmaids come out wearing floor-length red spaghetti strap gowns, hair in messy half up buns, carrying small bouquets of white roses.

When Matteo looks up after checking his wrist watch, his eyes land on a green eyed girl floating towards him in her red silky gown. His eyes scan up and down her frame, observing every detail. Luna tries to hide her blush looking down as she takes her place right next to her. “You look quite beautiful,” Matteo mumbles while looking straight ahead. Her face grows even redder than before. “Thank you,” she says so softly, he can barely hear it escaping from her lips.

They stand in next to each other waiting impatiently in an uncomfortable silence, looking randomly around the room. Luna feels completely awkward standing next to him in possibly the fanciest she’s ever been. From the corner of her eye, she sees him softly bouncing on his toes and thinking. He keeps looks at her every few seconds and turning away immediately when she notices him staring.

Finally, he takes a deep breath and turns toward her. And she looks at him with curiosity in her face. “Luna,” he starts. “I really want to know what’s going on. Did I do something to make you pissed at me or something?” he asks. Luna can feel the blood boiling in her entire body. She so badly wanted to blow up in his face about everything. But of course, she didn’t. She simply purses her lips and inhales and exhales. “I swear. It’s nothing. It’s just, old stuff. That’s all.” He knits his eyebrows in confusion. “Old stuff? You mean like in high school?” He presses the topic. “I don’t remember, what happened then?”

“Nothing happened. That’s the point,” she mumbles under breath. Trying to be quiet enough for him not to hear. However, he gets bits and pieces of the words and makes it out. “I don’t understand. If nothing happened, I don’t see why you’re mad about anything.”

Luna can’t take it anymore and completely bursts in his face. “Fine, you wanna know what happened? When we were in school together I had a huge crush on you. Like a massively hard crush. I was so shy I would never say or do anything. I kept hoping that one day we could at least be friends. But you didn’t even know I existed. I helped you several times during classes, but we only talked for school purposes. You never saw me as anything else. I spent so much time chasing after you when it was a complete waste. It hurt me so badly. I know I’m holding a grudge over something that was stupid and meaningless and that happened when we were just kids years ago, but when I saw you, everything just came rushing back. And now that I’m realizing it, you are a good person. You really are. I’m just mad at the past. But things have changed. All of it. And I keep being reminded of it.”

She takes a giant breath and fights the tears threatening to come down. Matteo’s jaw is dropped wide. Even Yam and Ramiro in front of them heard her rant and turned around. But quickly turned back when they realized it was none of their business to be listening to their private conversation. Matteo is at such a loss for words, he doesn’t have time to react before the organ starts up. The procession begins with Gaston’s nieces throwing rose petals down the aisle with his nephew carry the pillow of rings.

Luna just grabs onto Matteo’s arm without daring to say a word or even looking in his direction. The both just look forward with straight faces as they wait for their cue. When Yam and Ramiro take off, Luna puts on her best fake smile and walks, pulling Matteo a little too forcefully. It feels like forever by the time they reach the front. Luna immediately lets go of him and goes to her place.

Now that Luna had her chance to lash out about everything, she feels so much better. Like a giant weight had been lifted off her chest. She shows a small smile of pride on her lips. High school Luna would have never even considered doing such a thing. But this grown up Luna feels like she takes charge for herself for once. And feels better than ever. Now, she could fully focus on Nina, who had just entered the door frame making everyone stand.

Even though she had seen her in her dress when she picked it out, had millions of fittings, and right when she put it on this morning, there was always a different feeling seeing her with her father next to her and her front and center. It felt more emotional, more official. Luna was now silently crying, trying to subtly wipe away her tears.

Nina floats gracefully down the aisle, wearing an ivory silk off the shoulder mermaid style fitted gown, carrying a large bouquet of red roses and a long and heavy veil and tiara rests on top of her head. As she comes closer to the front, she sees Luna and sends her a smile, Luna, of course, smiling back at her. Nina turns her attention to Gaston, who has tears forming in his eyes as well.

The ceremony goes by quicker than Luna thought. Everyone claps and cheers, Luna extra loud, when Nina and Gaston finally kiss and make their way down the aisle. However, Luna reunites unfortunately with Matteo to go back out together first after the bride and groom. She tries to hurry down a little too quickly and forcefully, pulling Matteo with her like a dog on a leash falling behind.

