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Nina Hopkins Facts!

Name: Nina Hopkins
Height: unknown. taller than Mey Rin (165 cm), Shorter than Sebastian (186 cm)
Age: unknown, presumably in her twenties or thirties.
💄The only clients she enjoys designing for are young boys under the age of 15 and women, as she holds most men in contempt.
💄 She has a bit of a fixation on Mey Rin, which may even be a bit romantic or sexual, as evidenced by her enjoyment in touching Mey Rin’s body.
💄 In the Blue Cult arc she helps Sebastian infiltrate the Sphere Music Hall to retrieve Lady Elizabeth Midford.
💄 She runs Hopkins Tailor Shop, which supplies costumes for all members of the Music Hall including the Lords with the names of stars.
💄 She seems to be behind most of Ciel’s clothing, even though she seems to prefer working for special occasions such as Sieglinde Sullivan’s audience with the Queen and Ciel’s ceremonial clothing for his induction as Earl.
💄 Her family has a long line working as tailors and seamstresses, as they have outfitted the Watchdog for generations.
💄 Lady Elizabeth Midford considers her choice of attire to be “unladylike”.
💄 She is prone to theatrical displays and outbursts.
💄 She does not care for Sebastian, going so far as to refer to him as “Mister Hardhead”.
💄 She is incredibly liberal for the time period, believing social constraints are a thing of the past and women should discard such restrictive customs.
💄 Nina Hopkins is responsible for the infamous robin dress.
💄 She also seems to be adept as a barber, as she is cut Sieglinde’s hair into her customary bob upon request.
💄 She escorted Sebastian to the Music Hall, on the condition that she may dress him.
💄 She designed Mey Rin’s housemaid uniform.
💄 Nina was partnered with Edward Midford during the Easter egg hunt, much to her displeasure and his disgust in regards to her displaying her legs so freely.


nina turner served as a democratic senator in ohio and is a vocal opponent of donald trump. just because she wants to draw attention to more things than just russia, doesn’t mean she’s a russian spy. i can’t believe that even has to be stated. the way the democratic establishment elite (and the centrists in the party) treat progressive leaders is completely counter-productive. it is the exact opposite lesson that should’ve been learned from the last election. although i guess it exposes that centrists would rather maintain their own power within the establishment than uplift progressive voices. the future of the democratic party should be towards progress. that is how we can win back the 1000 seats that have been lost in the last 8 years.