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Oh gosh, the Izumi fic was perfection Kat <3 Can't wait for the next part filled with badass missing female nin! It does sound like someday they would go back to Konoha though. Would they actually, or would they change their minds when they meet Yugito? Speaking of waiting for the next part, hows the Akatsuki!Kiba sequels coming along?


Tbh I haven’t really decided yet? It’s one of those things that’s still in the works. As for the Akatsuki!Kiba fics, want a snippet? ^-^

Neji doesn’t know why the Suna mission leaves him so shaken.


No, that’s a lie, because he does know. He was familiar with Kiba even before his encounter with Naruto, knew his cousin’s team and its worthless members, the lack of skill that made him scoff when he heard they had been entered in the Chuunin Exams.

Inuzuka Kiba, he had thought, was the most worthless one of all, without Naruto’s hidden brilliance to redeem himself. Inuzuka Kiba was a clown and a loudmouthed braggart and an obnoxious façade of a shinobi, who would end up a chuunin when he decided to put in the effort and never rise higher than that. Even after learning the truth about his father’s death, Neji hadn’t spared the other genin a single thought.

And then he’d woken up one morning, barely a week after Tsunade’s appointment, to grim faces all across the village, whispered rumors that he couldn’t—wouldn’t—believe. He’d kept on not believing right up until he met with the rest of his team, and Gai had stared at them with an expression Neji had never seen him wear before.

Village elder Shimura Danzō is dead, he’d told them. Inuzuka Kiba, his murderer, has been declared an S-rank missing-nin and is to be captured alive by any means possible.

Neji had stared, uncomprehending. Impossible to imagine that the braggart twelve-year-old he’d watched fight just a handful of weeks ago could be a missing-nin, and especially an S-rank one. Ludicrous to think that he’d killed a war hero, a veteran noted for paranoia and caution, said to be nearly on par with the Sandaime Hokage.

It’s true, though. Neji hasn’t thought about much else in months, because that braggart twelve-year-old is now a dangerous sixteen-year-old, part of Akatsuki and trying to take over the world.

He rubs his arm unconsciously, hardly seeing the door to the Hokage’s office before him. Tenten is occupying Lee, mostly by waving her newest set of kunai under his nose and cooing over them like other people do kittens, and Gai is speaking with a tired-looking Kakashi, which leaves Neji alone with his thoughts.

It’s not the most comfortable place to be.

There’s a bone-deep bruise on his arm, shades of black and purple even days after the Suna mission. He can’t remember the last time someone bruised him, but Kiba managed it, even in the bare half-second they actually fought.

That encounter in Wind Country was the first time Neji has seen Kiba since the Chuunin Exams. Hinata and her team had encountered him a few months after he joined Akatsuki, and Neji can remember their faces when they returned, pale and horrified and shaken right down to the core. He thinks he understands it a little better, now.

Inuzuka Kiba is supposed to be loud and aggravating and loyal, steady and steadfast and devoted. The shinobi who stopped them outside of Suna, who barred their way and so easily tore through the Kiri nin accompanying them, was only the Kiba that Neji knew in the most superficial of ways.



Nine Inch Nails |  So what what does it matter now; I was swimming in the hate now I crawl on the ground; And everything I never liked about you is kind of seeping into me; I try to laugh about it now but isn’t it funny how everything works out; I guess the jokes on me, she said.

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Sorry this may be a dumb question but I genuinely didn't know the answer. Why does Zen have a rattail/ponytail. Sorry please don't hate me

Nope, there are no dumb questions in this blog. Well, he mentioned it in his route -and bear with me cause my memory is shit- but i think it had to do with his parents saying he was ugly and that they wanted to cut his hair so his looks didn’t help him? I think it was something along those lines… i need to replay his route lol.

Fic I’ve decided I want to exist (but don’t currently have the brain space to write):

Obito is bored (so bored) and currently The Plan is running well without his supervision (so bored) and so he decides to take some time out of his life to go glare at Kakashi from behind some bushes. The asshole always twitches and spends the next several months paranoid, checking behind his shower curtain and throwing kunai at squirrels. It’s excellent.

So Obito moseys over to Wave where apparently some would-be dictator shipping magnate is having some Konoha nin difficulty.

Only to find out that some idiot put Kakashi in charge of a genin team??

