nina snail

i love the sneme because both parts of it came from things i like

take me to snurch (snail church) was a reference to hozier’s ‘take me to church’, one of my favorite songs right now

and sneople, or snake people, is a reference to steven universe

and then they ran headlong into each other and birthed this post:

…actually, the synthesis of the two memes is really fascinating, because it seems that in a certain sense the snakes have overcome the snails (probably due to having a more clear origin) but the format of the snosts (snail posts) is still intact and i think more commonly used, leading to other posts that use song lyrics and parentheses such as this one:

as ‘take me to church’ and ‘royals are both, in a sense, catchphrases for their respective artists, the snail format has also migrated to phrases like this: 

…which are are also easily recognizable phrases.

meanwhile the sneople phrasing is more able to be utilized for things like this:

this is so cool