nina and her mom

I am what I feel

Chapter 13  (Find the other chapters here)

I know I can’t keep you but I want you close

I’m late but hey I managed anyway and that’s something right? Anyway I hope you guys like this chapter

There’s something inherently weird about being a couple,about the way you walk close to each other, always touching somehow,about the way you say hi and goodbye with a small kiss and how you send each other good and night and good morning texts, about the way you kiss hi and goodbye and whenever you want basically. And Luna loves it.

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these idiots all knew, it wasn’t just a weird question.

No tengo miedo de apostarte, perderte si me da pavor

Simon and Luna are stepbrothers and just arrived from Mexico to Argentina, they inmediatly friend Nina, but the power trio of the school gets really interested in this new squad.  

Chapter 2 | 1

Luna was sitting in a bench with another girl, Simon walked towards them.

-Hi girls -Simon said and the girl that was with Luna looked like she was seeing her worst nightmare 

-Hi Simón, how were your classes so far? -Luna asked while eating her lunch 

-Good, good, yours? -He asked pointing at the bench asking if he could sit, not sure why the other girl looked so his presence

-Great, oh damn, Simon she is Nina, she is on my class, Nina he is Simón, he is my brother/best firend -Luna said introducing them while Simon extended his hand to her, she just took it shyly 

-Your bother? -Nina asked in a low tone barely audibly

-My dad married her mom -Simon said while letting her hand go, she looked like she was trying to hide behind the table 

-Oh, cool -She said almost like a whisper 

They spent the whole time of their break talking about memories from when they were kids and at the end Nina wasn’t so shy anymore and talked to Simón as naturally as she talked to Luna.

-Okay, this have been fun, and was a pleasure to meet you Nina but I better go to the bathroom before classes -Simon said standing up 

-Good call, we should start going too, see you at the entrance later, okay? -Luna said standing up, Simón nodded and dissapeared into the bulding, Nina stood up next and followed Luna to the other side of the building towards rhe girls bathrooms

-Simón is nice -Nina said to Luna bringing some random topic just to settle a conversation 

-Yes he is, is like me, just guy version -Luna explained 

-He is indeed, you have similary personalities, and it’s great, because I usually can’t get confortable with guys, but I was with him, that should be a miracle -Nina stated amused but Luna thought that was kind of sad that a girl like Nina, that was so awesome so far she knew her, could be that insecure 

-But I don’t know why, you are amazing, so smart and beautiful, you are the whole package, the guys should be the ones being intimidate by you -Luna said meaningfully and that made Nina blush a little

-Yeah, I wish I am a mess and.. and.. ah.. hmm -Nina was saying but started to stuttering from nowhere 

-Hey are you…? 

-How is the Piccolina going on her first day? -Luna got interrupted by that unmistakable accent way too close to her ear, so she just stepped back like if he was in fire, and if she think it better about it, he was very hot, though 

-Hey, you scared me -Luna said looking at him with eyes wide open and placing a hand on her chest to calm her heartbeat 

-Sorry, I didn’t knew I was that ugly -He said faking hurt 

-I don’t know if you are ugly, just not my type -She said trying her best to sound nonchalant, but if she was Pinocho, her nose would be 10 miles long at least 

-Are you serious? I am everyone’s type, just look at me -He said pointing at himself and Luna did check him out, but did her best to not show it to him -Do you think I am ugly? -Matteo asked now to Nina that was just beside them, but she just became the reddest girl Luna have ever seen, and knew it was the moment to save her new friend 

-If you excuse us, we have better things to do that lose our time with you, bye snob -Luna said taking Nina by her arm and continue their way to the bathroom and next to their classes with no more sighting of Matteo in that while.

-Already put eyes on the new girl, buddy? -Gastón asked to Matteo when he got back where he was standing before he spotted Luna 

-She seems funny to mess around, nothing serious -He said carefree 

-I know, with you never is something serious -Gastón said smiling while shaking his head in denial -The girl that was with her, is she new too? 

