nina chan

When I first heard her music, I just couldn’t breathe. The register of her voice is one thing, but then it’s combined with her spiritual depth and intellectual and emotional depth. When Nina sings, she is a conduit. Whether it’s pure darkness and shame, or whether it’s pure light of love and peace, she can deliver you.

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Nina got lost but that's okay, Alexander is with her. She wandered off from her dad and well here she is. She was passing some people in military outfits when she actually saw a name she recognized, well at least it looked familiar. She walked into the office and saw that nice guy who she met before, but he seemed different. She titled her head as Alexander moved closer to the man on the other side of the desk. "Mister Hughes," he started," why are a pony?"

   Well this was definitely a surprise.

Hughes had been trying to organize and fix up the mess of pages he had made – quite a feat when your torso is elevated quite a bit higher than before and you can’t really bend down – when he catches movement at the door.

   A figure - a small GIRL, in fact, with the most innocent gaze and big blues that only a little girl by the name of Nina Tucker could have.

   Albeit the situation, Hughes can’t help a little smile and a slight readjustment of his stance; straightening out those longer legs of his.

    “ Hello Nina! It’s nice to see you here Sweetheart..! Mr. Hughes is uh, he’s not quite sure why he’s a pony-    However, she was a child. It was time to put some flair into this situation – make it exciting.

   But I think it’s some sort of a maaagic spell that changed my legs! And, i’m not sure how to change them back!


Usnavi: Aaron

Vanessa: Aphmau

Benny: Zane

Nina: Kawaii~Chan

Sonny: Kai

Graffiti Pete: Ein

Piragua Guy: Castor the Chicken Shaman

Abuela: Sylvana

Daniela: Lucinda

Carla: Katelyn

Camilla (Nina’s Mom): Rachel Lycan

Kevin (Nina’s Dad): Derek Lycan

Yessenia: Cadenza

Julio: Laurence

Jose from the Liquor Store: Garroth

Yolanda: Michi

You made me do this safdsafd

Kira sat comfortably in front of his desk sipping some tea, getting ready to get some work on for the day. He placed his…hand cup atop the hand plate so he could reached for his reading glasses.

“Ah, time to write the next chapter of my romance novel.”

Adjusting the optical-lenses that rested on his nose, Kira noticed from the corner of his eyes a movement of some kind. Turning his head he spotted the hand cup as well as the plate were crawling ever so closely to the edge.

“Ah!” as he let out the soft yep, Kira had leaned over and lightly pushed the snow-white dishes further up on the desk. “Sakura-chan, Nina-chan, please, be more careful next time!”

He glanced towards Sakura one last time, picking her up and examining the crimson fluid she held tenderly. Kira seductively pouted.

“I suppose…one last sip won’t hurt, hm?”

Once done doing what he stated, he placed his hands atop the keys of his typewriter, smiling gleefully as he got an idea for his book.

“Ooooh~ If I add that, then things will really spice up then~!”
the names are choose are references btw

oh my god i love the idea of kira putting that lit degree to use to write his idea of a romance novel

also reading glasses

bless this awful man

What I’d Give...

After spending the day trying to catch Elena up on everything she didn’t remember about them. All the things they did together. All the happy nights. All the sappy romantic dates they have ever been on.  All the adventurous thrills they had together. They ended up in front of Elena’s old house. They stood on the porch of what is now a house burn to crisp on the inside.

“What are we doing here, Damon?”

“Well, our little trip down memory lane couldn’t end without me taking you to the place I first kissed you now, could it?

“Damon, that wasn’t me. That was Katherine.”

“You remember that?”

“Yea, I remember that. What I don’t remember is ever kissing you on the this porch.”

“Well, I did… and you kissed me back.”

“Huh”  Elena sighed not as surprised at herself as she thought she would be.

“But that’s not really why I brought you here.” Damon said in almost a whisper. Caressing her face like he has done so many times before.

“Why then?” Elena asked as she wrapped her hands around his neck. Playing with his hair like she always does. 

“This house..” He pauses. Struggling with his words. Elena could see the turmoil in his eyes.

“You burnt it down because…amongst other things, it represented a life you didn’t have anymore.” 

Elena wasn’t comprehending. She gently grabbed hold to his face. 

“Damon, what are you saying?” 

Damon took her hands in his and lowered themEntwining his fingers in hers.

“One of the first things I ever told you when I first met you… was how I wanted to you to find everything you were looking for…Well…”

He lets go of her hands and take out a small box from his the inside of his jacket.

Elena steps back and tears immediately fill her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She could not fathom what was in front of her.

“The cure…? I thought there was only one.”

“Bonnie brought it back with her from 1994.”

Something about this felt familiar. Elena began to see blurred flashes of her getting ready for her birthday. She didn’t understand why. The tears suddenly stop and she looks up from the cure to Damon in a daze. Wide eyed.

