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your highest priest joke is almost as much of a failure at making people happy as you are

Yes i called Fru the highest priest of the trash aesthetic, but… bruh…, isnt it true?

NIN Challenge 2.0 Day 1

Day 1 - How Did I Become A NIN Fan? (17th April 2017)

To answer this question truthfully, I am not too sure. I think it might have been when I first heard Wish on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock perhaps? That might have been in 2010 or 2011, I did what any sensible person would and research the band and I think that’s when I fell into the Spiral so to speak.

Wish wasn’t the first NIN song I heard (we’ll get to that tomorrow) but it was perhaps the song that made me fall in love with the work of Trent Reznor. I then discovered The Downward Spiral and listened to that on YouTube (remember the old videos in which they had Call of Duty gameplay and then full albums over it), and then just went from song to song and I’ve been a fan ever since then.

Sorry this one was short but to fill the void, enjoy some gameplay from Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock from Wish

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Can you please explain what happened with Trent Reznor & CL? I love Trent, and I found this quote of his about CL the other day, “If she died tomorrow, I wouldn’t shed a single tear. She’s a very evil person.” I've NEVER liked her, and I was curious to know what you can find out about what really happened! All I heard was that she pretended to be pregnant with his baby?

Trent Reznor - The Full Story 

This was fun. From all of the Trent/Courtney related information that I’ve dug up, I’ve discovered that that quote doesn’t actually exist. 

Even though you can trace it back to being used as early as 2000ish, it has no actual source other than being attributed to Trent. No article, no year, no interview mention, nothing. I also tried to find it in every single article/interview in print that focused on Trent between 1994 and 2003. I tried, I really did. I found an archive of Trent interviews on an NIN fan site (god bless those stans) and tried to hunt for the terminology. Found nothing. 

If it was real, a quote like that would be a part of rock tabloid history. You wouldn’t even be able to google their names side by side without seeing it splashed across every print - to - web publication known to man. 

My guess is is that someone made it up thinking that they were condensing all of the drama between the two at the time. No idea. It doesn’t even sound like it has the language style he prefers to use. Not long winded enough. 

The only things that you can find are this abstract that’s been diluted a bit around the net quote wise (this is the original)

- abstract from Details Magazine in 1995

“I thought she was really smart, which you couldn’t tell from her behaviour. But she was obsessed with media and how she’s perceived. What I didn’t realize was that 95% of it was her directly calling editors. She’s got a full media network going on.”

He says that contrary to the impression Love has given, they didn’t have a sexual relationship. “I think if there was an attraction on her part toward me, it was maybe because I showed compassion. The bottom line was, I thought I was around someone who was a victim and somebody who could use a friend, and what I was around was a very good manipulator and a careerist, someone not to be underestimated.”

In this interview (ctrl/cmd + f - “meddling”) he mentions how Courtney basically strained his relationship with Tori. She also has a tendency to do that with women in general who she feels poses a threat to her exploiting a guy she wants. Evidence? See the link below. 

See this information here in case you didn’t catch it and you also have Melissa Rossi’s collection of rumors/gossip that can contextually be backed up by Marilyn Manson about Courtney breaking into Trent’s room on tour and trying to force him into a relationship with her. All in his own words from his autobiography. Also know that (from the previous link) Courtney, stalkeress, exploited the free publicity she gained by planting stories and headlines by concocting little stories online and in Courtney Love: The Real Story about how Trent was allegedly abusive. All of this was because he didn’t want to sleep with her either at all or he stopped when he realized exactly what he was dealing with. She tried to say that she was pregnant with his child and she has the gall to claim or insinuate that he was an asshole? 

In what universe? It’s like what misogynistic dudes do when they’re rejected by women. This is also a part of a sequence of events that caused her to invent a fake anecdote about women that were raped back stage to smite him about it. The one where she said that the girl asked to get raped and she should have ‘known better.’

All of this because she couldn’t have a fucking dude yo. 

Information on Courtney stalking Trent and breaking into his apartment: 

Melissa Rossi - Queen of Noise (1996)

- 1 / 2 / 3 

Marilyn Manson - The Long Road Out of Hell (1998)

- 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


Massive! Magazine 1999

When audiences derided her about Trent she would retaliate with “Nine Inch Nails - more like Three Inch Nails.” Reznor responded with denial claiming Courtney was pissed off “because I wouldn’t be her boyfriend. It just wasn’t going to happen - the romance of the century." 

That autumn, NIN cancelled a show at Madison Square Garden, allegedly because Reznor knew Courtney was planning on attending and causing a huge scene backstage.

Then notice how that matches up with what Marilyn said happened and with what his management told him about her. There’s also this interview (the focus is on Kennedy - start at 3:35) - it’s this journalist, previously MTV VJ from the golden age of the 90s, who recollected the whole thing because she’d been friends with Trent and some celebrities from her network of contacts. According to her, as Trent himself revealed above for Details in 95, he’d been all charmed by her and from her personal history with Courtney (see first 3 minutes), she tried to warn him to get out but he didn’t listen until it was too late. Her impersonation of Courtney towards the end is what nails it for me as factual because Melissa’s anecdote corroborates Marilyn’s which provides the context for Kennedy’s. This is why all of this cross referencing we constantly do is so important. Finally, this early 2000s blogger who was exploring New Orleans real estate talked about how their real estate agent/guide/whomever showed them a property that Courtney tried to buy when she wanted to stalk Trent (ctrl/cmd + f - “courtney”). See how it all connects?

I just found that youtube interview too in the midst of typing this. Between Kennedy’s and Marilyn’s accounts, I think we can conclude that they slept together. Only thing about it is is that Courtney wanted to turn Trent into a Kurt 2.0 with all of the exploitation, bells, and whistles, but Trent got out before he was in too deep. Kurt wasn’t so lucky. She hasn’t had the same meal ticket since. 

She’s also been using Trent’s name for headlines for years upon years. Google their names together. Even though he hasn’t talked about her since the continents shifted and killed the dinosaurs in 2000b.c. with the release of Starfuckers Inc.


Just finished my drawing!

Just an experiment with paper, texture of sheet and some technique.
Not a great work, because i’m a little messy…and this kind of pastels tend to easily smudge the paper, and me too…lol.
Anyway i find them very sweet, cute and sexy, in some way.
I love her.
I always have had such a weakness for Thranduil’s wife. Died young, leaving him alone with their baby, in a grief that leaves Thranduil so wounded and in pain. I always imagined that they were a couple who has loved each other in such a crazy way, endlessly.
So i love to drawing them when their love was young, passionate, and tender.

I have wanted to try a transparent effect on her dress…a different grade of trasparency between her body, cloth on cloth and on Thrandy’s skin.
Just for try…for fun. For to challenge myself with something new.

There isn’t a title.
Better: i wanted to call it “Meleth nin”, like the other one…but i dont know.
I wanted to find some cute sentence in Sidarin. but it took too long, so for now is untitled. But let’s see…