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Hey! Since Francis is capable of scaring Sebastian (like Nina I'm sure), do you think Elizabeth could "evolve" into a "terrifying human" for Sebby too?

Hi Anon ^^ and very possibly yes, because looking at Frances…

And Nina…

And then comparing with Lizzie

She certainly seems to be walking a similar path to Nina’s and her mom’s, so she will probably soon be third on Seb’s list of “Most-Infuriating-Human-Beings-EVER”.

I mean, he was so annoyed she cut his bowtie that he carried her like a potato bag until he arrived home xD

Nah but more seriously for a minute, he did praise her skills even though she’s still young, so while she’s certainly not a threat like the Undertaker, I’m pretty sure she can/will become even more fearful in the future.

Thanks for passing by Anon! Have a nice weekend :)

Heights PSA

Specifically talking about the OBC here, you can have different headcanons if you prefer other actors or imagine your own, but if you’re an artist or a writer and you’re not sure:

Vanessa is like exactly the same height as the piragua vendor. Amazing stuff.

Usnavi is taller than Vanessa by an inch or so, she just wears heels a lot and often appears the same size/taller.

Nina is also taller than Vanessa by an inch or so, but Vanessa, again, wears heels a lot and Nina doesn’t so they seem the same size. 

Carla is also taller than Vanessa by an inch or so, how many of these people are just about the same size, 5″9′? Many.

Carla is a bit taller than Daniela, even more with her puffy hair. 

Also taller than Daniela is: literally everyone except Sonny and Claudia. Small but fierce.

Nina is taller than her mom and roughly the same size as her dad.

Sonny is the smallest and Benny is the tallest.


these idiots all knew, it wasn’t just a weird question.

ITH/Fallout 3 AU

Alright, so @a-weird-blog-in-general and I were discussing this for a while, and so we’ve come up with a Fallout 3 AU for ITH, starring Sonny as the Lone Wanderer (are you really surprised at this point? I REALLY need more variance in my aus…)

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What’s Smut? (Azura x Niles)

“My sweet Takumi, how I wish I could taste your tasty lips.” Leo said as he cupped Takumi’s chin in his hands. His perfume was intoxicating and Leo was beginning to lose control.

“Oh but you can Leo, or should I say… my love.” Takumi’s breathed hotly. He couldn’t contain himself anymore. He threw himself on Leo, thrusting his tongue into the other man’s mouth and-

“What are you writing there, sweetie?”


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So I was scrolling through my Tumblr and there was a picture of Nina & Paul and my mom literally stopped in the middle of her phone conversation to ask who they were & I had to sadly tell her they were a couple forced apart to promote lame endgames.


Beautifully bad S.W imagine

Stella’s pov 

I was currently heading to the airport, to chi town for Digi fest “Hello guy how are y’all?” i said to my Vlog camera “I’m currently heading to the airport with my beautiful momma, momma say hi” i said facing the camera to my mom “hi guys my beautiful nina is leaving me” my mom said in her spanish accent. 

My mom dropped me off and i walked inside the airport and went through security, i went into the little waiting area thing. Some fans came up to me “oh my goodness your stella mason” one girl said “hi guys” i said sweetly “Do you know who sam wilkinson is?” a girl on my right said “Well yea he’s pretty cute not gonna lie but i don’t know him like that” i stated and i heard a ton of ‘Oooohs’ from everyone “look guys i got to go I’m gonna miss my plane” i said giving a few people hugs “love you guys” i said walking away. I boarded my plane and went to my seat luckily. I fastened my seat belt and put in my earphones and fell asleep.

*skip plane ride* 

I finally made it to chi town, im in my hotel right now waiting for Andrea to come. “Stella were boarding to tour bus out front” someone yelled, i wasn’t sure who the hell it was so i opened the door. “JJ” i yelled jumping into his arms. “Hey stell just so you know you and Andrea are sharing to tour bus with the omaha squad. Speaking of andrea she outside with her stuff and asked me to help you with your stuff too.” jack said letting himself in and gathering all my stuff “wait j i thought we were staying hotels?” i said helping him “nah the manger switched to tour buses” he said walking out with my stuff as i followed him.

Sam’s pov

“yo nate have you seen twitter” i said sitting in to tour bus “yea stella is way cute dude” nate said smirking “woah back off bro that’s my girl” i said laughing. “Did you see the video of her at the air port?” nate said showing me the video. “Dude i also herd she’s staying on the same bus as us so holla at her.” nate said. 

Stella’s pov

“ANDREAAAA” i yelled and jumped into her arms “Big booty hoeeee” she yelled back huging me really tight. “I missed you a lot” i said clinging on to her like a koala, honestly we made both of the jack’s carry our stuff. The only guys i knew on this tour was most of the you tubers and the jack’s and Nate. Andrea walked onto the bus with me clinging to her we walked all the way to the bunks i chose the top and Andrea chose the bottom. “Goodness why do girls pac so much shit” Gilinsky complained putting our stuff in our bunks. “So who else is on this bus?” i asked jj “Nate and sam” jj replied “Oooh sam your lover boy” Andrea said making kissy faces. 

Michaela has been waiting a whole year on this day. The Christmas Eve. The day when Christmas already begins and the time when the whole family reunites around the table, talking and eating a good Christmas food. This year, Nina invited her mom and her brother, because Nina’s mother planned to visit her daughter for a long time and since her brother was single, he had a lot of free time so he decided to go as well. Nina’s family wasn’t the only one who will spend Christmas home because Daniel also invited his family. When Michaela found out that there will be a lot of time she loves, she was so thrilled and happy for this Christmas. She was so happy to tell them the big news that she will have a new friend. Mimi has been sitting in a window all day, helping her mom to prepare some food and also checking if their big visit is already here. Since Nina wasn’t the best cook, she was glad that Michaela was ‘helping’ her, because the she felt that they are both in this together. But surprisingly, everything was good at the moment. “Honey? Could you please headed me the salt? This meat needs refine.” She smiled as Michaela did it and add a little bit of salt into the pot.