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is elena's necklace stelena or delena thing according to you? ders: "Stefan gave it to her to protect her from Damon... but after that it was always Damon bringing it back to her like this is pretty obviously more important to Delena's story than to Stelena's. Stefan gave her the necklace but she had more scenes with damon with it, she also fell in love because of it. it started out being a stelena thing but ended up being all about Delena..just like the show & every Season finale" DElusionals

Well the DErs aren’t wrong in saying that the show took an SE symbol and twisted it into a DE one because that happened, that’s why so many of us were upset about 6x02. However, the fact that the show did that isn’t really saying much since poaching symbols and “things” from other couples is sort of what DE does, if anything that’s the only original thing that they have. Pancakes were a Bamon thing, a Bamon symbol and Delena took that too. Years as in waiting for someone for over how many years was something Damon did for Katherine and now that’s somehow suddenly a DE thing.

But the thing about the necklace is that it’s fundamentally a Stelena symbol, even when Elena fell in love with Damon because he gave that necklace back to her, she fell in love with him because he gave it to her knowing what it represented to her and Stefan. Not to mention that the necklace has multiple meanings for Stelena. What it represents for Delena is simply Damon’s “growth”. He keeps giving back the necklace to Elena to show that he didn’t compel her even when he could’ve because he wanted it to be “real”. Whatever. But with Stelena, it goes beyond just one thing, it’s not simply about protecting Elena from Damon, as Stefan says in 1x06 it’s also about protecting Elena from any selfish impulse he may have, it’s about her knowing that her decisions are her own, it’s about choice and Stelena is all about choice:

More than that, the necklace represents hope. As Lexi says in 3x07, “The necklace. Ok. That necklace. At least tell me you remember how you felt about that. You found it during your darkest time. And you said, when you made it through, that that necklace represented hope.”

And Stefan doesn’t just give it to anyone:

because hope is a Stelena theme as well, first of all they say hope to each other or about each other a lot:

But they symbolize hope for each other and tell each other to have hope, the “don’t give up” is keeping hope alive:

KW’s whole “it’s about two souls, two lost souls, one human, one a vampire, who together, their love for each other brings them back to life” theme is about hope and the necklace is a physical embodiment of that so Idgaf how many times Damon gives Elena back that necklace, it doesn’t erase the multilayered significance it has for SE.

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love isn't a choice. If it were, Elena would have ended up with Stefan in the end instead of Damon. Elena fought her feelings for Damon for 3 seasons before she gave into them. That's essentially 3+ years. But when you love someone that deeply, no matter how hard you try to suppress your feelings, they will eventually reach the surface. That is what made her & Damon's relationship so great. It doesn't necessarily mean Damon is the better choice, but he was definitely the better match. (1)

But what she fought wasn’t love, what she fought was attraction which is why in 3x05 Caroline gets fed-up and doesn’t say to Elena, admit that you have feelings for him but admit that you’re attracted to him:

It’s always been about wanting what you “shouldn’t” want:

External image

And if it wasn’t physical then it was still just about being attracted to someone who is intensely attracted to you. That is why there is no substance to their relationship, even what you’re talking about is rooted in their tension, it’s rooted in their build-up, which is why in season 6 instead of the show actually showing Damon and Elena be in a relationship, the writers erased Elena’s memory so she could experience resisting something and giving in all over again because that’s all DE really is. It’s rooted in trying to fight something but that something overpowering you but just because it overpowers you doesn’t mean that it’s love and that is where the show fails.

There are no receipts for the grand declarations Damon and Elena make to each other. Where does Damon push Elena when it has nothing to do with her feelings about him? When does Damon make Elena feel free, when do they do anything impulsive or exciting? What do they talk about in their relationship? What do they do besides have sex? The show had to insert a flashback to a first date because there was nothing in relationship that they could draw on in previous episodes. Every time there is a flashback scene it’s always of their sex scenes because that’s all there is because they don’t talk, they don’t share intimacy or vulnerability:

Elena goes to Stefan for that and Damon goes to Bonnie.

And as the above gif illustrates, Stefan is always the one who has to tell Elena to fight for Damon or push Elena toward Damon (like literally every season):

Because left to her own devices, Elena:


so how could Damon possibly be a better match for Elena? There are no receipts for their dialogue, they’re a relationship that’s substantive in words only,  there is no action.

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