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Cara Delevinge and Tom Hiddleston in Vogue Magazine

  • 1st: Chanel sweetheart-pink silk-charmeuse top
  • 2nd:Nina Ricci cardigan
  • 3rd: Jil Sander cashmere cardigan, Dior pearl earrings
  • 4th: L’Wren Scott halter dress; Balenciaga wool coat, Christian Louboutin heels.
  • 5th: Rochas shirt and trousers BOSS virgin-wool coat
  • 6th: Marc Jacobs leopard-print silk dress
  • 7th: Bottega Veneta Japanese-crepe dress

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top five musicals? top five musical characters? opinions about the 2017 tonys?

Top 5 Musicals
1. Newsies
2. Rent
3. Next to Normal
4. Spring Awakening
5. Anastasia

Top 5 Musical Theatre Characters
1. Davey Jacobs
2. Nina Rosario
3. Dmitri
4. Whizzer Brown
5. Mark Cohen

Opinions on this Year’s Tony’s
There are A L O T of new shows and revivals this year in the post-Hamilton season, which makes it hard to tell who’s actual going to get the nominations. Lots of older Broadway divas too (Patti, Christine, Bette, Glenn but she’s not up for a Tony) so Best Actress is a little cloudy there. There are shows with the possibility to sweep (Great Comet, DEH) but really, there are too many shows and actors to really get nitpocku about possible winners until the nominations come out in a few weeks

i was tagged by @spraceaesthetic to do this!!! 

relationship status: single

favorite color: cyan,, Nice

lipstick or chapstick: personally i wouldnt wear either of those but lipstick

last song you listened to: i like it, a bronx tale

last movie you watched: i think it was??? hidden figures?? 

top 3 TV shows: i dont watch any

top 3 characters: david jacobs, momo, nina rosario 

top 3 ships: javid, newsbians, blush , 

books you are currently reading: i havent started any yet but im gonna re-read pjo sometime soon

top 5 musicals: newsies, dear evan hansen, a bronx tale, in the heights, aand thats it ,, im not much of a theatre kid

i tag @gayjackkelly and @vitariesocks and anyone else who wants to do it!! 

okay forgive me in advance for the gross factor of this post but I just saw a video of the ITH tour cast and their Benny and Nina are just… passionate… 

Like you see CJack and Mandy kissing during the fireworks and it’s just…

Aww they’re so in love and they made sweet gentle love all night holding hands and talking about baby names for their future many kids and he gave her flowers.

Then there’s Arielle Jacobs and Rogelio Douglas Jr and it’s, erm, different.


“Enough!!!” performed by Natalie Toro (Camila Rosario), Danny Bolero (Kevin Rosario) and Arielle Jacobs (Nina Rosario), In the Heights National Tour.