Holding out the cure between them. Damon continues his explanation. 

“I wasn’t sure what I should do with it at first. But the other day you told me some things that made me realize that this is what would make you happy.”

“I thought you’d be happy to have it back”  The words echoed in Elena’s mind as a another blurred flash emerged. “I am happy”.

Standing in front of Damon with the cure between them. Elena shut her eyes. And the flashes became clear. 

“Don’t worry I’m not gonna lose it. At least not before the cake.
“It’s your party you can cry if you want to. Ah, Stefan. Such a pack rat.  I got you something. I know I promised not to buy you anything so don’t worry… I didn’t pay for it.”
“You stole it?”
“No…I  found it.”
My necklace. I thought I’d never see it again.”
“Alaric found it in his loft, thought you’d be happy to have it back.”
 “I am happy, Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
 “Can you?”
“Shall we?”

Suddenly. A series a flashes rush through her mind. As if it was her whole life flashing before her eyes.

“That’s the Damon that is my friend.”
“I love you, Elena, and its because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you.”
“I can’t lose you. You won’t.”
“I’m here til the very end.”
“Why don’t you let people see the good in you? Because when people see good, they expect good…”
“You want a love that consumes you.”
I promise you, I will never leave you again.”
“I care about you Damon, which is why I have to let you go.”
“I would have saved you, in a heartbeat no question.”
“You saved me. Thank you.”
I don’t think I’ve ever seen you more alive.”
“…that what you felt for me is real. It is real.”
“I’m not sorry that I’m in love with you.”
“Because you are my life.”
“I’m choosing to let you go.”
“Because I love you. Then stop loving me! I can’t!”
“You and I, we’re messy and complicated but we’re real.”
“Because being around you drives me nuts, and not being around you drives me nuts.”
“Because I had a crappy day and I needed it. And because I thought I’d never see you again and I couldn’t think about a worse way to die.”
Damon, look at me. Do you see a future with me? Because that is all I see.”
“You lied to me.”
“Don’t leave me.”
“Please come back to me”
“Promise me this is forever.”
“I promise.”

“I want you to be happy, Elena. And I’d give anything to make that happen. If being human again can give you that then-”

 Elena stumbles backwards, nearing falling but Damon catches her before she hits the ground.

“Elena?” With her eyes still shut, Damon worries as he wipes away a newly formed tear.

“Damon…”  she says and more tears continue down her face.

“What happened?” he asked while he helps her up.

She doesn’t answer. She just kisses him. Letting it all in. All the memories they have shared together. All the happiness. All the love. Even all the pain. All the grief felt from losing him. The relief. That much needed relief she hasn’t been able to feel until right now. He made it back to her. And she’s finally truly made it back to him. When she finally broke from the kiss. She just looked into Damon’s eyes and smiled. Tears still rolling down her face.

“What was the for?” Damon asked, completely oblivious to what just happened.

“Promise me this is forever.” She said under her breath. Pulling him closer until his forehead rested on hers. 

Damon was slightly confused at first. Looking at her as she looked up at him with a smile. His confused look transformed into sheer happiness as he finally understood what that smile meant. He didn’t even have to question it. He just knew. 

“I promise.” He says simply. And kisses her as vigorously as he did that night in the rain. 

Forgetting the reason why he brought her there to begin with.

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Worick & Nicolas confessing their love to their crush

Nina kinda had to do the job for Nic. He’s just to awkward, God bless him -Admin N

Worick Arcangelo: He stared drowsily at the ceiling, exhausted even after ten hours of uninterrupted sleep, his body sore from last night’s job’s action. He was experiencing one of those moments of lucid contemplation that were so common right after waking up.

He found it funny–and a bit ironic too–that to this date he had never confessed to anybody, but the truth was he had never been in the need to. Thinking about it now, the constant flirting and teasing that came out so naturally when he was interested in someone was usually enough to let that person know where he was headed.

“But I overdid it this time, didn’t I?” he thought bitterly.

It was probably because he liked this person so much that he had come off with such a strong hand. His unconscious flirting had become so regular and offhanded, that the object of his affections had begun taking it as a mere joke. He thought they probably considered his blown kisses and playful pinches on their butt nothing more than plain attempts to annoy them.

Worick’s lips twisted into a bothered expression; he didn’t want to be taken as a joke anymore, he wanted to come off clear on his intentions.

The thought made him chuckle. This was so strange, he was actually nervous. But he couldn’t help it, his mind hadn’t been this unstable in such a long time; with his other love interests things had been relatively easy, they had always flown naturally in the direction he wanted, but that was not the case anymore. Many things could go wrong this time.