-I don’t know, I really didn’t pay much attention to her, why? Does my buddy have a crush? -Matteo said stinging Gastón’s ribbs softly just to bother him

-It’s not a crush, I just saw her and though she looked pretty, but unlike you, I like to know people better and not let me go just by the way they look -Gastón said acusatory but then were interrupted by their bestfriend complaining 

-Ugh, I hate him, how is it possible that a human being be that annoying, I just crossed him in the hallway again and threat him with making his life miserable the time he stays here if he doesn’t change sits, and the idiot kept smiling like the world was made of sugar cotton and rainbows, and you now what he told me? you know? -She was asking but neither Gastón nor Matteo knew if they should answer- The fucker told me I was way too beautiful to be this angry and then kept walking his way, can you believe the fucker? He is just so, ugh -She said caressing her temples furiously 

-Ambar first of all, calm yourself down, you are making a big deal out of nothing, second of all, give the guy a break, he came from a different country, different school, practically a different life, doesn’t need you on his nerves -Gastón said trying to get Ambar into thinking straight 

-Also there is no fucking sits left, where do you want him to sit, on the teacher legs? -Matteo asked amused

-Thought I wouldn’t mind sitting on the english teacher’s lap -Gastón said laughing 

-Or she sitting in mine -Matteo said back with a wink and both high five eachother laughing 

-Oh my god, I don’t know why I keep talking to you guys, you are literally dickheads -She said rolling her eyes -The important thing here is that I couldn’t care less about him, I just want him away from me  

-Well, there is no way, just act like he isn’t there, get over yourself, you are almost 18, act like an adult already, and let’s go to the classroom, class is about to start -And as Gastón said once they started to walk the bell rang 


Take a Break (F!Corrin x Niles)

“Uhhh, Nina?” Kana asked nervously, standing at the lottery shop’s doorway.

Nina was behind the desk and snapped out of a reverie. “What is it? I’m trying to fantasi- I mean I’m focusing! I mean… uh…” She sighed. “What is it?”

“Mama doesn’t usually take naps on the grass, right?”

“No. Why would she?”

“Hold on Mama, I’ll help you!” Kana ran out the door. Nina quickly followed her brother, leaving the store unattended.

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Miko being the responsible young adult she was got Tate and Miko out of bed, fed and to their dreaded school all on time. Well, it was dreaded to Ren. 

As soon as they got there Tate gave her a kiss on the cheek then disappeared to be with his friends before class started. Ren selfishly wished he wouldn’t always do that.

Ren didn’t have friends, not really anyway. There were people that didn’t mind her and others that avoided her at all costs. For what reason? Well, the most obvious one. It certainly didn’t help that Nina was her mom. The homeroom parents were completely oblivious to their feelings when the gossiped about Nina in front of the two; always telling their children they aren’t allowed to hang around Tate and most especially the always-mistaken-as-confused Ren.

Ren headed straight for her home room. There was no point at stopping at her locker since all of her school stuff was at home. She had no doubts she’d get in trouble for not being prepared despite it not being her fault.

‘I hate school’ Ren thought to herself as she took a seat in the back row.

