A young Deforest Kelley in Warlock (1959). Before Dr. McCoy, he was typecast as villains in Westerns. Hard to believe, considering how kindly and principled Dr. McCoy was.

Leonard Nimoy, who played the cerebral Spock, was mostly typecast as working class boxers, maybe because of his rough and tumble Boston background.

Kingdom Hearts AU where the Characters share the surnames with their Voice Actors

Sora & Vanitas Osment

Riku Gallagher

Kairi Panittiere

Roxas & Ventus McCartney

Naminé Martin

Terra Dohring

Aqua Holland

Eraqus Hamill

Xehanort Nimoy

Ansem ‘Seeker of Darkness’ Epcar

Xemnas St. Peter

Xigbar/Braig Stuart

Xaldin/Dilan Fisher

Vexen/Even Prince

Lexaeus/Aeleus Boat

Zexion/Ienzo Corazza

Saïx/Isa Thornton

Axel/Lea Flynn

Demyx O’Donohue

Luxord Downes

Marluxia Ferguson

Larxene Workman

Xion Stoner


oh my god

Gah, I haven’t drawn the space boyfriends since 10th grade, but I was inspired by all of @mohtz ‘s amazingly adorable art of them! I’m glad I’m not the only one who still loves these two cuties  ❤
STAR TREK BEYOND: Chris Pine Pays Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

“He was a gentle, gentle creature,” Pine begins. “Many people in this business with that kind of career and pedigree can walk onto a set and sometimes you feel like the air is taken out of the room. He never required that kind of a space.”

“He was a very Zen, quiet, beautiful man,” he adds. “Very observant. There was a scene in the first film where I meet Spock Prime and he tells me about my father. There’s so much waiting around on set. There’s obviously a lot of time when you’re acting across from from someone, but really more often than not you’re just sitting in a director’s chair shooting the shit. We talked about art, we talked about photography, we talked about his philanthropy, we talked about travel, we talked about food. He was a renaissance man of the highest order, but what I always appreciate, and what I’m not really practicing now, is that men of few words really don’t have to say much to convey a tremendous amount of empathy, of intelligence, of presence. He’s a man that listened well.”

So guess who has their bags listed at Leonard Nimoy’s official shop? That’s right! ME! woohoo! I was asked about 4 months ago to make some bags to be sold at shopllap and it’s been killing me keeping this news to myself. 

I am so tickled and thrilled and proud to have my items listed there- never would have thought something like this could happen 3 years ago when I started.

You can find the bags here.