When they reach the front steps of the church outside, Luna lets go and quickly walks away, leaving him there confused yet stunned. She distracts herself by greeting some of Nina’s relatives. A few minutes later after a couple quick photos, the wedding party heads for the limousine. Nina goes in first because of her dress, followed by Gaston helping her in, and then the rest.  Luna sits next to Nina, gushing about the ceremony, and Matteo sits far away from Luna, watching her converse so friendly when not too long ago she lost her temper for a hot minute.

After about 45 minutes of driving, they arrive at the park to take professional photographs. The photographer and his assistant are already set up and start giving directions to everyone the moment everybody is out of the car. He first makes Nina take some by herself, then Gaston, then the wedding parties, and different mixtures of people within each set. Of course, Nina and Luna take a million together, as well as Matteo and Gaston, and even a few with the four of them all together. There Matteo and Luna try so hard to pretend to like each other, but the fakeness will probably show through the photos later on anyway.

When the photographer pushes Luna and Matteo out of the way for the bride and groom to have shots together, Luna walks away as quickly as possible. This is when Matteo decides he has had enough and goes chasing after her. “Luna!” he calls out for her, which only makes her speed walk even faster.  He then begins jogging. He finally reaches her at the center of a small bridge going over a pond, straying far away from the rest of the group. Luna sighs in defeat and turns around facing him. He rests his arms on his knees to regain breath before beginning. “Luna, we need… to talk.” he heavily breathes out. Luna crosses her arms and waits. After a couple of seconds, she gets frustrated. “Okay, then. Talk!” She barks at him.

Matteo stuffs his hands in his pockets and looks into her eyes. “What you, about the past and everything. Is that how you really felt? How you were?” he asks. Luna rolls her eyes. “No, I made the whole thing up,” she says sarcastically. He doesn’t like her attitude very much but keeps held together pretty well. She feels a little bad and breaks down a bit. “Yes, it’s true,” she says quietly, looking to the floor. Matteo softly smiles at her. “Can I tell you something?” he inquires. Luna looks up with a sullen face. “Sure,” she says.

Matteo inhales and closes his eyes for a brief moment before talking. “As crazy as it sounds,” he pauses. “I used to like you too. Actually, I still do.” Luna widens her eyes. Then gives him a look as if saying he was crazy. “You liked me?” she fired. “But we hardly talked, ever. You hardly How?”

Matteo winces before continuing. “Well, I was actually very shy about it, believe it or not. For someone who was well known around school, I had a reputation I had to maintain. It was completely dumb, really. From our “mentors” when we were sophomores and they were seniors, they told us we had to be on top of the game. Have the highest grades, have the most money, date the most popular girls. I saw you as such an intelligent and humble person, those are the kind of people I like.  However, none of the guys let me go for you. They wouldn’t let me even be around you, that’s how horrible it was. It was pure torture,“ he pauses and takes a few steps toward her. Luna is just frozen in place, completely shocked at what he was saying.

His face is only several inches away from here before going on. "Those classes where we would work together and I ignored you, I wished I wasn’t forced to, but I had to. But those were the best moments, getting to be near you, even if it was totally platonic and professional, I would still lose my breath just being near you. But I always noticed you. You may not have seen me, but I was there. Not to be in a stalkerish way. It was my biggest regret back then, and it still is. I never took the chance to get to know you, to be with you. I’m sorry I caused you so much pain,” He looks down at their hands and grabs hers. He looks back up, leaning in slowly as ever. “If I could go back in time and change everything, I would. Just to have the chance with you,” he whispers.

Luna is completely speechless and breathless all at the same time. The closer his face neared hers, the more her heartbeat sped up. She became weaker and weaker, falling so so hard. She was infinitely lost in his eyes in that moment. “Oh, Matteo,” she breathes. His nose touches hers, she closes her eyes. Finally, he can’t take it anymore and closes the gap.

They are kissing with hunger, with passion, like each other’s lips are the oxygen they are losing. Her arms go around his neck immediately, pulling him down closer to her. His arms snaked around her waist, his hands petting the silky dress fabric. Her hands pull at his hair at the nape of his neck, making him groan. He pokes his tongue in her mouth, begging to let in. She gladly accepts, smiling against his lips. Their tounges danced in each other’s mouths excitedly. He pulled her closer to his body, arching her back.

