nina are you even still online

ok alike any other series that’s about to end, ofc they’re gonna do a farewell party. so here’s my unpopular and crappy opinion about the whole she-bang that you guys might agree on or maybs get mad at.

(Regarding the photo)

Is hating on Nikki still a thing? Like girl, I thought we were over that lmao

I mean, I get wanting your ships to happen and to work but what I don’t get is that you guys are still hoping that Ian would get a divorce and date Nina because a bunch of teenagers want him with her.

Get 👏🏼 your 👏🏼shit 👏🏼in 👏🏼 order 👏🏼they 👏🏼 are 👏🏼not 👏🏼getting 👏🏼 back 👏🏼 together 👏🏼

Here’s another thing: apparently, Ian left the #TVDWrapParty as soon as Nina arrived. Well bitch, I would too. If the other root of the torment and misery you felt is in the room, I’d leave as well.

I’m not saying that Nina is the main cause of the hate and the online bashing. It’s not even the actors themselves, it’s the fans.

Honorable reasons why (SOME - ya’ll will hop on my asian ass and like get mad @ me so I’m putting “some”) DE fans send rude and awful messages to the actors:

- Nikki Reid:
She was dating Ian and is now married to him, which is apparently an applicable excuse as to why you can harass and bully her.

- Ian Somerhalder
Broke up with Nina and wanting bamon to happen, saying Delena is toxic, also getting married to another girl (surprise, surprise) that is not Nina.

- Nina Dobrev
For leaving the show, for saying that Delena is Toxic, also wanting Bamon to happen, also for her role as Elena Gilbert which is inexcusable: SHE IS PLAYING A ROLE DONT HURT HER FOR PLAYING A ROLE YOU DESPISE

- Kat Graham
For wanting bamon to happen and for being REALLY GOOD FRIENDS with Ian.

So yeah, I don’t blame Ian for leaving. I don’t find the tension between Ian and Nina weird and I certainly don’t believe that they caused it. I think that the devoted fans caused the rift between their friendship that made it awkward for them to reconcile and just be friends.

If you do hate these people for what they decided to do AS ADULTS, then that’s on you. Maybe they’re just acting like high school students, avoiding their exes in the hallways.