nina does college

8:01 // My stack of flashcards for.psychology has steadily grown over the last few hours. Thank god I only have one more chapter to finish. Maybe I’ll start on some math and chem tonight too. Wish me luck on my psych final tomorrow!

12:27 // Getting started on a long day of studying. Psychology first, then chemistry, and maybe math if I’m up for it. Good thing I’ve got my owl mug, plenty of coffee, and my Stabilos! I refuse to let finals kick my ass this year. Lets do this!

DUDES. I’ve been KILLING my midterms this term. Seriously:

  • 90% on my first chem midterm
  • 86% on my first college algebra midterm
  • 96% on my women’s studies class midterm
  • 92% on my psych midterm

I KNOW RIGHT?!?! I just took my second math midterm last night and I have my second chem midterm (AND LAST MIDTERM OF FALL TERM WOHOOO!) tomorrow night. 

Honestly, I’ve been working so much harder at college than I ever did in high school and it’s so nice to have it pay off. 

11:33 // just now finishing up psychology studying before my final in 2 hours and I noticed the lovely note my suitemate Sam left for me on my calendar last night. I’m not usually a fan of those kind of quotes, but it has motivated me today, so I guess it worked! Wish me luck!

i did so badly this semester 

my cumulative gpa is 2.97 now and i honestly wouldn’t give a shit but grad school

New Year's Resolutions 2015
  • be a more loving and understanding person
  • find balance in my life between studying, friends, and relaxation
  • push myself to do my best in school (I will get that 4.0!) 
  • have a consistent exercise routine and work out at least 3 times a week
  • commit to studying French (or Italian if the study abroad opportunity works out) at least a half an hour a day. 

so today i went down to williamsburg to see an exhibit of leonardo sketches and they had 3 sketches of cesare borgia (possibly) and i freaked the fuck out

his eyes were just… ugh. the caption said that it was just ‘possibly’ cesare but his eyes had that same tired look as the dosso dossi portrait of lucrezia (the only portrait that we’re 100% sure is her) and idk this is probably the closest i’ve ever gotten to cesare and it was incredible

anyways i’m feeling rly gr9 rn bc i managed to study for a geography test for 2 hours? i mean it’s not until next friday so i have more time to study but it was so so nice i didn’t have any distractions and i feel like i’m finally getting my shit together properly

tanaquil replied to your post:i did so badly this semester  my cumulative gpa is…

what grad schools are you looking at? :(they’re quite sticklers about gpa ugh

right now i’m looking at georgetown, george washingon, and american only because they’re in DC and my parents are moving away (my grandma just turned 90 and we need someone in the area with her)

i mean i’ve only completed one year of undergrad so far but i’m already getting serious anxiety about grad school it’s disgusting