Suddenly they lose breath and pull away. They are breathing heavily, leaning against each other’s foreheads. They smile at each other, with goofy grins on their faces. Luna had forgiven him before they started sucking each other’s faces, however. She had held a grudge against something so stupid for far too long. It was definitely time for her to let go, and she was so relieved she did. Not only was a weight lifted off her chest, but she felt like she was floating, flying, soaring over the highest heights. It was an amazing feeling.

Luna giggled a bit after being able to breathe again, and so did Matteo. He moved a stray hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. She reached across cupping his cheek with her hand, stroking it with her thumb. They continued smiling at each other sweetly, looking into each other’s eyes. Finally, Luna speaks up, “So, what now?” she smirks. Clearly waiting for an invitation from him. He smirks back. “Luna, would you like to go on a date with me sometime,” he asks.

She pretends to debate about it for a moment before finally saying, “I mean yeah I  guess.” Matteo chuckles at her response and he kisses her cheek, so happy that he can do that now.

They both perk up when they hear faint shouts from the other side of the park. The entire group was calling out their names and waving for their attention. They both laugh at their friends and they begin walking back, hand in hand, goofy grins still plaster on their faces, happy as can be.

When they arrive back to the limo, about to pile in, Nina notices their hands held together and sends Luna a pleasantly surprised and excited look, who only rolls her eyes playful at her. When everyone is in, Nina immediately starts interrogating Luna, throwing question after question. She thanked God that Matteo was at a safer distance from her so that he couldn’t hear anything. “What was that little show you guys were putting on at the bridge? Are you going out yet? Why are you not angry anymore, Are you okay?” Nina pitches to her. Luna put her hands on Nina’s to calm her down. “I’ll explain later, but we are fine. Nothing is in the way, and yes he asked me on a date.” Luna smiles. Nina beams cheerfully. Gaston must be talking about the same thing on the other side to Matteo because he cheers a little more loudly.

Suddenly he starts grabbing shot glasses and tequila from the inside bar and passing them down. Matteo starts his pre-reception speech, “To the new Mr. and Mrs. Perida everyone, give it up come on.” The entire car cheers and clinks their glasses together. Gaston leans over to kiss Nina. “On three. one, two, three!” Everybody brings their glass to their lips and downs it immediately. Luna makes a sour face right after then giggles, so does Nina. Matteo looks across directly towards Luna and genuinely smiles, raising his empty glass to her silently. Luna acknowledges and smiles, doing the same.

The entire ride to the reception, they had the music blasting and danced to throwback One Direction songs in their seats. Gaston and Matteo going really hard at it, probably because they had two more shots before. All of the guests had arrived before the wedding party, anxiously waiting for the big arrival. Everyone unloaded and formed into the same line pairings as once before. Only this time Matteo and Luna had their dates by their sides, oh and Nina had Gaston by hers in the very back.

Couple by couple, each entered the reception right after their names were called. People went wild and cheered on for each one. “And let’s welcome the best man and maid-of-honor,” the DJ shouts. “Matteo Balsano and Luna Valente!” At their queue, they walk in arm in arm, smiling at the crowd big and wide. They take their places at the head table while continuing to stand.

“And now for the moment, you’ve all been waiting for. Mr. and Mrs. Gaston and Nina Perida!” They enter the room, and everyone goes ballistic. More rose petals are thrown their way, streamers flung into the air. The grand reveal. They’re both smiling ear to ear, looking at all of the most important people in their life celebrating this moment together. Both Luna and Matteo shout extra loud for their best friends, hooting and hollering their names as they approach their places at the table.

Soon after dinner is served. Luna and Matteo sit next to each other laughing the entire time while conversing. She occasionally knocks her heels into his shoes, rubbing his ankles with the point of her own shoes. And he rubs her arms up and down while talking intently to her. They are blushing the entire time and giggling, finding it impossible to keep their hands off each other.

After dinner, the first dance as a married couple happens. Everyone, of course, pulls out their phones automatically, not wanting to miss a single moment. However, Luna chooses to live in the moment and just simply watches them in adoration, leaning her head against his shoulder. Nina’s father and Gaston’s mother soon cut in for their respective mother-son and father-daughter dances. This leaves everyone in tears, seeing the parents with their now married children. Even Luna sheds a tear or two, just super happy.

