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The official page of TVD posted a video of Julie saying her fav TVD scene is when Elena broke up with Stefan in 2x06. Not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing... Like all the delenas shippers says things like "My fav Stelena scene is when they broke up" and now Julie says this. It's a beautiful and tragic break up, but.... what's your opinion?

It’s funny because I was about to do an in-depth post about one specific scene from the 2x06 break-up and then I got this ask.

The beauty and tragedy of the 2x06 SE break-up is that you really see how much Stefan and Elena love each other in that scene and you also see their connection.

First of all, Stefan is already emotional when Elena comes into the living room because Jenna got hurt and because he knows that it means they’re breaking up; he knows what lines Elena has drawn and he knows what she will do to protect her family so there’s already an instant connection when she sees him because they’re both in mourning:

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and that connection is re-established when they actually talk and before Elena says anything, she needs to take a deep breath to brace herself:

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and when Elena speaks, she looks absolutely devastated by what she has to do because she truly loves Stefan but familial obligation is compelling her to go against selfish desire and you see that in her expression and you hear that in the conviction of her voice:

while it absolutely breaks Stefan, which is also clearly visible but because he understands where she’s coming from, all he can do is silently cry and let her break up with him even though it’s something neither of them want:

and when Elena utters the words “it’s over”, I find it interesting that she shakes her head as if her body is rejecting what her mind is telling her but she has to listen to reason so no one else gets hurt:

and my absolute favourite part is that when Elena utters “it’s over” and Stefan is about to crack:

Elena actually breaks down and she has to reach out to him:

Even in this instance she can’t bear to see him in pain, it agitates her and it pains her to see him distraught and she has to do something to comfort him and then ends up kissing him before turning away:

and when she leaves, she literally needs to hold onto her stomach as she walks so she won’t fall down, she has to hold herself up because that’s how devastating breaking up with Stefan was and she has to hold onto furniture as she leaves:

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This scene actually just illustrates how much they love one another because they’re forced to break up due to Katherine and that’s supposed to be a major consequence and a major blow for both of them. Like this is Elena’s face when Damon calls her back:

so it’s actually a painfully romantic scene, it’s not like Julie chose the 4x06 break up scene which paved the way for DE.


stefan & elena || it had to be magic

I’m getting a few asks about the Dobsley chemistry recently so I decided to make this vid. It’s centred around the chemistry between Paul and Nina and Elena and Stefan and how potent and integral their onscreen connection and energy was for the relationship and for the show as a whole. So I hope you enjoy it!

I still don’t like Nina and Delena’s relationship but this scene is cute :) #haveabite