Weird Modern/Not AU where YouTube (or something similar) becomes popular in the day and age of Star Trek and while around High School age both Jim and Spock are YouTubers. Spock has a science channel where he does experiments and explains logirythms and stuff (a lot of people follow him because he explains equation problems and helps explain it better than their teachers for their homework) and then Jim has a more blog type channel where he goes on adventures, pulls pranks, and does challenges. Both have a large amount of subscribers so at one point or another they end up at a convention (Spock is asked there by fans and Jim just wants to go anyways, although his fans ask him to too) and they end up running into each other at a panel and during the convention and get to debating during one panel (which the audience eats up) and it turns out they watch each others channels and they become friends and keep in touch and meet up more at conventions and people start talking wondering if they’re dating and then one day Jim shows up in the background of one of Spock’s videos in one of Spock’s sweaters and that’s how they didn’t notice he’d walked through and that’s how the internet found out they were dating lol.

@appleschloss with the youtube AU that was probably eating at their soul lol

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This is a fascinating, spoiler-laden period piece. I love vintage material like this, especially when it features Nimoy wearing a jacket I want desperately.

FEBUARY BOOK: Spock’s World

I’m happy to announce that our Book of the Month for February is Spocks World by Diane Duane.

“I am Spock…

I hold the rank of Commander in the Starfleet of the United Federation of Planets; I serve as First Officer of the Starship Enterprise.

I am the son of two worlds. Of Earth, whose history is an open book…and of Vulcan, whose secrets have lain hidden beneath its burning sands…

Until now…”

Spocks World can be purchased in ebook form in iTunes, amazon, simon&schuster and though many more retailers. It is also available as an audiobook I think. 

Diane Duane is on a number of social media platforms. Her website ; twitter and on tumblr too @dduane 

Happy reading everyone!! And don’t forget to vote; Swan Spock or Goose Spock??

This was created for me by my very close friend, Bluu_Bird, who is an amazing woman, cherished friend, and extremely talented artist. This is her interpretation of AOS!Spock. She has crafted him in on an alien planet, holding one of his defining effects–the tricorder as seen from the Star Trek game based on the newer movies. I am posting this with her permission, because she does not have a Tumblr account, and I felt this was far too beautiful not to share :) 


The January chat spawned an important question: If Spock were a bird, would he be a swan or a goose?
Let the people decide.

~~ self-sealing-stem-bolt

This is literally the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!
Okay everyone I’m taking a vote; swan spock or goose spock? Send your answer in a reblog or ask
The winners going to be the new icon
~~ Miri

Ear pointing

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