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Until the Flavor’s Gone (1/?)

A/N – Hello! I am new to this fandom and pairing. I honestly didn’t have any intentions of writing anything, if I’m going to be completely honest but! I got these ideas in my head and thought I may as well try to share them with the world. And then I erased all of them, started over, and came up with this. I hope you guys don’t mind an alternate meeting Biadore AU that plays fast and loose with continuity, characterizations, and queen relationships. Sorry this isn’t particularly inspired. Title based off of Chewing Gum by Nina Nesbit, if you’re interested in what I’ve been listening to on repeat lately.

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i got tagged by my fave @actualhumansunshine (her post here). it took me ages to get to this, but there was no way i wasn’t going to do it!

  1. the best you had – nina nesbit
  2. homesick – dua lipa
  3. one foot – walk the moon
  4. find you – nick jonas (found this b/c of alyssa & am fully obsessed)
  5. your song – rita ora
  6. goodbye – echosmith
  7. ends of the earth – lord huron
  8. hotel – kita alexander (from niall’s spotify chilled hits playlist)
  9. one in a million – apollo ltd
  10. i was wrong – sleeperstar

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So today was amazing I met Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff, Laura Dern, Nina Nesbit, Birdy, Gabrielle Aplin, Dan and phil SO YEAH BLOODY AMAZING! I was the only one to get a signature from nina so that made me feel prestige hahaha but they are all so amazing and beautiful and so kind!

Chewing Gum - Luke Hemmings Imagine

Requested: Yes - hey can u write a luke imagine to chewing gum by nina nesbit? if u heard it. if not its ok

Warning: don’t know. Mild smut maybe? Mention of it at least.  

Word Count: 1,146

Author: Lily

Summary: You have a one night stand with Luke and then he becomes attached, thinking you can be together. 

Note: Listen to this song as you read! 

Part Two

You had warned him, told him about what you do. You had told him from the start that you don’t do relationships. For you, it’s better to play around a bit with one guy then move onto the next one, it’s how it had been for a while. And yet, he wouldn’t stop trying to change your mind. He’d become attached and thought he could change you, that you could be together. He was convinced he would be the one to change your heart.

The first time you’d met Luke was at a club in busy London. You were alone, looking for someone to go home with that night and decided that going to your favourite club was the way to do that. You’d spotted him across the room, blonde hair styled perfectly, piercing blue eyes, a piercing in his lip pulled between his teeth. He was standing in a corner, a little away from the dance floor. He was alone.

You smirked to yourself, ordered a drink at the bar and made your way over.

You always enjoyed the look of surprise you got sometimes when you made the first move – the wide eyes and nervous speech. But Luke wasn’t like that. He was cool, calm, collected.  

“What’s your name?” you asked over the loud music pumping out from the speakers.

“Luke!” he yelled back. “Yours?”

“Y/N!” you edged closer to hear him properly, one hand placed on his arm. He didn’t stare at your hand like most shy looking boys did. You could tell this would be a different game.

You began to talk, making it quite obvious you were into him, and he was definitely into you. You exchanged numbers and throughout the night you grew closer, his lips talking poetry in your ear. The drinks were flowing, both of you becoming more and more intoxicated. There was dancing on the dancefloor, bodies pressed against each other, his lips always by your ear, always talking.

And then you ended up back at his place, mouths on each other’s bodies; lips, jaw, neck, collar bones. Luke was skilled, his teeth pulling your skin making you hiss and then sucking on the bite until it left a mark, replacing pain with pleasure, moaning out his name softly. He was better than most guys you’d had before, and it wasn’t long before you were both undressing each other and making your way to the bedroom.


The next morning you woke up in a stranger’s bed. Not like it hasn’t happened before. You checked the body next to you to find Luke still asleep. This was your time to escape – you never stayed for long after a one night stand. You quietly slipped out of bed and found your clothes spread about across the room after last night’s antics. You picked them up and put them on before checking your appearance in the bathroom; your eyes were dark from smudged mascara and eyeliner and your hair was stuck out, a mix of bed hair and after-sex hair. Running the tap, you wiped off as much makeup as you could before combing your hair with your fingers, a desperate attempt to flatten it.

You were so close to making it out undetected, you were almost at the door…and then: “Y/N?”

Mentally, you groaned and turned around to see Luke in the doorway to his bedroom stood only in his underwear, his eyes squinting from the sunlight.

“Oh…hey, Luke,” you said awkwardly. You hated when you got caught trying to leave in the morning – but what’s the point in staying?

“You’re leaving?” he sounded disappointed and you should’ve felt guilty, but this is what you did.

“Yes…” you told him. You might not have felt guilty but it sure as hell was awkward.

Luke frowned. “Don’t you want to stay for breakfast? I thought we could hang out today.”

Sighing, you made your way back into his flat properly. “Look, Luke, you seem like a nice guy and all, but I don’t ‘hang out’ with people after a one night stand.”

“That’s what that was? Just one night?” he seemed surprised, and you weren’t overly sure why.

“Well, yeah,”

“Oh,” he ran a hand through his already messy hair. “I thought we could get to know each other. I like you, Y/N.”

Inside your head, you slapped yourself. “I don’t get to know people. I sleep with people and then I leave. I’m not going to fall in love with anyone any time soon. You’re not going to have my heart. It doesn’t belong to anyone. Don’t get attached to me, Luke, I’ll only hurt you.”

You turned on your heel and began to walk back to the door, picking up your phone and purse on the way.

“What if I can change that?” he called as you opened the door.

“You can’t!” you told him and with that, you left.


Luke hadn’t stopped trying. Every day he would message you, trying to get you to have a drink with him, to just talk.

You felt bad that you had led him on without meaning to – but you had given him a fair warning that you would only be bad for him. And still he tried.

As you were on your way to the bookstore, your phone buzzed and you pulled it out … of course it was a text from Luke.

“Come on, Y/N, please. Let me see you today.”

Sighing, you tapped out a message. “No, Luke, I’ll only do you wrong. Don’t get attached, move on.”

You couldn’t understand what it was about you that intrigued Luke so much to try and change both your heart and mind. It was laughable.

“Just let me try,” read the next message.

Luke was certainly persistent. “You know that it won’t be forever, if I ever do cave. I’ll break your heart.” you replied back.

“It’s worth it, Y/N. Meet me tonight, same place, 8pm?” he asked you and you ran a hand through your hair frustrated.

It would be better if you didn’t go, better for the both of you. You wouldn’t be leading him on and he could go about his life once he’d accepted the fact that there would never be a “you and Luke”. You’re toxic, bad at relationships. You find it easier to just sleep with a guy you like the look of every now and then and move onto the next whenever you feel like it.

But Luke…you had spent one night together and he wanted more than just a hook-up. He thought you could change, he could show you that romance isn’t dead. And he had ignored all your warnings to stay away from you. You had outright told him you would break his heart. He still hadn’t given up.

You typed out the last message without even thinking.