A few minutes later, the Dj announces that the floor is open to anyone at that moment. Nina and GAston both stay with their parents while other couples begin to flood the dance floor. Next, Luna feels a light tap on her shoulder. Turning in her direction to find Matteo offering his hand out to her. “Would you care to dance with me, Miss. Valente.” Matteo purs very suavely. Luna blushes furiously and nods, taking his hand. He pulls her to the floor, in the middle of where Gaston and Nina are separated with their parents. Both of them send a smirk in their best friends directions, content that their friends are finally together.

Matteo rests his hands on her hips and hers sling around his shoulders. They sway back and forth together to the soft music playing. They rest their foreheads against each other, closing their eyes, letting the music carry them away. When the song finishes and the next slow song begins, They bore into each other’s eyes. They are both staring deep into the other, looking into their souls. Luna closes the gap and presses her lips against his. This time it’s slow and sweet. Taking their time. They pull away and rest’s their foreheads together again, biting their lips. The song ends and the upbeat music starts to fill the room, drawing more people onto the dance floor. “Let’s get some champagne first,” Matteo suggests loudly in her ear so she can hear. Luna nods her head and lets Matteo lead her off the dance floor. They find a waiter with the tray of champagne flutes and Matteo grabs two from off of it, handing one to Luna. They go back to their table and sit.

“To a great wedding.” Matteo raises his glass. Luna clinks hers against his, smiling in satisfaction. “To a great wedding,” she repeats. They drink from their glasses and observe the rest of the crowd. Noticing the people crowding the floor dancing, the ones going up to the bar ordering drinks, the ones chattering amongst one another, Nina and Gaston going up to them all, greeting them hello. They both look at each other with knowing eyes. They hold hands and enjoy each other’s presence letting the night slips away from their fingertips.

4 hours and 5 champagne glasses later, everything got wild. The older crowd and families with young children had left after the cutting of the cake and all the speeches. Now the night was getting frisky for the young people in the crowd. With nothing in the way, the entire wedding party was cranking it up on the dance floor. Every bridesmaid, including Nina, had ditched their heels hours ago and threw them into a closet in one big pile. With everyone drunk enough to not keep track of time, the floor was filled with them twerking and grinding like teenagers again. Unless of course, some 90’s music came up and Gastteo brought back out the running man, the sprinkler, hammer time, the works. It had every single one of them cracking up to no end. They were perfectly in sync as if they had choreographed it together. They hadn’t, but they would be lying if they said they hadn’t danced like that with each other back in high school, just remembering all of the moves.

Luna had Matteo against her most of the night, pulled to their bodies grinding against each other. Matteo would whisper something in her ear occasionally and she would giggle all shyly and blush like mad.

Soon after Matteo pulled her again and whispered in her ear seductively. “Hey let’s get out of here, yeah?” Luna chuckled. “But it’s my best friend’s wedding, I can’t leave!” she exclaims. “I don’t mean leave leave. Let’s just get out of this room.” He reassures her. She smirks at him and jumps. She was definitely tipsy. “Okay!” she agrees. He pulls her out of the room, she looking back at her friends. Nina sees them and smirks, then going over to Gaston pointing it out as well. He cracks up, cheering his best friend on. Like said before, everyone was a different, wilder version of themselves at the moment.

Matteo pulls her into one of the dressing rooms. When he closes the door, he immediately plants his lips on her, pinning her against the wall. Her hands go to his hair, wildly pushing through it. His lips attack her neck, kissing every single inch of her, she throws her head back against the wall. She begins to push off his jacket and he helps in the process. She undoes his tie, very slowly and messily as she tries not to break from the kiss. His hands go to the zipper of her dress, unzipping it as quickly as possible. He takes out the bun from her hair, letting it pour long over her shoulders wildly.

Clothes fall on the floor one at a time, kissing like it was what they needed to survive. They lose themselves in the moment, in time. Everything went by so quickly, almost like it never happened at all.

Although they don’t stay until morning, they lay on the carpeted floor of the dressing room, breathless and bare. They cuddle against each other, listening to the sound of pounding hearts. The lust, the thrill, consumed in their fogged up minds. They know they don’t have enough time to stay like that forever. They know that they must return back soon. But for now, they just enjoy themselves in the moment, listening to the music still going strong as ever outside.