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My Parents React to SNK Characters

~~~~~This is NOT spoiler free!!!~~~~~

Annie Leonhart

  • Dad: She looks angry. I like the bun on her head.
  • Mom: She needs a nose job…

Armin Arlet

  • Dad: I…can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl. 
  • Mom: Looks like a dog cut his hair. Like it was chewed off.

Armored Titan

  • Dad: What the HELL is on his head?? That’s hair? Hair doesn’t grow up like that. He looks like a robot. And whats this *points to his pecs* It looks like an OCTOPUS!
  • Mom: *Stares for a minute* Is that…like Zeus’s evil twin? What IS that???

Characters under read more are: Bertholdt, Christa, Colossal Titan, Connie, Pixis, Eren, Erwin, Female Titan, Hanji, Hannes, Jean, Shadis, Levi, Marco, Mikasa, Mina, Petra, Reiner, Rogue Titan, Sasha, Thomas and Ymir. 

Part 2

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What’s Smut? (Azura x Niles)

“My sweet Takumi, how I wish I could taste your tasty lips.” Leo said as he cupped Takumi’s chin in his hands. His perfume was intoxicating and Leo was beginning to lose control.

“Oh but you can Leo, or should I say… my love.” Takumi’s breathed hotly. He couldn’t contain himself anymore. He threw himself on Leo, thrusting his tongue into the other man’s mouth and-

“What are you writing there, sweetie?”


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I know the Bechdel test is only an indication, a bar so low to reach everything should have it, yadda yadda, but yeah, Hamilton barely passes it: the beginning of The Schuyler Sisters is focused on them, three women, then Burr comes in and it’s all about the guys again, and Angelica mentions Thomas a few times too. Now, of course, this is a musical about a guy, of course he’ll come up all the time, but it’s not like God wrote the musical and dropped it on Lin’s lap with an explicit order to publish it. He chose to write a musical about a man and to let female characters more in the background. I can’t think of any other interaction between two women that’s not about a man in the musical than that song.

Meanwhile, In The Heights passes the Bechdel test a bit more obviously. I’ll say that due to the format, the musical has several songs by women where they talk about their own issues and challenges, but those don’t count because they’re solo songs. However:

  • Nina and Abuela talking at the beginning of the play, about Stanford and her experience there
  • Every time Daniela and Vanessa interact, it’s about Vanessa and her mom (only once at the end they mention Usnavi)
  • Daniela and Carla only ever talk about ladies aside from that one moment, btw
  • Like the scene right before No Me Diga, Dani, Carla and Vanessa are talking about something unrelated to men (Gladys’s hair extensions, but still)
  • The end of No Me Diga is about Nina dropping out of school
  • Daniela and Carla’s part in 96,000 is about their own dreams if they won the lottery
  • Carnaval del Barrio has Daniela interact with Carla about her cultural background, no men involved in the discussion

I’m very partial to counting the whole of Paciencia Y Fe and Everything I Know because they’re two songs specifically about female characters sung by female characters, even if they’re solo, with Claudia singing her song to her late mom and Nina singing hers to her late Abuela (I’m not crying you’re crying). 

So yeah. Lin’s future musical: just him on stage. No women, no nothing.

Dean x Reader One Shot

Title: The Statue’s Flame

Warnings: GRAPHIC GRAPHIC GRAPHIC GRAPHIC GRAPHIC. Dark thoughts, abuse, THIS IS THE ONE THAT I ALMOST DIDN’T POST BUT I’M DOING IT ANYWAY. Please please please please please know that this is super dark and graphic and potentially triggering to anyone who has dealt with abuse or the death of a loved one of people who are sensitive to murder and stuff like that. Proceed with MEGA caution and do not say I didn’t warn you.

To the person who requested this: if you’re triggered by any of the above, send me another message and I’ll write a much softer one. I don’t know why, this is just where I ended up (oh, gosh) and I 100% understand if you want something else. It is a touching story and I bawled while writing it and there is a happy ending (yay!) but … graphic. Let me know.

Word Count: 4,559

The song Weight of Your World by Roo Panes can be heard heeeyaaaaa

4 years old. The first time you’d played the violin, the first time you’d seen your mom truly proud of you.  She was recording in Hollywood and you remembered her coworkers laughing, smiling while you strung away at the instrument that was easily as big as you; they called you a protégé, told you that there was nothing that was going to keep you from doing whatever you wanted with your life.

6 years old.  Your mom took you to New York City and you went inside of the Statue of Liberty.  You asked her if the flame ever went out, if the lights at the top of the beautiful green statue ever stopped glowing. She told you ‘no.’ She told you that the day you stopped loving would be the day the light went out.  You loved a lot. The light was never going to go out.

