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Professor Winchester (Dean Winchester x Reader AU) Chap. 1

Professor Winchester Masterlist

Word Count: 2,613

Professor!Dean Winchester x Reader AU

Summary: A few years after being accepted into your dream college, everything’s going well. Your grades are good, your social life is booming, all your assignments are easy…  Except for the damn essay that Professor Winchester assigned you. Based off this request.

Chapter Warnings : Language, alcohol usage, mentions of sex, mentions of student/teacher relationships

‘Similar to the effects of the mythical creature the basilisk, Medusa…”

You groan out as you sit at your kitchen table, your fingertips typing away at your laptop in an attempt to start the introduction paragraph of your research essay that’s due tonight. You tend to be a procrastinator, which never works well, and more often than not leaves you immensely stressed out.

You shake your head, deleting the first sentence all together before taking a long sip of coffee. Only three hours to get the essay done. Three hours until the deadline. Damn Professor Winchester for giving you such a challenging topic.

Normally, you love his class. He’s easily one of the most laid back, chilled out professors you’ve had throughout your three years at the University of Kansas. His love for Greek Mythology is unlike anything you’ve seen before. His lectures are nothing short of interesting, as he somehow manages to make even the most minuscule of things seem like the most amazing thing in the world. The tests are hard, but as long as you pay attention and take notes in class, you’ve always been fine.

Unfortunately for you, the subject of your essay that Professor Winchester had assigned you is something that you’ve yet to go over in the class, leaving you completely clueless.

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NINA ZENIK by @crooked-queen​ ♥ THE HEARTRENDER

“Oh, I see. I’m the wicked Grisha seductress. I have beguiled you with my Grisha wiles.”

Dressing up a little like my Six of Crows queen is something I’d like to do professionally, tbh. I read the first book when I was at a rough stage of my recovery and finding Nina brightened my life. Size twelve is sick as hell. ***Click each photo for higher resolution***

The God of Peace looked into a mirror for the first time. But what he saw in the mirror was a Devil. The Devil said, you are me, and I am you.
What should I do? With this Devil, nobody can live in peace. What should I do? The God was very troubled…

“…do you know what happens? I knew. Do you? What happens to this god now?”
“I do… When he saw a Devil in the mirror, he… pointed the gun… at the Devil’s forehead.”

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Hello!! So for the scenario thing can i request something for jennie x F!Reader? A idol!AU maybe a bit of smut?The reader can be a member from a kpop group, or just a girlsband (not necessary kpop) and jennie got really jealous cause one of your member is really touchy and "flirty" with the reader during a reality show, so she kind of want to remind everyone who her gf "belong to"?

Hi Anon! Yay! A BlackPink request! I love Jennie, her cheeks are so cute! I hope you enjoy this short reaction <3 ~ Gaishō

Jennie x F!Reader A Idol!AU - “She’s Mine!”

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*Alarm clock beeps* You slam the button to shut it off and rollover to your adorable girlfriend. “Jenniiieeee, cuddle me!” She sleeps soundly although you pull her closer to you. You stradle her and move in for a kiss, but her eyes quickly open. “Gotcha!” She pushes you over and kisses you. “So, today our group is appearing on Weekly Idol. I’d like for you to come and watch… That is if you want to.” Jennie smiles, licks her lips and says, “but first I want to show my appreciation for you baby.” She starts to head under the covers and swiftly pulls off your shorts and undies. Jennie is not one to hesitate; she went straight for your clit and inserted two fingers deep inside you. ‘Mornings with this girl never gets old.’

She pulls the sheets off herself and wipes her mouth. You come up to her to fix her hair and kiss her nose. “You’ll come to watch me on Weekly Idol, right?” She bites your neck. “Duh! I have to make sure that annoying member of yours keeps her hands to herself.” She gave you a crazy smile, but she makes crazy look so cute. ‘She must be talking about the second oldest member, Nina.’ You shrug your shoulders and get ready for the interview.

You arrive at the studio and give her a goodbye kiss while you headed to the makeup artists. Jennie periodically looked your way while talking to the stage crew. ‘Oh, no. Nina is coming. She better behave.’ Nina comes to sit next to you in the makeup chairs and puts a hand on yours. Not only that she starts to caress your hand. “Heyyy, how you doing today, Y/N?” She winks at you. You laugh nervously because you know Jennie is probably seeing this encounter right now and there has to be steam blowing out of her ears. 

“Hana, dul, set!” The producer announces and the crowd claps and cheers. Deffcon and Don appear on the set and start to talk. ‘Well, here we go. No time to be nervous right now. I have to show Jennie how far I’ve come.’ You look to Jennie for support and she smiles and throws up two finger hearts. Nina notices and whispers to you, “awww, isn’t that just cute.” She puts a hand on your knee and starts to rub it. Jennie is fuming behind stage and I swear the room’s temperature just went up.

