nina chan

What I’d Give...

After spending the day trying to catch Elena up on everything she didn’t remember about them. All the things they did together. All the happy nights. All the sappy romantic dates they have ever been on.  All the adventurous thrills they had together. They ended up in front of Elena’s old house. They stood on the porch of what is now a house burn to crisp on the inside.

“What are we doing here, Damon?”

“Well, our little trip down memory lane couldn’t end without me taking you to the place I first kissed you now, could it?

“Damon, that wasn’t me. That was Katherine.”

“You remember that?”

“Yea, I remember that. What I don’t remember is ever kissing you on the this porch.”

“Well, I did… and you kissed me back.”

“Huh”  Elena sighed not as surprised at herself as she thought she would be.

“But that’s not really why I brought you here.” Damon said in almost a whisper. Caressing her face like he has done so many times before.

“Why then?” Elena asked as she wrapped her hands around his neck. Playing with his hair like she always does. 

“This house..” He pauses. Struggling with his words. Elena could see the turmoil in his eyes.

“You burnt it down because…amongst other things, it represented a life you didn’t have anymore.” 

Elena wasn’t comprehending. She gently grabbed hold to his face. 

“Damon, what are you saying?” 

Damon took her hands in his and lowered themEntwining his fingers in hers.

“One of the first things I ever told you when I first met you… was how I wanted to you to find everything you were looking for…Well…”

He lets go of her hands and take out a small box from his the inside of his jacket.

Elena steps back and tears immediately fill her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She could not fathom what was in front of her.

“The cure…? I thought there was only one.”

“Bonnie brought it back with her from 1994.”

Something about this felt familiar. Elena began to see blurred flashes of her getting ready for her birthday. She didn’t understand why. The tears suddenly stop and she looks up from the cure to Damon in a daze. Wide eyed.

Holding out the cure between them. Damon continues his explanation. 

“I wasn’t sure what I should do with it at first. But the other day you told me some things that made me realize that this is what would make you happy.”

“I thought you’d be happy to have it back”  The words echoed in Elena’s mind as a another blurred flash emerged. “I am happy”.

Standing in front of Damon with the cure between them. Elena shut her eyes. And the flashes became clear. 

“Don’t worry I’m not gonna lose it. At least not before the cake.
“It’s your party you can cry if you want to. Ah, Stefan. Such a pack rat.  I got you something. I know I promised not to buy you anything so don’t worry… I didn’t pay for it.”
“You stole it?”
“No…I  found it.”
My necklace. I thought I’d never see it again.”
“Alaric found it in his loft, thought you’d be happy to have it back.”
 “I am happy, Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
 “Can you?”
“Shall we?”

Suddenly. A series a flashes rush through her mind. As if it was her whole life flashing before her eyes.

“That’s the Damon that is my friend.”
“I love you, Elena, and its because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you.”
“I can’t lose you. You won’t.”
“I’m here til the very end.”
“Why don’t you let people see the good in you? Because when people see good, they expect good…”
“You want a love that consumes you.”
I promise you, I will never leave you again.”
“I care about you Damon, which is why I have to let you go.”
“I would have saved you, in a heartbeat no question.”
“You saved me. Thank you.”
I don’t think I’ve ever seen you more alive.”
“…that what you felt for me is real. It is real.”
“I’m not sorry that I’m in love with you.”
“Because you are my life.”
“I’m choosing to let you go.”
“Because I love you. Then stop loving me! I can’t!”
“You and I, we’re messy and complicated but we’re real.”
“Because being around you drives me nuts, and not being around you drives me nuts.”
“Because I had a crappy day and I needed it. And because I thought I’d never see you again and I couldn’t think about a worse way to die.”
Damon, look at me. Do you see a future with me? Because that is all I see.”
“You lied to me.”
“Don’t leave me.”
“Please come back to me”
“Promise me this is forever.”
“I promise.”

“I want you to be happy, Elena. And I’d give anything to make that happen. If being human again can give you that then-”

 Elena stumbles backwards, nearing falling but Damon catches her before she hits the ground.

“Elena?” With her eyes still shut, Damon worries as he wipes away a newly formed tear.

“Damon…”  she says and more tears continue down her face.

“What happened?” he asked while he helps her up.

She doesn’t answer. She just kisses him. Letting it all in. All the memories they have shared together. All the happiness. All the love. Even all the pain. All the grief felt from losing him. The relief. That much needed relief she hasn’t been able to feel until right now. He made it back to her. And she’s finally truly made it back to him. When she finally broke from the kiss. She just looked into Damon’s eyes and smiled. Tears still rolling down her face.

“What was the for?” Damon asked, completely oblivious to what just happened.

“Promise me this is forever.” She said under her breath. Pulling him closer until his forehead rested on hers. 

Damon was slightly confused at first. Looking at her as she looked up at him with a smile. His confused look transformed into sheer happiness as he finally understood what that smile meant. He didn’t even have to question it. He just knew. 

“I promise.” He says simply. And kisses her as vigorously as he did that night in the rain. 

Forgetting the reason why he brought her there to begin with.

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