7 years old.  You finished your twentieth professional recording with a load of people four, five, six times your age but wouldn’t have traded it for the world.  You loved music, loved the violin, loved the feel when you pressed the bow to the strings and loved the gentle vibration that came when the sound erupted from the small instrument; you loved being able to watch people’s faces when your small, 7-year-old self was able to tell with perfect accuracy about the intonation of an instrument.  Your mom bought you pizza that night and even stayed up until midnight to bake a cake for you; it was confetti flavored, your absolute favorite, and she even let you choose whatever flavor frosting you wanted.  You chose mango.

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Passive Aggressive Torture

Ao3 link

Synopsis: Lucifer introduces Trixie to the most passive aggressive forms of torture: pranking.

Rating: T

Notes:  Okay so this was such a fun prompt to write! I actually based this off of my own experience with pranks and I’m really happy with the turnout! Also, as you may have noticed I aged up Trixie for my own sake (because you can’t take an eight year old pranking).

May 2023

Trixie had been standing in front of the high school for ten minutes before a familiar engine pulled her from her phone. It was another Friday with her mom. She figured it was another Chinese takeout and Netflix night. However, the sound that roared through the campus didn’t belong to her mother’s police cruiser. Trixie pocketed her phone and glanced around for the other vehicle she’d come to know and love. Following the sound, Trixie found in place of the police cruiser was Lucifer’s Corvette.

Shrugging, Trixie grinned in delight. Sometimes when her mom was busy she sent the club owner instead. It wasn’t anything new, but it was always something she looked forward to. She loved Lucifer, there was no denying it, and was always glad to see him.

With a bright smile, she hurried towards the car, throwing her bag in the backseat, and grabbing the sunglasses from Lucifer’s outstretched hand. Trixie slipped them on and noticed that Lucifer had picked his Ray Bans for the afternoon. They were her favorite sunglasses in his collection. He had a knowing smirk and Trixie knew that he knew that too.  

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anonymous asked:

Does Nina have a small curl like her moms? (I know she is like adopted and all buy I noticed it in the art of her)

//Ahhhh someone noticed it! ( ; v ;)/

She does she does! not a curl, is just a random hair but I wanted to put it on her, looks cute! u v u ♥//

Beautifully bad S.W imagine

Stella’s pov 

I was currently heading to the airport, to chi town for Digi fest “Hello guy how are y’all?” i said to my Vlog camera “I’m currently heading to the airport with my beautiful momma, momma say hi” i said facing the camera to my mom “hi guys my beautiful nina is leaving me” my mom said in her spanish accent. 

My mom dropped me off and i walked inside the airport and went through security, i went into the little waiting area thing. Some fans came up to me “oh my goodness your stella mason” one girl said “hi guys” i said sweetly “Do you know who sam wilkinson is?” a girl on my right said “Well yea he’s pretty cute not gonna lie but i don’t know him like that” i stated and i heard a ton of ‘Oooohs’ from everyone “look guys i got to go I’m gonna miss my plane” i said giving a few people hugs “love you guys” i said walking away. I boarded my plane and went to my seat luckily. I fastened my seat belt and put in my earphones and fell asleep.

*skip plane ride* 

I finally made it to chi town, im in my hotel right now waiting for Andrea to come. “Stella were boarding to tour bus out front” someone yelled, i wasn’t sure who the hell it was so i opened the door. “JJ” i yelled jumping into his arms. “Hey stell just so you know you and Andrea are sharing to tour bus with the omaha squad. Speaking of andrea she outside with her stuff and asked me to help you with your stuff too.” jack said letting himself in and gathering all my stuff “wait j i thought we were staying hotels?” i said helping him “nah the manger switched to tour buses” he said walking out with my stuff as i followed him.

Sam’s pov

“yo nate have you seen twitter” i said sitting in to tour bus “yea stella is way cute dude” nate said smirking “woah back off bro that’s my girl” i said laughing. “Did you see the video of her at the air port?” nate said showing me the video. “Dude i also herd she’s staying on the same bus as us so holla at her.” nate said. 

Stella’s pov

“ANDREAAAA” i yelled and jumped into her arms “Big booty hoeeee” she yelled back huging me really tight. “I missed you a lot” i said clinging on to her like a koala, honestly we made both of the jack’s carry our stuff. The only guys i knew on this tour was most of the you tubers and the jack’s and Nate. Andrea walked onto the bus with me clinging to her we walked all the way to the bunks i chose the top and Andrea chose the bottom. “Goodness why do girls pac so much shit” Gilinsky complained putting our stuff in our bunks. “So who else is on this bus?” i asked jj “Nate and sam” jj replied “Oooh sam your lover boy” Andrea said making kissy faces.