nina layton

“Uncle Leon is all I have in this world!”

Nice try, Level 5, but you can’t expect me to believe Emmy would say that line willingly after everything she’s been through in the previous games. (She must have been trying to appease Bronev or something.) There are so many moments when Emmy is seen smiling with Layton, Luke, Grosky, Aurora, Desmond, the Misthallery kids, the Monte d’Or gang and the rest of the Azran Legacy cast. 

There is not a single cutscene - not even a picture - when she is seen bonding with Bronev, or could be considering her relationship with him. The most we get is an ominous line at the end of Miracle Mask when she asks, “Who were the Azran?” 

Nice try Level 5, but I’ll take Emmy’s character development over your random-ass plot twist. 

(I know the whole point is that she still has Luke and Layton at the end of AL regardless of her betrayal, but I still don’t give a monkey’s uncle about her ties to Bronev.)

Professor Dad

The only one we’re missing is a canon scene with Layton and his actual son. Make it happen Level 5. 

A lot of people seemed to like this post, so I added to it. More instances where the professor could be seen as a reassuring/protective/proud/wise/confused/struggling father figure. And by that I mean the scene where he’s struggling to hold onto Aurora and Luke. (“No! Stop  that, Young Lady! I’m trying to save you and this blue kid who constantly insists on following me into danger-! ) 

What’s that…? Emmy, Clive, Rosetta, Don Paolo Janice, and Katia maybe are adults? Most of them don’t act like it.