Don took the moment to open up the interview with what he saw. “Oh! Nina, Nina, Nina! Is Y/N your favorite of the group?” People start to ‘ooh’ and I think Nina’s head just blew up like a balloon. “Hehe! She’s my favorite of the maknaes… You could even say she’s become my love interest.” The MC’s and the crowd go crazy. ‘Oh god, is Nina crazy!? Jennie will rip your head off you know!’ Suddenly Nina grabs your face to kiss you and her eyes glared at Jennie backstage. 

Jennie just about had it. She came on stage to rip Nina off of you and throw her to the ground. ‘This must be Jennie’s cold side that people don’t normally see.’ The MC’s mouths drop and the rest of your group cowers. Jennie heads over to Deffcon and bows, “Oppa, may I have your mic, please?” He hands it over with a shaky hand. Jennie takes the stage. Your head starts to spin. ‘This was supposed to be a normal interview…’

As you all know, Y/N is MY girlfriend. Not Nina’s love interest and never will be. She is MINE.” She slowly walks over to Nina and all you can hear is the stomping of her black boots. Jennie stood tall over Nina and spoke into the mic while staring straight into Nina’s eyes. “Take note Nina. Y/N is my girl. Oh, and learn to respect your sunbaenims, seriously.” She drops the mic and grabs you by the shirt and passionately kisses you in front of everyone. She even went as far as grabbing your breasts and sucking on your lips to prove a point. ‘Oh man… I’m going to lose my job!’

Hell of a Present

Anon I’m sorry it took me so long to post I really hope your friend enjoys this. And happy birthday Nina :D. (Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes)

Hell of a Present

It was your twentieth birthday and your four best friends were finally home from their world tour. They had been gone for over a year and you hadn’t seen them at all except when you got the occasional snapchat or when you would talk on Skype with them. But snapchat and Skype wasn’t the same.

You couldn’t wait to get over to the 5 Seconds of Summer house to see Calum. You had been head over heels for that boy the day you met him, and you knew that he would never feel the same about you.

“Nina’s here!” You heard Michael scream from in the house as you stepped out of your car.

You laughed to yourself as you began to walk to the door, but you were scooped up from behind by a giggly Ashton.

“Ash, put me down!” You squealed.

“But I missed you!” He pouted as he gently set your feet on the ground.

“Yeah, yeah. I missed you too,” you laughed as you hugged him.

“Ninaaaaaa!” Michael yelled dramatically.

“Mikey,” you laughed as you hugged him.

“Nina! I’ve missed you!” Luke said as he stepped out of the house.

“I missed you too Luke,” you giggled into the hug.

“Where’s Cal?” You asked as you pulled away from Luke.

“Ummm…” Luke mumbled rubbing the back of his neck.

“He forgot it was your birthday so he’s trying to figure out a present for you,” Michael said bluntly.

“Oh,” you whispered as your heart sank along with your smile.

“You weren’t suppose to tell her that you idiot!” Ashton said as he hit Michael’s arm.

“You guys being home is enough of a present for me,” you said playfully hitting Ashton.

“No it’s not,” you heard Calum say from inside.

“Calum!” You exclaimed as you ran into the house.

“Nina! God I’ve missed you so much!” Calum said as he picked you up in his arms and spun around. He placed you back on your feet and hugged you tighter, pulling you closer to him.

He buried his face into your blonde hair, “I missed you so goddam much.”

“I missed you too Calum,” you whispered into his ear.

“You’ll never miss me as much as I miss you,” he mumbled sadly.

“Ok you two! Get a room!” Ashton said as he walked into the kitchen.

Calum pulled away and followed into the kitchen.

“Nina, come sit with us in the couch,” Michael smiled.

“Fine, you’re so pushy Clifford,” you joked.

You sat down on the couch and Calum slid in behind you like he always did. He rested his head on your shoulder and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Open mine first!” Ashton said flopping on the ground in front of you and shoving a poorly wrapped package at you.

“Alright,” you laughed.

You started to tear the wrapping paper away and pulled out a My Little Pony backpack.

“So you’ll always think of me when I’m on tour,” Ashton smiled widely.

“Thank you Ashton!” You smiled as you hugged him.

“Mine next, please,” Luke smiled sheepishly.

You unwrapped an adorable penguin stuffed animal as Luke said, “so you will also think of me when we’re away.”

“Thank you so much Luke,” you smiled.

“Mine next!” Michael said as he whipped out an envelope.

“Pizza certificates?” You laughed as you opened it.

“Since we’re going with "so you’ll think of me”, they’re so you’ll think of me when you eat pizza, or so you’ll think of me when you get me pizza.“

"Thanks Mikey,” you giggled.

“I’m sorry Nina, but I don’t have your present ready yet,” Calum frowned.