Obito decides to hang around to watch what is surely to be a disaster. And, yeah, sure enough. Blood and tears.

And, like, it’s not like Obito particularly likes watching Kakashi be useless at something. (Yeah, who’s he trying to kid, he adores it.)

He just. Wow. Feels really bad for the girl.

She reminds him Rin. Sort of.


Not really.

Not at all.

But he thinks that maybe the superficial resemblance is why Kakashi can’t even look her in the eye.

And. Look. The kid’s obviously got promise: tree-walking on the first try?

It’d be a shame if the asshole ruined her. (Like he ruined Rin.)

So, y’know.

Obito is really doing her a service when he kidnaps her.

(Kidnap is a harsh word.)

(Obito is going to be so much better at this sensei gig. It’s going to be awesome, just you wait and see, Sakura-chan.)

I had the pleasure of commissioning @xla-hainex to draw my sunshine Nindarhmen <3

I have no words, really. You did more than portray him, honestly. He’s perfect, thank you so so much again!

also im thinkin about moving all my kins/ids onto one page cause im having a hard time sorting all the ones that arent spe red or ninten


♚ Ayame’s Top 10 favourite female Seiyuus ♚

★ Top 1: Hayami Saori (早見 沙織 )

↳  Born on May 21, 1991
↳  24 years old
↳  From Tokyo, Japan
↳  She’s active from 2007 up to present

Want some of these gifs of your favourite Seiyuus? Feel free to drop their names H E R E and I’ll make them for you! :D

do you have a pair of

Fluff Friday: January 27, 2017— Gas Station

The smol!Kakashi master post is here.

This is definitely not as fluffy as it should be if it’s for Fluff Friday, but *shrugs*. My angsty ninja babies usurped this month’s prompt. Which, admittedly, I’d already taken sideways because they don’t own cars. (Think “gas station” as a liminal space, a transient space, a space that does not exist when you do not occupy it, space from which you are either coming or going. Think also: a place to purchase a bad magazine and a bag of chips for the long highway that stretches out before you. Think: pause. Think: refuel. Think: this will not last forever.)

Hey~ @vesperlionheart and @thefreckledone. Thanks for running Fluff Fridays! (And thanks so much to @beyondthemoor for taking over for a while.) The work you do makes fandom a better place.

Summary: What do you do with peace when you’ve never actually had it? Sakura and Kakashi travel criss-crossing roads, searching for an answer to the ache in their bones, the emptiness in their lungs. (What do you do with peace? Dare to reach out with two hands and take it for your own, for as long as it lasts.)

Sakura salutes the nin watching her from the trees and trudges the last mile to the border-guard station. All she wants is a shower and a drink with an obscene alcohol percentage to wipe the memory of the past days from her mind.

Unfortunately, she can’t afford to forget what she has seen as she’s going to need to report on it.

The Great Elemental Nations are at peace, however uneasily, but that does not mean that there are enemies Konoha can afford to let slip back into the shadows to lick their wounds. Always, the Village must be watchful of the shadows.

They have learned that, if nothing else, from their many sins come home to roost.

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◎ on a scale of 10 to 10 how would you rate Kirigakure?

Send a ◎ and a question and my muse must answer, even if it’s a secret.

0/10 for the fact that it’s kirigakure. just so we’re clear. 

9/10 for the fact that as a village on an island, it’s remarkable resistant to typhoons and tsunamis. props for adaptation to her natural defenses. 

3/10 hot muggy and wet all the time, probably. is that why all their shinobi are so grumpy? kakashi would be. water country. 

7/10 water country: hot muggy and wet all the time means a greater availability of lightning conduction, so there’s that. 

1/10 then again, there’s the mosquitoes. and the sharks. and the shinobi. 

5/10 poor economy, highly suspecting that to be because someone momochi zabuza killed all his comrades that one time. before that, 50/50 chance survival rating as a shinobi, just to be a shinobi. what the hell. kakashi sure is glad konohagakure doesn’t have some sort of secret organization that borrows that same graduation ideology!! wouldn’t that be something terrible. 

8/10 despite the graduation survival rates, kiri still gets some points for still producing the seven swordsmen and getting some bingo book pages. so, decent shinobi quality production, lacking in decent quantity shinobi production.