nina evans


Chris x Violet
This was completely random because i overheard my neighbors talking. Sorry if it’s lame.

“Chris, Babe, come down here please!”

I hear him running down the steps and he comes to the kitchen a bit hyper.

“Yes, My beautiful angel of my life?” he says with a big smile and i roll my eyes at him.

“So here i am making dinner for you and little Christopher and i turn around to notice this drawing on the wall,” he looks to the spot on the wall to where I’m pointing. “Chris our son drew boobs on the wall! Why?”

Chris looks at me and starts laughing really hard to the point he falls to the ground grabbing his chest. I throw apples at him and he grabs my legs.

“Babe, Our son can’t be drawing boobs he’s only five.”

“Violet, I mean I agree wholeheartedly but babe, He did kinda see you and Ella drawing boobs on a sheet of paper so… Yeah.”

I look at him and pinch his nipples. “That’s because we were talking about bra sizes!

We both turn around to see our son standing there and he starts looking at the both of us.

He points to me. “Mama boob. Dada boob.”

I look at Chris and he goes to pick up Christopher. “So buddy let’s talk about these round things.”

I run after Chris and he runs outside. “Christopher Evans, Don’t you dare say another word!”


Letters to Violet
Violet x Chris

Every morning I wake up at 6 am to write letters to her. I always tell her how much I appreciate her and how her smile makes my heart skip a beat. I always put the letters in hidden places around our house and she loves it. We’ve been together for four years and I notice things about her, how she scrunches her nose when she’s annoyed by someone or something. How her eyes light up when she discovers something she likes. She’s so passionate about the little things in life. The way she loves me and looks at me is a feeling that I never in my life want to let go.
The gentleness she shows me and the way she touches me after we make love is amazing. But then it happened; I somehow ruined our relationship. The laugh we shared had stopped. Our affection towards each other stopped . God I messed up badly and I wish I can take it all back just to have her in my arms once again. I miss her scent, her lips. I miss her so much.

So here I am standing in front of her doorstep with letters in my hands hoping she opens the door. And she does, looking at me with a sad look. I want to drop the letters and just hug her but I refrain myself from doing so.

“Why are you here?”

I look down to the floor and back up at her. “For you. Please just hear me out. ”

She opens the door a little wider and she motions with her hands for me to come in.

“I miss you.” I say breathless. It’s like my heart dropped because I know how badly I hurt her. But I’m not giving up… at least not yet.

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