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Since you started talking about Being Human UK on your other blog, I decided to watch it too. First of all: I LOVE IT! Buuuut…I really hate how they handled Nina’s death. I mean, I’m not saying I WANTED to see her get beaten to death, but I wish there was better closure for her.

ADMIN NOTE: Okay just to clarify, in case you don’t follow my main blog (@fandomlife-universe), I recently got into Being Human UK a few weeks ago and have been talking about it a lot on my main blog. And to you, confessor: I’m so happy that me talking about the show made you start watching it because it’s a really great show, but it ended a few years so the fandom isn’t really active anymore so I’m glad to kind of re-activate the fandom!

Harry Potter house friendship dynamics are rad:

Hufflepuff/Gryffindor friendships: Gryffindor gets Hufflepuff friend to be confident in themselves and do the stuff that they may have been afraid of doing. Hufflepuff friend helps Gryffindor with self care and preparing for the adventures they may go on:

Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw: Great study sessions together. Hufflepuffs help Ravenclaws take it down a notch sometimes and get the sleep they need. Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws are collectively good at badgering the teachers (pun totally intended) and getting an entire class off-track. 

Hufflepuff/Slytherin: Tumblr’s covered this one pretty well already, but Slytherins getting revenge for their Hufflepuff friends and Hufflepuffs going out of their way to make their Slytherin’s life a bit easier. 

Ravenclaw/Gryffindor: Crazy stunts, antics, and academic discoveries based on ‘well, you dreamed it up, now I’m going to do it.’ Both parties admitted to the hospital wing. 

Ravenclaw/Slytherin: An all-out battle of the wits, constantly. Ravenclaws figuring out how to enact that dastardly plan of the Slytherins. They get real change done in the school by setting up small devious things that get noticed by the teachers. Slytherins help Ravenclaws cheat on the tests because ‘it’s just unfair that we get tests in Herbology, Potions, DA, and Transfiguration and they expect us to study for all of them in the same night.’

Slytherin/Gryffindor: A very chaotic friendship let loose on Hogwarts. Slytherin points Gryffindor in a direction and Gryffindor leads the charge. Often the pair to stand up for each other and other students directly and loudly without any fear of the consequences. Essentially, one friend needs something done, the other has their back.

the shovel talk (stormpilot + rey)

“If you hurt him, I will hurt you.” Rey announces standing over Poe at lunch.

She is scowling at him with some strange contempt he assumes she caught from Jessika, before sitting down across from him and leaning forward enough their faces are only inches apart over the narrow table. Poe stops himself from giving in to the urge to lean back

Poe freezes instead, fork hanging in the air awkwardly. “Excuse me?”

“Master Luke has taught me many ways to help people, but all of those can be used to hurt people as well.” Rey says, not even remotely clarifying what Poe was hoping she would clarify.

“I am not sure that is what a Jedi should do.” Poe muses, thinking back to all the things the stories said about the Jedi’s of the Old Republic, before the empire and the purge of the Jedis.

Rey snarls. “I am the last Jedi apprentice. If I say cutting your balls off is the way of the Jedi, cutting your balls off is the way of the Jedi.”

“And why are we cutting my balls off?” Poe asks, wincing at the image.

“Not now.” Rey says, rolling her eyes, as though Poe is stupid for not understanding this conversation. As though she did not just sit down and threaten to cut his balls off. As though he was the one not making any sense. “If you ever hurt Finn.”

“I am not going to hurt Finn!” Poe says immediately, defensively. “Why would I hurt Finn? What is going on with you and Jessika today?”

Rey snarls at him. “I am not saying you are hurting Finn. But if you ever will, I will hurt you.”

Poe stares at Rey for a moment, before laughing. “Oh. Rey, are you giving me the shovel talk?”

“The what?” Rey asks, staring at him as though he has gone crazy. “Why would I talk about a shovel with you? I am threatening you.”

“Yes, I know. That is called a shovel talk.”

“Why would that be called a shovel talk?” Rey asks. “That makes no sense at all.”

“Huh.” Poe frowns. “I guess because you would bury my body if I ever hurt Finn?”

“But I am not threatening to kill you. I am threatening to hurt you.” Rey shakes her head at him. “You are a strange man, Poe Dameron.”

“It’s a … I didn’t … It is a idiom. People just say it.”

“How is it an idiot?” Rey asks.

“Idiom.” Poe exaggerates the m as much as he can. “A Phrase, a figure of speech.”

“Okay.” Rey shrugs. “If you say so.”

She stands up abruptly. “I am going to find Finn.” She announces and scowls again. “If you hurt him, I will hurt you.”

She stalks away, turning back around every couple of steps to glare at him. Poe watches her leave, bewildered.

What the hell just happened?

just a tiny snippet of a story i am working on. you can decide for yourself if rey is messing with Poe or if she really doesn’t know what the shovel talk is 

exsspes  asked:

stevie u have the best writing ever? I love how much thought you put into your characters and just I love the way you describe them! A+ just keep doing what you're doing and know that I love you!

talk to me abt my portrayal | accepting !

wheezes nina you’re so kind honestly thank you so much this means a lot ?? and i kno i dont tell you this enough but i really , really like your writing and i still think you have a wonderfully creative au for naegi. and quite frankly i think any and all ideas that you come up with are fascinating and i’m always happy to hear about them , regardless of who the muse / character / topic is like i just think you’re super smart and creative and i’ve yet to hear a bad idea come outta your mouth at any point. + ur so NICE you’re so nice, one of the nicest people i know tbqh and i wish nothing but the best for u at all times ??? nina deserves to find $20 on the ground every single day kisses all over ur face !!!

How to get illustration with Lysandre:

• Outfit: Blue dress
• Gift: Bocquet of white lilies
• Conversation with Lysandre: I thought you were a ghost
• Conversation with Lysandre: Now you remember my name?
• Conversation with Lysandre’s Mom: Do you wanna to be alone?
• After telling Kastiel and Rosalya what Nina has done let them be angry and do not interrupt
• Conversation with Nina: Nina, you should go to cafeteria
• Conversation with Lysandre: You are talking about me?

I’ve heard that you must have with him at least 70 points on your Lov-o-Metre


Okay so from the comment section on the website Helpeldarya I found the way to get Lysander’s illustration.

- Pick the blue dress
- Buy the flowers
- Say to Lysander that you though at first that he was a ghost
- When Lysander ask you to leave so he can stay with Nina you have to reply : “Oh so you know my name now ?” (I’m on the French version so my quote is probably wrong)
- Let Castiel and Rosalya get angry (after Nina)
- When you see Lysander’s mother, ask her if she wants you to leave her alone
- When with Lysander, (Are you talking about Nina/Rosa/Me) answer “Are you talking about me ?”
- Ask Nina to go to the cafeteria with you