nina omg

The Crows early morning hcs


-Up at the crack of dawn, literally.

-He doesn’t care that he now lives on a ship, Kaz Brekker needs his black coffee every morning to function. So he prepares two cups, one for him with no sugar and one for Inej, adjusting hers with the two and half spoons of sugar and just enough milk, just how she likes it

-He still isnt used to see his bare hands move. He will get used to it.

-They sit at the table, not talking much, but both smiling.

-Inej loves Kaz hair ruffled by sleep.

-Kaz watches Inej pray to her Saints every morning, with a look of love and admiration.

-Inej straightens his tie, and they are ready to go.


-Waking the dead would be easier than waking Jesper, but Wylan has his methods.

-The cook got used to Jesper and his extravagant morning requests, Wylan wants to know where does his boyfriend hides all the things he eats, bc theres no way he can remain this skinny while eating half the house.

-Wylan’s face with the signs of the pillow on his cheeks is the most beautiful thing to wake up in the morning for Jesper. And it gets all sorts of ideas in his head about not leaving the bed.

-They go together to wake Wylans mother, as gently as they can and when she smiles, Wyan knows it will be a good day.


-Matthias is still a soldier in some things, so he’s up and about the moment morning comes, while Nina snores on the bed

-If you think that he will pass his time watching her sleep you are absolutely right.

-Cakes as breakfast are a must.

-Nina is a early morning cuddler and Matthias doesnt even try to deny her(mostly bc he cant, every contact with her is Djel sent to him)

-Matthias loves to watch Nina dress and doing her makeup and Nina loves to see his lovesick expression in the mirror.


Less than 48 hours till the tour starts! The cast is ready, and you?