nina ramone

Yo. My name is Marion, I’m 17 years old and come from New Zealand!

I’d love to have a pen pal to snail mail with, I’ll send you like 5 pages of detailed descriptions of my food and how I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter of acceptance. And I’ll send little gifts, artwork, chocolate, New Zealand money etc because I want to buy your friendship.

My most favourite hobbies are writing, painting, listening to music, dancing badly in my room on my own where no one can judge my moves, playing the guitar, reading, fashion and watching tv shows! (oitnb, Scandal, the Fosters, Greys, Breaking Bad and I’m starting to watch the walking dead but im rlly scared)

My life goals are to travel everywhere, do something good and useful, and to run a lil cafe on a hill and have a huge paddock where animals can come and live and I will feed them food and we will be happy.

Also my most favourite bands and artists are: alt-j, Queen B, Queen Nicki, Vampire Weekend, Sia, David Bowie, Modest Mouse, The Ramones, Nina Simone, Snoop Dogg, Shaggy, Cage the Elephant and Sticky Fingers.

I would love have a snail mail pal from anywhere in the world, preferably similar to my age but ultimately I don’t really mind. And to keep sending letters and to become good friends and to maybe meet up one day and it will be groovy as (I have v high expectations.) Also I only speak English I’m so sorry :’( But I love to learn languages, I know very basic French (v basic) and I’d still be super happy to do a language exchange with anyone if I can use google translate hehe. I love everyone, but not rude people. Please flick me an email! I’ll be super happy. Ty.