“It’s alright Cal,” you smiled as you hugged him tightly.

The night was filled with laughter, popcorn, and movies. You were so happy to be with you friends again and in Calum’s arms.

You fell asleep with head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. You opened your eyes and it was dark and there was a blue glow from the clock next to you. When your eyes adjusted you realized you were in Calum’s room, but there was no Calum.

You slipped out from underneath the warm covers and went down stairs. Calum was lying on the couch watching tv. You laid your hand on his bare should causing him to jump. He sat up and turned to look at you.

“Nina, hi, ummm…you fell asleep so I took you upstairs and I didn’t want to freak you out by being next to you, and I took your shoes off but didn’t touch anything else on you.”

You giggled at him and smiled, “I wouldn’t have minded if you were next to me.”

“W-what? Really?”

“Really,” you said as you sat next to him.

Calum just looked at you for a few seconds and turned his attention back to the tv. You studied how the light illuminated his defined cheek bones, how it casted shadows, how it made his eyes glow, and his lips. Calum noticed you staring at him and you reverted your gaze.

“I still haven’t got a birthday present for you yet,” he whispered.

“You being home is enough for me,” you smiled.

“No it’s not. You are so perfect and I don’t know what to get you because I want it to be a perfect gift,” Calum said looking at you again.

“I’m not perfect,” you mumbled as you played with your fingertips.

“To me you are. Being away from you for so long was driving me mad, I love you so much and I know this is only one-sided. I can’t change how I feel about you, I love everything about you,” he said as he played with the strong on his sweat pants.

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Your mouth opened slightly as you tried to find words, but nothing past your lips.

“I love how your brown eyes turn to honey in the sunlight, I love how your blonde hair sways when you walk, I love being close to you, I love your hugs, I love your laugh, I love everything about you.”

You felt a tear run down your cheek.

“Oh no, I’m sorry please don’t cry.”

“I-I love you Calum,” you whispered.

“Please don’t cry baby,” he said as he began to kiss your tears away.

“Calum, kiss me.”

Calum close the space between you. His lips molded perfectly with yours. You could taste the salt linger on his lips from your tears. Your lips moved together as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Calum wrapped his arms around your slim waist and pulled you on to his lap. You straddled his legs and ran your hands through his hair. His tongue grazed your bottom lip asking for entrance. You parted your lips and his tongue slid in. It massaged yours as you moaned slightly into the kiss. Calum broke the kiss to kiss down your neck and across your collar bones.

“I need you Nina,” he whispered into your ear as he took your earlobe in his mouth.

You stood up and took his hand and began to walk him to his bedroom. Calum scooped you up and carried you bridal style up the stairs. He left soft kisses all over your face.

When you were in his room he laid you gently on his bed.your blonde hair cascaded down your shoulders and pooled behind your head.

“You look so beautiful,” Calum said as he gently climbed on top of you.

“Calum, I need you.”

Calum kissed your lips as he ran his hands up your shirt and too it off he unclasped your bra and threw it to the floor.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered as he kissed down your chest.

You kissed down to your shorts and took them and your panties off. You sat up slightly and pulled down his sweats. His member sprang free and you raised an eyebrow.

“He likes to roam free,” he shrugged and you giggled.

Calum layer you back down as he lined himself up with your dripping core.

“Please if I hurt you or do anything wrong please tell me,” he said as his gaze locked with yours.

You nodded as Calum slid his tip in. When he was fulling inside of you he waited for you to adjust to his size. Calum kissed your lips as he started to thrust into you.

It didn’t take long for you to be moaning his name. Your toes curled as you grabbed at the sheets.

“Cum for me birthday girl,” Calum whispered hoarsely.

You arched your back, as your eyes rolled back. Your walls contracted around Calum sending him over the edge.

Calum collapsed onto you, panting. After a little while He pulled out and laid next to you.

“I still didn’t get you a present,” he laughed as he played with your hair.

You rolled on your side to look at him and smiled cheekily.

“What?” He giggled nervously.

“How about a date as my present?”

“How about you be my girlfriend and then we can go where ever you want?” He smiled.

“I guess that’ll work too,” you smiled and kissed his lips.

In the morning you woke up in Calum’s arms. You were both still naked and burrowed under the covers. You gently removed yourself from the bed and threw your panties and Calum’s shirt on. You walked down stairs as you rubbed your eyes.

“Hell of a present last night right Nina?” Ashton giggled.

Your face turned redder than Michael’s hair as you put your head in your hands.

“Hey Ash, why don’t you leave my girl alone. Don’t need to pick on her because you’re jealous,” Calum said as he pulled you into his chest and kissed the too of your head.

Ashton rolled his eyes and continued eating his breakfast.

“I love you,” Calum whispered in your ear.

“And I love you,” you whispered back as you hugged your boyfriend.