nina hart

Senior Results: 24/7 LA

Stop the Clocks: Bella Allen, Hillary Estreicher, Chloe Enriquez, Aria Terango, Shelby Patterson, Maclean Frey

10. Sarah Blazic (Academy of Dance Westlake Village), Maggie Doty (Hart), Abbey Dawson (Bobbie’s), Delaney Miner (Bobbie’s)

9. Liana Kulchin (Hart), Jensen Merril (Bobbie’s)

8. Hannah Mathewson (Independence Dance Company)

7. Jacqueline Barone (Evoke Dance Movement)

6. Marcus Sarjeant (Arts Project OC), Macy Smith (WDP), Shannon FItzpatrick (Bobbie’s)

5. Aubry Mason (WDP)

4. Nina Choi (Project 21)

3. Sam Grayson (WDP), Sam Spence (WDP)

2. Aria Terango (Bobbie’s), Bella Allen (WDP), Shelby Patterson (WDP)

1. Hillary Estreicher (WDP), Chloe Enriquez (WDP)

It just came to me that Eggsy’s first automatic response to Harry confessing his love is a square punch to Harry’s ridiculously resigned face and Harry being completely too absorb in his self-inflicted misery to even see it coming.

The following response is vehement swearing from Eggsy’s and angry muttering of “I love you too you dumb arse with mash for brains” as he holds up his fancy silk pocket square to Harry’s bleeding nose.