Top 30 romantic ships (as voted by my followers) → #12 Damon and Elena ∙ The Vampire Diaries
“Then I’m not sorry either. I’m not sorry that I met you. I’m not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything, that in death you’re the one that made me feel most alive. You’ve been a terrible person, you’ve made all the wrong choices, and of all the choices that I’ve made this will prove to be the worst one. But I am not sorry that I’m in love with you. I love you, Damon”

@ninadobrev: Support. Love. Unity. Acceptance. Respect. These are all things we should have for one another. No matter your race, religion, sexual orientation, or sexual preference. We are all human. We all need love. We ALL deserve love.
@GLSEN’s #RespectAwards could not have come at a better time (especially In light of the current political situation we find ourselves in with a certain candidate whose name I will not mention *coughs* Donald Drumpf *coughs* who acts as though he has never heard of the word “Respect”) So it was nice to be at an event where the focus was on highlighting, honoring and celebrating those who are leading the way toward a better, more accepting tomorrow. There was so much love and positivity and hope. Congrats to everyone @GLSEN #RespectAwards
To Get involved: glsen.org
Thank you for supporting #LGBTQ youth!


the vampire diaries appreciation week
day 7 📖  free choice — tvd + species (insp)


1x03And I’ve never met anyone quite like you before, Oh, up, down, turn around; please don’t let me hit the ground, Tonight I think I walk alone, to find my soul desire to go home
8x01But I saw in your eyes I was never alone, Even when It got hard When the shore was too far, Even there in your arms I have always been home