They may not have started on the right foot, but they certainly ended with a bang. The saying of “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” is definitely wrong in this case. The journey was a long a hard one, but the destination landed in paradise.

  • person: Six of Crows is amazing and wonderful and wow
  • me: Yes! I agree! Wow!
  • me: *thinks*
  • me: but what about. genderswap/genderbent.
  • Kaz Brekker, the girl from the barrel. She grew up fighting to survive and now she's like the coolest most bad ass member of the Dregs ever who definitely still has an undercut
  • Inej Ghafa, the Wraith, the Suli boy ripped away from his family who learned that he was more than his circumstance and literally learned to fly
  • Jesper Fahey, super sharpshooter and Kaz's right hand lady. She would be so cute and flirty and wait are would female Jesper basically be Nina if Nina could shoot guns
  • Nina (Nathaniel?) Zenik, the heartrender Nina has to be like as hot as hell so Nathaniel would be to definitely with a jawline that could cut glass he would be so cool and also pretty amazing as heck imagine him with Zoya omg
  • Matthias (???? Melissa sucks but it's all I can think of? Mary? Matilda?) Helvar, the convict with a thirst for revenge. The perfect blonde locks would definitely still work but think about all the pretty braids her hair would go in wow she would also be powerful as heck and so angry I want to be her

I miss the old vampire diaries. I miss it’s amazing soundtrack, the incredible plots/writing, I even miss the human elena. But mostly I miss stelena. The writers have seriously fucked up the best show. The only reason I even watch it now is for that glimmer of hope that Stefan and elena might get back together one day. The last two seasons have been bullshit and I’m fucking over it.

Nina the Killer Rant

Requested by nina-the-lovely-killer. I hate you for making me do this.

This is my arch nemesis.

The one that started it all.

The ancestor of the pasta Sues.

The one that allowed poorly written OCs to become popular.

The one to blame for Broken Eve, Jana the killer, Jenny the killer, Carmine, and so many more.

Well, let’s do this.

I’m not reviewing her story because I have no idea what’s going on, and she has no bio, so ‘m going to go on a huge rant about OCs in general, and in the end bring it all back to be about Nina the killer. 

Let’s begin:

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Just shut up Ian

For the first time in my life I’m annoyed by Ian Somerhalder. Annoyed by the fact that over the past week he has been throwing shade at the writers and the network, for keeping Delena in the game, and that in every interview, convention, and even directing a Delena-less episode. Annoyed by how he acts like Delena is just a thing, whereas, for him, Bamon is this amazing layered relationship. Just shut up Ian. 

I love the chemistry that you share with Kat, until this season I didn’t really see anything between the two characters, but only reciprocal angst , and now I see this amazing friendship. But what’s the rush all of a sudden to make Bamon a couple? 

Sorry to break it to you, but Damon and Bonnie have only shared this “new” and “incomparable” chemistry for what ten episodes or so? While Damon and Elena’s relationship had to be built for the past six fucking seasons. That every time we thought they were going to be happy together, the writers dropped a stupid storyline to break them up, how many of these shit plotlines have happened during the past three seasons, enough to make a lot of people annoyed by Delena, and by that I mean now former Delena stans. Now things seems to finally go well for them, even though we all know that something will happen… 

It’s crystal clear that you don’t want to work on these intimate scenes with Nina Dobrev. I don’t give a flying fuck about any celebrities’ private life, and you shouldn’t bother anyone with it. Be professional, the rest is your business, not ours. To be so outspoken against what like half the fandom thinks in matter of OTP and to call out your employer three times in a week, is somewhat unprofessional.

All that being said, you have an opinion, I respect the fact that you have one, doesn’t mean that me, or any other fans who feel the same way as I do now should endorse it. I know pretty much the entire Bamon family is orgasming over all these things you’ve said in the past week. But as of me, you need several seats.

Sorry for the rant, but I had a lot of things on my mind.

PS. I really don’t mean to be disrespectful to Ian, or to any Bamon stans for that matter. I admire this guy so much, all the things he does outstide TVD’s set is genuinely admirable and respectable, he’s such an inspiration to me. But the few comments that he’s made recently truly disturb me, it gives me the impression that there’s no longer a team spirit between each and everyone on The Vampire Diaries, actors, writers and producers.