I used to be much more self-conscious about that. I used to wear glasses if I was going out or doing press, but now I just sort of let it go. Now that Leonard Nimoy isn’t with us anymore, I feel like carrying the torch fully for the role is important.
—  Zachary Quinto on Spock eyebrows (source)

Star Trek Beyond Cast Pay Tribute to Actor Leonard Nimoy

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The cast and crew of the next Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond, is remembering the late Leonard Nimoy and supporting a cause close to the late actor’s heart.

Zachary Quinto, who stepped into Nimoy’s shoes (and ears) as Spock, leads the video tribute, remembering him as “an actor, a champion of the arts, and a true inspiration to so many.”

“Through his legendary portrayal of Spock, he influenced countless scientists and artists — myself and the rest of the cast included,” Quinto added.

The video, which shows Nimoy with Quinto and other members of the cast and crew, is part of the Omaze campaign highlighting nine different charities chosen by the Star Trek Beyond stars — including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, an organization Nimoy was passionate about.

Watch the cast pay homage (and give him a Vulcan salute) in the video.  Click on the (X) to go to the article and video. 

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