Worick shifted his eyes from the ceiling and rolled on his side. Many things could go wrong, that was true; he couldn’t deny rejection was a possibility that scared him. But even so, he’d rather be rejected than have to put on the friend show for one more day.    

That decided, he got out of bed and started getting dressed. Nobody had requested jobs from the handymen today, nor did he have any lady costumers waiting for him till later that night; that left him with enough time to show up at his crush’s workplace and get this over with once and for all.

In the living room, he found Nicolas reading a book and signed: [See you, I’m going out.]

[You have a job?] Nicolas replied [I thought you were resting today]

Worick forced a casual grin: “Oh, yeah,” he said. “It’s just I’m paying ___-chan a visit.”

He waited as the deaf man scrutinized him with his eyes.

[Why are you so nervous?] He finally asked.

“Shit, it shows,” he thought, but immediately comforted himself. Of course Nicolas would be able to tell; spending more than a decade with someone gave people that kind of power. It didn’t mean somebody else would be able to.

That reasoning relieved some tension off him.  

He waved a dismissive gesture at Nicolas and said: “not nervous, just looking forward to something. Wish me luck pal!”

And with that he was gone.

Minutes later he was standing at the entrance of the building where his crush worked, waiting for the message that he was waiting outside to be delivered to them, so that they could make up some crappy excuse and come see him.

He heard the creak of a door opening and looked up. There was his crush, looking gorgeous as usual, making their way towards him with hasty steps. He felt his pulse speeding up, but made sure his expression remained carefree.

“Hey,” he greeted them with a casual smile.

“Worick what is it? I have to be back soon, my boss thinks I’m in the bathroom and I–”

“I know, I know, I’ll be brief. Listen.” He took both their hands in one of his and clasped his other hand on top, the gesture surprisingly smooth considering how anxious he was. He sighed, then repeated himself; “listen… The thing is I just came here to confess my feelings for you.”

His crush scoffed. “Seriously Worick, what is it? I don’t have much time.”

“They don’t believe me,” he thought, and then reprimanded himself; “Well of course they don’t. Did you honestly think that much straightforwardness wouldn’t sound phony?

He frowned and squeezed their hands a bit tighter.

“I’m very serious ___-chan. I don’t want to beat around the bush anymore, I’ll say it clearly. I like you–no, scratch that–I’m in love with you, and I want you to take me seriously.”

His crush was staring at him in bewilderment; big, round eyes fixed on his and he held them. His hands were clammy around his crush’s smaller ones, his heart was threatening to jump out of his chest, but he felt like a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

“Worick…” his crush started, voice low, almost a whisper. “Love is a big word, you know?”

“Yes, I do. Now I do.” He took a step closer, not letting go off their hands. “So what do you say?”

He wasn’t expecting to see his crush’s brows furrow together.

“What the hell you mean with what do I say?” they snapped. “Of course I have feelings for you too, I thought that was clear! Do you really think I would let you pinch my ass if I didn’t?”

Nicolas Brown: “Which kind do you think ___-san would like?” Nina asked.

Nicolas’ answer was apathetic and incredibly frustrating to the nurse; [I don’t know, pick whichever.]

“You’re horrible Nico!” the girl chided him, turning her back on him to continue examining the flowers they were planning to buy. How was he going to impress his crush with that attitude? She wondered. Good thing she was helping.

Nicolas groaned. What the hell was he thinking? It had been an awful idea admitting to Worick the real reason he had been so unfocused lately; he should have known their immediate net of friends would be updated on the news in no time as well.

Early that morning, when he had stopped by Theo’s to pick up his meds, he had been surprised to find Nina wearing her regular going-out clothes instead of her nurse scrubs, and surprise had given way to bewilderment when she took hold of his hand and cried out for the Doctor to hear: “We’re leaving now! See you later!”

[What are you doing?] He had signed.

The young nurse giggled: [I’m helping you with the preparations]

Nicolas raised a questioning eyebrow. [What preparations?]

[To confess to ___-san of course! Here, I made a list of the things we’ll need.]

And much to Nicolas’ pride’s chagrin, he hadn’t been able to tell her no.

A few hours later they were on their way back to Theo’s clinic, Nicolas now carrying a bouquet of peonies–not roses, Nina had said, he could reserve those for Valentine’s Day–, a box full of heart-shaped chocolates, and a bag with craft paper of various colors, markers, and stickers that he was supposed to use later to write a letter explaining his feelings. Nina was walking by his side, kicking rocks cheerily as she went on chattering about other important details for his “big moment”; like the setting, for example. She thought he should confess at dusk because it would be more romantic, besides it would also be a little symbolic–“because you’re both twilights, get it?”

“…And we also have to practice what you’re going to say Nico, what do you have in mind?”

