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What are the Ros instant dealbreakers in a relationship?

i’m assuming you mean something else besides cheating or the like?? because all of them would dump their s/o like THAT

urse: impatience. specifically with her. if they thought she’d miraculously get better after dating then started to get frustrated when she didn’t, she would end it with them. it would probably set her progress back once again.

dodge: acceptance. he would be highly uncomfortable with anyone who put up with his bullshit and just… took it. he would break up with them out of fear of becoming the kind of person he hates most.

nina: restriction. if her partner ever tried to control what she does, or who she is, she would flip the fuck out and end the relationship immediately. there would be no conversation about it. don’t ever try to restrict her freedom.

arnie: pushiness. trying to force him to do something he isn’t comfortable with, too soon. he’s fine with being gently guided outside his comfort zone, but if someone tried to do more… he wouldn’t take it well.

ray: imbalance. if one of them feels more powerful than the other, or like one loves the other more, he wouldn’t continue on with it.