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I need help... Please Signal boost ...

Hello everyone … So… I never wanted to do this, and I feel very awkward about it…because I tought that I could manage everything by myself, but I really need help…

A few years ago, I had to stop going to college because I couldn’t afford it anymore, and I also had very bad health problems, and was clinically depressed… I had so many debts that I tought about dying several times…
I had to go back to living with my mom, but she doesen’t have enough money to be able to support me, and I get a little money from the state but it’s not nearlt enough and I can’t find a job cause I didn’t finish university…

I finally managed to pay my debts a few years ago and I tought everything was fine but then some things happend (that I can explain in private if needed of course) but now I’m having new debts again…

I have doctors appointments to pay, insurance, bills.. SO MANY THINGS… and it has accumulated so much that now I don’t know what to do anymore… I am so frightened and so unwell… I’m really distraught and I really need help… please..

I’m hitting rock bottom and the resson I am asking help is that I need money.

I don’t know how to ask this, I feel very ashamed about asking this but I don’t know what to do anymore and I wanted to ask for help because I have seen some people get help thanks to tumblr before.

I am truly begging for a miracle…

I need to put 500€ in my bank account so that I can cover my debts and then I’ll be totally alright and everything is going to be fine and I won’t have any money problems anymore…If I don’t pay by the 25th… I’ll never be able to ever have a bank account and I’ll be in so much trouble that … I can’t even explain what’s it’s going to do… But It will ruin my life…
I can explain privately what’s going on, and I can give you proof of what I am saying if you send me a private message .

If you can help me by donating just a little bit, even 1€ could help me…And also please signal boost this, I will be SO GRATEFUL !!

I can do emergency commisions as simple sketches if you want, and I can sell my products, and send you guys some gifts if you want, anything, really, but if you can help me, with just a little bit or at least reblog this …. Please do.

I am grateful that you took the time to read this, and maybe help?

My Paypal adress is

I will keep you updated .Thank you guys. Thank you so much.

I know Matthias’ ghost doesn't want to associate with Kaz’s ghost, but imagine this

The Crows using oujia board as a way to communicate with Matthias’ ghost.

To everyone’s surprise, Kaz was the one who suggested the idea. He rarely use it, but when he does, he uses it privately without wanting anyone to know because he’s afraid everyone would think he’s being too Emotional™.

Inej usually tries the board with Nina. Two of the women will talk about their daily life, the time when they visited that one waffle house, and more. But during night, when everyone is asleep (and when Kaz isn’t secretly using the board), Nina will talk to ghost Matthias for hours - probably throwing some flirty joke here and there.

Jesper will force Wylan to talk to Matthias together. To cheer up the Fjerdan, they will tell Matthias funny jokes (it mostly comes from Jesper). Occasionally, Kuwei will join them.

Let’s talk about Six of Crows for one second

I just finished this book literally 5 minutes ago and I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.

The Plot

6 street criminals come together to perform the ultimate heist. Theres also fucking magic. And crime lords. And everybody is sassy af.

Criminals. Heist. Magic. SASS

The Fucking Characters:

Fucking Kaz Brekker: your typical self loathing, criminal prodigy with a rough past, thats disabled and walks with a limp, but deep, deep down is actually a precious bean

Inej Fucking Ghafa: a sly, WOC spy with lots of knives that can climb anything. she’s cool as shit. i love her.

Nina Zenik: a no nonsense, badass she-witch thats curvy and voluptuous af and fucking loves herself and doesn’t have time for your shit.

Fucking Jesper Fahey: a sharpshooting, sarcastic, BISEXUAL MOC, with a gambling addiction and also my son

Wylan Fucking Van Eck: a lil, precious, gay demolition expert thats too pure for this world

Matthias Helvar: a big ole blonde ball of anger and resentment dead set on revenge, but is an actual puppy

The Ships

Literally every ship is basically a enemies to friends to lovers scenario with everybody in denial of their love and pushing aside their feels until someone’s life is in peril. SLOW BURN. ENEMIES TO LOVERS. ITS LIKE MY CRACK.


Literally this book fucked me up. Is it September yet?


Nina Simone talks about her life, her daughter, and having pride in Blackness in this previously unreleased 1968 interview. She talks about a song she wrote right after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. “The song is extremely powerful,” says Simone, reciting the lyrics:

“You can shed your tears, but they won’t change a thing.

When my country ever learn

Must it kill at every turn?

We have to know what the consequences of these acts will bring.”