nina's pillow

anyone wanna talk abt how nina and kuwei absolutely remain close friends to this day and visit each other in ravka regularly because i know in my heart this is true

  • nina gets what it’s like to be on your own in a foreign country trying to accomplish a seemingly-impossible task, and having her check in every so often is a huge help for kuwei settling into his new life there
  • they’re the most multilingual of all their friends and bond over this.  nina doesn’t get many opportunities to practice shu even though she speaks it fluently, and although kuwei speaks passable ravkan, he improves a lot faster from speaking to nina without the added pressure of having to do anything other than talk.
  • both of them religiously pick up bits of gossip and remember all of it and have at least an hour sharing all of it every time they meet (mostly nina.  kuwei likes keeping things to himself so he can use it if he ever has to.  but sometimes he’ll tell her something and nina’s eyes go wide because there’s no way kuwei should know that.)  between the two of them, they know what’s going on with everyone at any given time and have also been known to discuss this in earshot of whoever they’re talking about by switching languages so nobody can prove it
  • when inej comes to visit nina, the three of them go for waffles.  afterwards, inej and nina take turns teaching each other the rowdiest sea shanties they know and kuwei looks on with a mixture of confusion, amusement, and horror, because neither of them can carry a tune and there are some lyrics he wishes he didn’t understand.  (he’s totally memorising them for later, though.)  they’re so happy and enthusiastic about it that after a while it’s hard not to give up and laugh
  • both of them also know what it’s like to lose someone you care about and to have to move on and make a life for yourself regardless.  it’s not something either of them talks about a lot but sometimes, a good number of years in the future, they will.  nina tells him about matthias, about the future they were going to make together and how they were going to change the world.  the work she’s still trying to do on her own.  the promise she made to try and help the younger drüskelle who could become something more, like matthias did.  kuwei doesn’t need to say a lot to that, mostly just listens, but he’s seen how much nina’s accomplished in the years since the ice court job and matthias’ death and all of the good she’s done.  
  • he especially doesn’t have a lot to say about his life before fjerda and ketterdam, not a lot of it is things he wants to remember, but he was close with his father even if their relationship wasn’t perfect and sometimes there’s something to say about that.  about how it might have been better for the world if it was his father who survived shu han, how kuwei could have done something to help them escape if it wouldn’t have exposed him as a grisha to the fjerdans.  i could have brought matthias back, nina says quietly.  i almost did.  sometimes letting go is better.  
  • the potential with these two is honestly so underrated and i feel like we as people need to talk about it more


  • nina: wake up, i have a huuuuge dilemma i need your opinion on!  
  • kuwei: what?  
  • nina: am i more beautiful today than i was yesterday?  i mean at first i looked in the mirror and i thought well, yes, definitely, huge improvement–  
  • kuwei: can i have my pillow back?  
  • nina: –but then i thought maybe it’s not that i’m more beautiful today, maybe i was just as beautiful yesterday but i lacked the self-esteem to recognise it!  
  • kuwei: don’t take this personally but get out
I’m A Gambling Man Part 14

Beginning: I’m A Gambling Man Part 1

Warning: just fluffy this time

I’m A Gambling Man Part 14

Chapter 29

….“Nina, please get back in your booster seat and put your seat-belt back on sweetheart.”…

….“But I can’t look out the back window with my seat-belt on Uncle J”…

….“Sweetheart it’s not safe for you. It’s specially not safe when I’m driving on the freeway, going sixty. Now please get back in your booster seat and put your seat belt on Nina.”….

….“No. I don’t want to.”….

…. “Fine then. Guess I’ll have to put it back on for you.”…

He started slowing down till he was able to pull over to the side on the road. Soon as he turn around to get a hold of Nina, she moved out of his reach. Nina just laugh as he kept trying to get her into her seat. He almost had a hold of her, till he heard screeching of tires. 

Soon as he turn around that’s when he saw it, a driver of a semi was losing control. It was swerving left to right, trying to regain control but there was no use. The straps that held down the pipes he was carrying snapped. The pipes started flying in all directions, including theirs.

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Just for a second, let me pretend

Is this even good enough to be the last chapter, I have no idea but at least it’s liek 1k longer than usual so there’s that.As always hope you enjoy it.

chapter 1/chapter 2/Chapter 3 /Chapter 4

Luna hates fancy parties, they make her uncomfortable and she always has to tiptoe around everyone so she won’t start a fight or accidentally offend some conservative.She hates fancy parties, she really does, even if she gets to wear cute dresses.

But she thought that this one wouldn’t be that bad, mostly because Matteo is in it, and fancy parties with Matteo are a blast, they mock drunk rich people, see who can scandalize someone the fastest, make up drinking games for whenever someone says the food is ‘subpar at best’ or casually slips how much money they make a year or one.of their weird extreme luxuries in a totally unrelated conversation. She loves fancy parties with Matteo, and it’s only a little bit because she is totally in love with him and loves anything that has him in it.

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Creepypasta #734: My Friend Nina

Length: Medium

After Ellie died, it was just Nina and me, In a way her death brought us closer. we were both broken people, Nina lost her sister and I lost my friend. We became inseparable since, Lila and Nina, friends forever. We talked endlessly about our problems but mostly we talked about Ellie, they never found out who killed her. Nina missed her a lot, even after all these years, I could see it in the way she talked about her.

But lately Nina has changed a lot, and so have her parents. They used to be so nice to me before, always asking me to stay for dinner, taking me with them to their family trips, I don’t know what I did wrong but I don’t think they like me anymore. 

Last week was the third anniversary of Ellie’s death, we always made her favorite food for dinner in her honor but when I reached their place, they hadn’t set a place for me. It hurts me so much to think that I’m losing yet another friend. Even today at school, when Gigi pretended that I didn’t exist, Nina didn’t say anything and she has always stood up for me. She’s been ignoring me all day, If only I knew what she was mad about.

When we reach home she sits down to write her diary. The doctor suggested it after Ellie’s death, it helps her express her emotions. I know I shouldn’t but I peek at it from behind.

“Dear Diary”, She writes.

“I haven’t seen Lila all day. They say that invisible friends start fading away after some time, maybe that’s what is happening. Maybe I am getting better.”

Tears streak my cheek, I am filled with hurt and rage. I grab the knife Nina keeps under her pillow, I have never felt this angry, not since the day Ellie looked at me in the eye and said “you’re not real”

Credits to: I_redefine_sin