Nicolas had nothing in mind. He would never, in a million years, confess to anybody. He just didn’t have the heart to tell that to Nina. His current plan was to pretend to go along with her plan, and later tell her things hadn’t gone too well and that they should stop bothering ___ from now on. He would give the flowers to Worick, he sure would find some woman to woo with them; he himself could eat the chocolates, no problem with that; as for the handicrafts supplies, he could say he didn’t need much from it and give them back to Nina, he knew she had only chosen them because she was hoping to keep some later, especially the bunny stickers.

[I don’t know] he signed. [But don’t worry, I will when I see them.]

Nina seemed delighted with that answer; she stated it was a great idea, that it would make him look natural and genuine. Seeing her like this, radiant with excitement and having the time of her life with this love story in her hands, Nicolas couldn’t suppress the smile that rose to his lips.

The smile didn’t last long though, because things never went as planned.    

As Theo’s clinic came in view, Nicolas was horrified to see the door swinging open and his crush walking out. The twilight was holding a paper bag with their own dose of celebre, and stopped on the front steps to exchange a couple words with the doctor.

Nina turned to him with an overjoyed smile on her face. Nicolas felt as though an ice-water bucket had been dumped on him, his guts curdled. He balanced the chocolate’s box on his arm so that he could sign quickly: [I’m out. Bye.]

“What? No!” Nina pulled him by the hem of his black sweater when he tried to scurry away. What was an absolute catastrophe to the man seemed a sign sent by God to her.

“Come on Nico! This is your chance! I guess there’s no time for the letter but that’s okay, I’ll keep the supplies, you can give them the chocolates and flowers.”

Nicolas looked around for excuses. [It doesn’t seem like a good moment.]

“Of course it is! Look, the sun is setting, it’s perfect! Come on, you can’t chicken out now.”

He let out an agonized sound when Nina grabbed him by the hand and started dragging him towards the clinic’s entrance.

As Theo disappeared behind the door, the twilight that had been talking to him turned around and came face to face with a smiling Nina. Behind her was a man whose face was as red as an apple. They had seen him before, they sometimes happened to meet in the clinic. They knew his name was Nicolas and that his compensation was his lack of hearing, but nothing more.

“Oh, hello Nina-chan. I was surprised I didn’t see you today, where were you?”

Instead of answering, Nina pushed Nicolas forward: “___-san, my friend Nicolas has something very important to tell you,” she said candidly. “So I’ll just take this and leave you guys to talk.” She took the bag with supplies from Nicolas and hurried inside, leaving Nicolas alone and with a strong desire to disintegrate into thin air.

The twilight before him was eyeing him with an expression of sheer bewilderment.

No wonder,” he thought. After all, the things he was holding left his intentions perfectly exposed; they were probably thinking he was crazy.

“I’m sorry,” he said bluntly, shoving the flowers and chocolates into the other twilight’s arms. He was more aware of his slur and how stupid it probably made him sound than ever. “It was her idea.”

“I knew you would blame it all on me!” Nina yelled, slamming the door open. She had been listening on the other side.

The nurse crossed her arms across her chest, a deep frown on her face, but when she addressed Nicolas’ shocked crush her voice was gentle and polite:

“Listen ___-san, this guy’s been drooling over you since the moment he saw you. I know he looks like this and he’s not good with words, but he’s really a good guy. I swear; he’s my best friend. You just got to get to know him a bit better. So please ___-san~ Can you give him a chance?”

“Oh, it’s that so?”

As the situation began to sink in, the twilight started to smile. It was all so amusing, not to mention heartwarmingly adorable. They looked at Nicolas, who was clearly wishing he could be swallowed by the ground under his feet, and thought for the first time that he was a handsome man, in a scruffy kind of way. He also had to be a very sweet person to go along with a twelve years-old girl’s attempt at cupid-matching.

They chuckled, their affable expression easing some tension off Nicolas.

“Well Nina, I might take you word for it,” they said, giving the deaf man a significant stare. “After all, I love chocolate and these are beautiful flowers, did you choose them Nicolas?”

Nic opened his mouth to answer, but Nina was faster:

“Yes! Yes, he did!”


To be honest, I do expect season 2 of this series, but Voltage seems to surprise me by releasing this instead. 

『Episode:0 REVANCE結成秘話』 / 『Episode:0 REVANCE’s Untold Stories』

What interest me is the story took place when all of REVANCE’s members hadn’t debut yet. Σ(º ロ º๑)
And there was this 7th REVANCE member that we don’t even know yet! Σ(º ロ º๑)

I’m more excited about their original appearances before they debut. (Oh yes, I am!) (*💘╥💘*) Basically they ARE still in high school or college freshmen. (*💘╥💘*)

Nina, Ao-chan, and Kota hasn’t dyed their hair yet. (*💘╥💘*)