Hot: Susan Sarandon pays tribute to 'dear friend' David Bowie during SAG Awards in memoriam montage (Automatic Post)

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Susan Sarandon pays tribute to ‘dear friend’ David Bowie during SAG Awards in memoriam montage

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David Bowie, Leonard Nimoy, and Alan Rickman were among those remembered Saturday night during SAG Awards’ In Memoriam segment. The montage was…

Published on January 30, 2016 at 09:15PM

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oh my god

I never had that kind of thing before, and having achieved it was remarkable to me. His death was a severe loss in my life. When you lose somebody you love, with whom you’ve had life experiences, all of those life experiences are not validated anymore. ‘Remember when we did this?’ There’s nobody left to say that to, so that memory is lost. A part of your life goes.
—  William Shatner on Leonard Nimoy x

Gah, I haven’t drawn the space boyfriends since 10th grade, but I was inspired by all of @mohtz ‘s amazingly adorable art of them! I’m glad I’m not the only one who still loves these two cuties  ❤
STAR TREK BEYOND: Chris Pine Pays Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

“He was a gentle, gentle creature,” Pine begins. “Many people in this business with that kind of career and pedigree can walk onto a set and sometimes you feel like the air is taken out of the room. He never required that kind of a space.”

“He was a very Zen, quiet, beautiful man,” he adds. “Very observant. There was a scene in the first film where I meet Spock Prime and he tells me about my father. There’s so much waiting around on set. There’s obviously a lot of time when you’re acting across from from someone, but really more often than not you’re just sitting in a director’s chair shooting the shit. We talked about art, we talked about photography, we talked about his philanthropy, we talked about travel, we talked about food. He was a renaissance man of the highest order, but what I always appreciate, and what I’m not really practicing now, is that men of few words really don’t have to say much to convey a tremendous amount of empathy, of intelligence, of presence. He’s a man that listened well.”