nina dobrev 4

When I got the news that Uncle John was going to be Elena’s father, that was a bit of a shock to me seeing as how I’m only seven years older than sweet, sweet Nina [Dobrev]. They told me that news and they were like, “Whatever you do, do not tell Nina about this.” I didn’t. I was a good boy and when they finally did tell Nina that that was happening, I remember she called me at like four in the morning and somehow my phone was on and she was just like, “What the? You’re just like a spit older than me, how does that work?” And I was like, “Well, I play older, as has always been the case in my career, and you play younger, so I guess it’s going to work.” That was a fun thing to play with.
—  Vampire Diaries: David Anders reveals the Uncle John twist that made Nina Dobrev call him at 4 a.m.