nin tour


Here’s a photograph of Trent Reznor from Aug 6, 1994 at Molson Park in Barrie, ON. The lineup for this show was stacked but more importantly, included two heavyweights of the time, each with a new album (both released on March 8, 1994) and they both had something to prove. Soundgarden was touring behind Superunknown and co-headliners, Nine Inch Nails was out on their Self Destruct Tour in support of The Downward Spiral. They played just before Soundgarden, opened with Terrible Lie, Sin and March of the Pigs. These opening songs and the rest of their set left a solid statement that NIN meant serious business. Soundgarden stood firm to the challenge and opened their set with Jesus Christ Pose, Spoonman and Let Me Drown. While both bands put on absolutely amazing performances, I’m going to have to say that NIN came out on top. The visual elements that Trent Reznor incorporates into NINs performances is just that much more compelling to watch. The rest of the line-up included Reverend Horton Heat, Pop Will Eat itself, Marilyn Manson, and You Am I. Lastly, and you might want to sit down for this part. Ticket price for this entire lineup: $27.


Closure Stock Footage Appreciation Post
I just love these short interludes from the Nine Inch Nails Closure VHS/DVD
They just have a really disturbing but alluring quality to them
Directed by Peter Christopherson