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My sister drew Muse today.
Left to right: Matt, Dom, Chris

Take a moment please to truly appreciate the details such as:
Matt’s marvelous butt-chin and gaping mouth- no doubt singing.
Dom’s trademark grin. Look at him holding his drumsticks!
And lastly, Chris. I believe she truly out did herself on this band member. The detail is startling and the bass is impressive in both style and realism.

Hey Rouge, I kinda really want to thank you!!! I had a big art block the last weeks, was tired and bored of drawing my characters. Bit you did manage to inspire me to create new things again through you'reblog, so I made this OC.

Cringe is a (kind of) dog character, who was born with a condition, which makes everything she touches full with colour. That’s exactly why no one wants to hire her for a real job and she mostly has to stay on the streets. Still, even without money she’s really enthusiastic, sarcastic and is known to be a trouble maker. But in bad times she can be a really and reliable person. She also always wants to protect her friends and sets them about everything.

(I LOVE you’re blog btw and you’re art work)

art by nin-j-a-a

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my god! why did you name her that? I can’t XD

it’s ok tho, she’s cool looking ^^


Damn, I accidentally clicked delete instead of edit… Once again. Smooch meme A4 Genma/Yamato for anon. <3

With a little bonus. I got that idea - what would Kakashi do if he saw Genma kissing his Tenzo? And then I just couldn’t resist. :D Sorry.

he’s going to drag him into his cave and marry him now