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My Spring 2017 Anime waifus


Here are two fanfictions that I’m going to be working on soon. If you like to be tag in them or which ever chances your attention, please leave a comment or a message in the ask box of which one you like to be tagged in. 

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Summary: Modern twist on a classic tale of Beauty & The Beast. In a small town in the middle of nowhere, Gaston (Luke Evans) and his team of hunters fight off beasts that roam near their home. They keep the towns people safe and maintain order, till one night a young girl goes missing in the woods. 

They send search parties after search parties into the forest to find the girl, but with no luck. Over time, reports of other young woman to roll in and the town begins to panic. 

Gaston and his team decided to go deeper into the forest than they have been before. They find themselves face to face with beasts they’ve never seen before. When Gaston loses more than half his team, he decides to reach out for help. 

Word gets it a master hunter name Eric (Micheal Fassbender) and he heads off to aid the town. He brings with him a team of skill hunters, including his two sons, Michael (Tom Hardy) and Gabriel (Jai Courtney) and his daughter Belle (Crystal Reed). 

The townspeople, couldn’t believe a female hunter could exist. People begin to harass Belle and tease her that she was only good for bait. However, Gaston sees Belle for who she really is, a beautiful huntress. But he’s not the only one that takes notice, the beast now has his eyes set on Belle.

Can Gaston, Belle, and the hunters stop this beast rain of terror and retriever the missing girls? Or will the beast over power them and claim Belle for his own? Find out in, The Hunter & The Huntress.

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Summary: On the streets London, all seems peaceful and quiet. Til night falls and the streets become a battleground for a mob war.  Arathorn (Ben Kingsley) is an British mob boss that fights to maintain power that has been in his family for generations. His family as been at war with the Irish mob, now run by Rian (Liam Neeson) since the beginning of his family rising to power. 

Rian is determined to gain full power of London, but also keep his family safe. So he hires more muscle, including an American bodyguard name Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Though Rian finds Negan’s language and manners need to approve, he trusts Negan. 

So when Nina (Vanessa Hudgens and her two brothers (Zac Efron & Dave Franco), return from college Rian has Negan keep a watchful eye over Nina. In time, Negan and Nina become close and form a secret relationship. But it’s soon shatter when upcoming Japaneses mob boss, Akihiko (Lee Byung-hun) comes into town.

Arathorn and Rian both slowing begin to lose territories to Akihiko. And he force them to do something they thought they never would do, join forces. Since either boss trust the other one to keep their part of the deal, so they decided to do things the old fashion way. 

To guarantee the treaty between the two families won’t be broken, Arathorn and Rian, would marry off their children. Owen (Luke Evans), one of the three sons of Arathorn and only eligible bachelor, is chosen to wed Nina.  

Now the weight of the world is on Nina’s shoulders. Will she go through the treaty and marry Owen? Or will she follow her heart and stay with Negan? Only time will till, what fate has in store, for Nina. 

Like I said, if any of you like to be tag in any of the stories, please message me, leave a comment, or leave a message in the ask box. 

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Era il mio compleanno. Io e Damon avevamo passato tutta l'estate a cercare Stefan. Mi sforzavo di sembrare allegra, Caroline aveva organizzato la festa per me, ma ero molto triste. Avevo quasi deciso che non ci sarei andata, che non avrei lasciato la mia stanza. Poi Damon entrò per darmi il mio regalo di compleanno. Era la collana che Stefan mi aveva regalato. L'avevo persa e Damon sapeva quanto significasse per me, ciò che era riguardo ai miei sentimenti per Stefan. Anche se mi amava mi diede l'unica cosa che rappresentava una speranza per me e suo fratello. Sapevo quanto stava soffrendo, ma lo fece. Lui… non era mai stato cosi altruista. E in quell'istante mi innamorai. Non volevo, insomma, la cosa mi terrorizzava, ma… è allora che mi sono innamorata.